Share: iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start at 12:01AM PDT on Sept. 14th in Canada [Update]


Apple announced iPhone 5 pre-orders for this Friday, September 14th, and Canada is included in the first wave. We never heard a specific pre-order launch time from Apple, but Apple Canada’s online chat has answered the question.

Pre-orders will start just after 12:01AM PDT in Canada (or 3:01AM EDT), and according to the Apple rep, nano SIM cards will not be included so you’ll have to acquire them from your wireless carrier or an Apple Store.

Check out the screenshot below:

The dialogue above notes pre-orders will deliver by the September 21st launch in Canada, and a few days afterwards.

It notes the nano SIM card is not included and, however we independently confirmed with an Apple rep on the phone that it will be indeed included. As for the 12:01AM PDT pre-order time, the rep we talked to on the phone said “it was set for 12:01AM PDT earlier” but Apple removed that promise in the event their website crushes from iPhone 5 traffic.

When the iPhone 4S was available for pre-order last year, allowed customers to pick which microSIM they needed and included it as part of the order. Are you going to pre-order your iPhone 5 from Apple?

Thanks @haldol!

Update: Apple has confirmed the 12:01AM PDT pre-order time to Wired.


  • JustInCase

    That means 9PM E.S.T on Sept.13th, right?

  • Actually, 3AM EST. πŸ™‚ You guys are ahead of us.

  • Hilton Routley

    I never got the option to get a micro sim for Rogers when I pre-ordered my iPhone at midnight last year from Apple

  • Jonathan

    Pre-ordering directly from Apple means you are paying the full unsubsidized price, right?

  • Arcanum777

    That means 3:00am on the 14th for you easterners πŸ™‚

  • Pascal

    No it means 3:01 AM ET

  • Yes, but it’s also factory unlocked.

  • Updated to include 3AM EST. πŸ™‚

  • Daniel Carter

    My 3-year contract with Rogers ends in a few days, If i wanted to re-new it and get the iPhone 5 can I still pre-order or is pre-order only for the full phone price? Thanks.

  • Hmmm

    I’m going to have to wait. Information out there is saying the new type of headphones Apple is using won’t be available until October. I also want to see some performance specs. How does it compare to other devices and even the 4S. Regardless, I am confident the 4S will be selling for a premium on Craigslist because the early adopters and Apple fanboys will be jumping on the latest (not necessarily the greatest or best) device out there.

  • Hmmm

    Most people don’t need an UNLOCKED device. These days, they have more than one (older) dumb phone they use for travelling so an UNLOCKED high-end device is becoming less common and it’s simply not worth it to buy one unless you’re willing to sell it to some fool for a profit.

  • Hmmm

    You ended up buying one separately?

  • Hilton Routley

    I cut my regular sim to a micro sim. But you won’t be able to do that with the new nano sim. So I’m hoping we are given this option.

  • Rogers will allow pre-orders via their online reservation system.

  • That may be true, but for those that want the latest tech ASAP, ordering a factory unlocked allow it, plus if people are locked in contracts they can order too. They also retain their value much better than carrier locked phones on the open market. It’s an investment.

  • Hmmm

    True…it never ceases to amaze me that someone is willing pay a few hundred dollars or more than retail to some guy on Craigslist to get the iphone now instead of waiting a few weeks for it to be shipped to you directly from Apple which is safe and guaranteed.

  • Hmmm

    Wow…I hope rogers sure gives them out free. If not, this is like in the old days when you would buy toys or electronics and batteries were not included.

  • Time is money

  • Hilton Routley

    I heard they would but I don’t know if that is true. I feel like Rogers will be cheap if you go to their store and say you need a nano sim card and will probably make you pay $10. Any info on that Gary?

  • Carriers typically charge for SIM cards for new customers, or walk ins. But if it’s required for your plan to switch to LTE it will be free, they confirmed it with us. Apple gives out free SIM cards too.

  • Hilton Routley

    Hmm okay because I didn’t get any option for pre-ordering the 4S last year. When you pre-ordered yours was there an option to select this?

  • day03


    Do you know if they will let us pick which GSM model (Canada or international) to buy?

  • swotam

    Based on past experience you’ll only be able to order the model that is applicable to the country you live in. In our case, we get the same model phone as AT&T customers in the US since we all use the same LTE band. You’ll get to choose the color and storage capacity, and which nanoSIM you want, but that’s about it. No point selling a phone that won’t work here would be their position.

  • Monty

    I called Rogers as my iphone 4 3 year plan does not expire until July and they said it would cost $143 for an early upgrade fee for the iphone 5. I spoke with customer relations and they said they would be willing to reduce that fee by 50%.

  • CptKirk

    I plan on ordering from Apple. I do like the freedom to switch carriers if I wish. Plus I use my unlocked phone when I travel to the USA.

    I did a chat with Apple as well and the rep told me that nano sims would be available from Apple when ordering.

    I do agree with the investment. I have sold a few Apple products and have always done well.

  • Ravi

    Gary, Please clarify if we buy the phone directly from Apple which is unlocked and when I go to Rogers and buy the new Nano SIM card are we locked to Rogers and need to pay $50 to Rogers to unlock the phone. I heard from my friends not sure if it is true.

  • Dave

    Do you know if you will be able to order at 12 AM on the Rogers website?

  • F@De

    its not true. If you buy from apple the phone comes unlocked so you can use it with all carriers. using any of the carriers wont change anything. you just pop in your nano sim and it will work

  • In Canada it’s the equivalent of the AT&T GSM model in the US.

  • No. Buy from Apple, unlocked forever. Your friends are misinformed. Get new friends! j/k!

  • Last year Rogers ‘reservations’ took place at 6AM EDT I believe. Soo….we’ll wait and find out.

  • Richard

    @ GARY…I’m confused, I have heard many people claiming that the iphone5 pre order is only for people getting contracts through their phone companies. I am looking to buy an unlocked phone, to bring back to China with me, I am able to do this on the September 14th pre order? Thanks.

  • That’s incorrect. There’s two pre-orders:

    1. From unlocked iPhone 5
    2. From carriers (Rogers/Bell/Telus): locked iPhone 5; for upgrades or outright purchase

    In your case, pre-order tonight from πŸ™‚

  • Richard

    I am hoping to buy an unlocked iphone5 to bring back with me to China. Will I be able to buy an unlocked iphone5 on the september 14th pre order, or will I have to wait until several months later before they become available? I have heard many people saying the preorder is only for people who will be purchasing an iphone5 through their local carrier

  • Yes. Pre-order tonight on at 12:01AM PDT.

  • Richard

    Hi Gary, thanks for the speedy response, do you know if the limit is 1 or 2 phones per person? I’d like to buy one for my girlfriend as well.

  • Two phones. Good luck!

  • Gary

    If you choose to buy it outright from Rogers, do you know the cost for 16GB iPhone5 locaked to Rogers?

  • $699.

  • site still not up

  • jin

    am I too early or is apple just late?

  • hehe got one =) I suppose I could’ve bought two and sold one, I’ll see if I can do a hardware upgrade, and then sell that! πŸ˜€

  • NeRo Stivoni

    so, they won’t ship it with nano-sim card?? Anyone knows for sure?

  • NeRo Stivoni

    I got it….finally πŸ™‚
    good luck guys….

  • Kevin

    how did you reduce the price?