Apple Customers Slightly Dissatisfied with the iPhone and iOS 6 Say Reports


Apple customers are famed for their loyalty, but turns out for the first time since the iPhone was released, the number of iPhone owners saying they will definitively upgrade to the next-generation device has dropped.

The recent Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Lab report questions whether Apple is losing its innovative edge, as only 75% of surveyed iPhone users in Western Europe, and 88% in the US, say they intend to purchase the next iPhone when Apple releases it, down from 88% and 93%, respectively.

While this is a high buy rate, and the company is successful in retaining the majority of its user base and attracting new customers, Apple may has reached the market saturation mentioned by NPD analyst Stephen Baker, or the negative press has influenced its consumer base.

Taryn Tulay, Analyst at Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Device Lab said

“Respondents who say they probably will or definitely will not buy their next phone from Apple is low. However, it is the shift in the number of those who are unsure whether they will remain with the same brand for their next phone that Apple should be concerned about.”

While the number of respondents rejecting Apple’s next-generation iPhone is low, this is the second analysis in only a month since the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 were released. The first study was published by On Device, who surveyed iPhone users who had upgraded to iOS 6. As they highlight, the research company has always seen an increase in device satisfaction as consumers upgraded their mobile operating system, but with iOS 6 they recorded the first decline in consumer satisfaction. This was mostly driven by the lack of Google Maps and YouTube, but there were also other issues reported by users.

What is your position? Will you upgrade next year when Apple launches the iPhone 6?

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  • I am really dissatisfied with the iPhone 5. Battery life sucks and I had one just drain to zero charge in two hours without using it. I’ve had LTE issues. I get lines across the display. The flash is not in sync with the camera. I’ve had 4 if them and I’m taking this one back. I’ve been a loyal iPhone user for years and this is the first time I’ve had any issue. I’m ready to toss this phone out and get something that just works.

  • Nope. I already said that before my purchase of the iPhone 5. This phone is a big compromise. I had to do it for many reasons mainly to due with Apples warranty. This is my last Apple product I will ever own. I dont see them changing their form factor and vision. The 5 is just meh at best and the 5S will be similar.

  • wahgee

    My plan is to wait until iPhone 6. I’m not as enthused with the design of the 5, especially the headphone port. I do like the fact that Siri supports more languages, including Cantonese (to my surprise). iOS 6 has been ok for me.

  • arhyno

    well, they have been riding a wave for some time now and everyone’s catching up, hard to say what will be my next device but going from the iphone 4 to the 5, is not much of an upgrade to me. they need to do a IOS revamp if you ask me.

  • GDG

    I’m less inclined to upgrade my phone prior to my service contract is up because they predictably release a new upgraded model every year. So, I see really no point to keep playing catch up. I went from 3GS to 4S and that was a significant upgrade. This time I’ll wait until something more substantial is added (other than the taller screen) to do an upgrade.

  • you should give it to me if you even have one and your not lying your butt off… i got 1 and its totally fine you got 4 and there all bad? somethings fishy with your argument

  • Marty

    For sure. I love my iPhone 5. Battery life is actually great (2 days on a charge with normal usage)

  • Tony

    so because he can afford 4 of them and you can only afford 1, he’s a liar? or is it possible your broke and cheap?


    The only thing I’m dissatisfied with my iPhone 5 is the new garbage Maps App, but that’s ios 6, not the iPhone 5, The battery is way better with my iPhone 5 then my iPhone 4s was!!

  • Tom

    I blame Scott Forstall for this .

  • Jared

    My girlfriend has an iPhone 5 and has been having issues with it, she gets white blocks that appear through and under the status bar randomly. Also the phone seems to vibrate here and there with no actual notification to report. As for me I’ve had two iphones now and have always enjoyed them, but it’s gotten stale. I’m waiting for the Nexus 4 release and we’ll see how that goes for what will be a former iPhone user.

  • i’m not upgrading but thats because i already have the 4s. I will wait for whatever comes after iphone 5 to upgrade.

  • Haven’t had a single issue with my iPhone 5 . I’d love better battery life but there have to be sacrifices for all this amazing technology . Would buy this phone again in a heartbeat !

  • Mark

    Enjoy the Nexus 4 and NO LTE…and so so build quality. Good Luck.

  • Hosein

    That’s true!

    I had the iPhone 4 for 2 years and was highly satisfied with it and still I believe it was the best smartphone of its time on the planet. Anyways, I got the iPhone 5 on the launch day, but returned it after 3 weeks (on Oct 13th), as it was a shame and a step back compared to the 4!

    I’m now waiting to have my hands on Nexus 4 in only 2 weeks, which is priced less than half of iPhone! Just unbelievable!

    I’ve also convinced a few friends of mine who planned to buy the iPhone 5, who all changed their minds after I told them the truth about the 5!

    Poooor Apple without Steve…

  • xxxJDxxx

    Yep. The actual physical form of the smartphone is settled. I wouldn’t expect too much change in that department in the foreseeable future. Now that processors are comparable or exceeding what most of us have in our laptops their isn’t any great need for better hardware at this time. It’s a software race now and although apples been slow on that front I still suspect they will be on the “next big thing” first.

  • Battery life sucks. However, the screen, the build quality and the speed are all amazing.

  • He’s the scapegoat here. FINISH HIM!

  • iPhone 5 is pretty amazing. My battery life has actually gotten better over time, believe it or not.

  • jabohn

    You should explain WHY you thought the iPhone 5 is a step back. Just saying it is isn’t helpful. I’ve had an iPhone 4 for over 2 years as well and will be upgrading soon too.

  • anon

    The only thing preventing me from upgrading from my 4S to the 5 is:

    1. No untethered Jailbreak.
    2. No separate Google Maps app + Crappy default Apple Maps.
    3. No power car mount kits available (ie: TomTom iPhone GPS Car Kit).

    No to mention the crappy downgraded iPhone 5 back side that’s prone to scratches.

  • anon

    But also enjoy complete customization and control of your phone (without rooting) + unrestricted blutooth + bigger screen + free apps + tons more features. Personally, for Android, I’d get the Samsung S3 LTE Quadcore or wait for S4.

  • gustavoslait

    Anyone has issues with LTE, I feel my data usage is going faster than before and I been doing the same !

  • anon

    What they need to do is make it easier for people to Jailbreak their phones, instead of being Nazi control freaks. iOS 6 Jailbreak = sales increase.

  • J

    The headphone port is there for a reason, if your putting it in your pocket, your not pulling it out upside down , it goes in the same way you pull it out 😉

  • f1ght3r

    iPhone 5 gets an 8/10. Top notch build quality, nice materials, pretty good execution. Biggest downsides is the battery life, apple maps, and minor ios6 glitches (ie: lines on keyboard in appstore). This is the sleekest and sexiest phone I’ve user seen or used. Beats the GS3 hard in terms of looks, design, and os. Good work Apple.

  • adasdasds

    Apple is in fact quickly losing all the market share to Android and it will get worse as WP8 comes out. I find that WP8 is quite promising. Quite customizable and not as badly optimized or fragmented as Android.

    The truth is….Apple is actually dying after Jobs’ death….iPhone will be just like a minority of MacPC while Windows dominates the PC market. Same old mistake, Apple, same old.

  • OliChabot

    Personnaly, I was buying every new Apple product two years ago. I had iPad 1,then iPad 2, I had iPhone 4, then iPhone 4S. Now, I won’t go with i¨Phone 5 since I think there is not enough improvements ( I’m looking forward a LED indicator like blackberries, NFC capability, better camera,unphysical home button) and some BIG improvements and revolution. I think it’s time for Apple to step it up by bringing new components to iPhone (Fingerprint scan,facial recognition[not on camera but to unlock it],etc) to take our breath away and gain us back. I almost fell in love with the iPad Mini, then again i’m looking forward something else,something revolutionary…. Sadly, Everybody is rushing through Apple devices, so why should they improve if they already got their customers at their knees ?

  • randyritraj

    Dummy – he means he kept returning the faulty ones to Apple and getting new ones to replace them. Who would buy 4 of them and throw them in the garbage if they didn’t work?

  • OliChabot

    Sad, and one of the worst moves in my opinion was the removal of optical drives for new iMacs, many people are still using drives, like what happen when you want to watch a DVD or play a game ?! Macs are already expensive, when i’m paying 1600$ for a computer I don’t want to pay an extra 150-200$ for a drive…

  • Evilaspen

    So they don’t like a better faster phone and an upgraded iOS. Must be android users.

  • dude

    people with battery issues, try go into location services and turn off what you don’t really need. i found after doing this my battery lasted much longer. for example I could put my iphone on my desk (not on charge) with 70% charge left at night and by morning it was down to 20%. maybe some apps using location services along with LTE is killing your battery.

  • gerry

    I had my eyes peeled on the Galaxy S3 prior to the iPhone 5 rumor. But waited it out to see what it (i5) would look like and how it operated before I made my decision.

  • rhphotocdn

    Screen needs to be at least 4.5″ and true 1980×1200 HD Screen.

  • holly

    I’m pretty happy with the 5, think I will skip the 5S (assuming it’s called that), and wait to upgrade again until the 6.

  • MleB1

    I’ll wait until my contract with my current iPhone (4) runs out in 2014 and see what’s on the market then.

    Apple has, of late, seemed preoccupied with loading the iOS with apps that either nobody needs or are poorly executed, while at the same time either failing to improve current ones (like Mail – still no attachment option) or botching stuff they once had a handle on (like the wi-fi connectivity and battery life issues).

    Changing mobile OS environments might be tedious, but if the competition can actually show they offer a better experience and more functionality, then Apple may not be the way to go. We’ll see.

  • Apple_Sauce

    Slightly dissatisfied ? I would say someone is understating things and massaging the graph numbers.

  • anon

    One thing is for sure. The iPhone 5 build quality is crappy compared to the 4/4S. Feels very cheap, light, and back side is prone to scratches. A Jailbroken 4S on iOS 5.1.1 is 10x better than the iPhone 5 on iOS 6 with crappy Apple Maps.

  • anon

    External USB DVDRW drives can be had for $49 @ NCIX on sale or other online retailers. Seems to me, you’re unable to let go of old, outdated technology. DVD’s and any optical media like CD’s, are a dead medium, and have been so for a while now. Even Bluray is on it’s way out. Digital downloads, streaming via NAS or online services (Netflix, etc.), flash media, etc are what’s being used now, and are the future.

  • anon

    If it’s a software race, as far as features goes, Apple is losing big to Android. iOS hasn’t changed much since it’s initial release in 2007. In fact, it still looks exactly the same. To even get some of the features of Android, you have to Jailbreak your phone. It’s a shame, that such a great company can be so obtuse, when it comes to adding simple features.

  • Nothing fishy at all. I’m in iPhone hell. I love my iPhones and I’m very disappointed with apple over this one.

  • wjw

    Got my iPhone 5. Much faster than my iPhone4 (after IOS6 UPGRADE). Other than that, iPhone 5 is a disappointment. I’d rather have my iPhone 4 with IOS4.

    First, having to throw away all existing cables and compatible devices, car charges, due to the new cable interface. Big mistake.

    Second, terrible map app, reducing the usefulness of the phone significantly.

    3rd, not sure if this is a Rogers thing or iPhone 5, the signal is significantly weaker than my iPhone 4 in my house. The LTE is useless.

    Apple has lost its DNA after DJ.

  • A former loyal apple customer

    Having owned both the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S3 I must say, samsung has really stepped up to the plate. Android has been improving a lot since it’s release although I do miss the simplicity of the iPhone. My android is a breath of fresh air to a platform that became very stale. making a slightly bigger screen and a slight boost to processing is not enough to justify releasing a new model every 6 months.

  • daniellylsantos

    I miss Steve Jobs; oh how I miss good old Apple!

    Gone are the days when buying an Apple product was synonymous with high tech, safety and peace of mind, when buying an Apple product meant being sure we were acquiring the very best the market had to offer.

    Although I have used only Apple products since 2004 (MacBook, Iphone, Ipad e Ipod),
    throughout these past two years this is the second time I feel the need to
    share traumatic experiences with this company, which was once a reference for

    The recall initiated on the 29th of August 2014 acknowledges that a good
    part of the iPhone 5 available in September 2012, including my own (Serial Nº.
    F17JJ89ADTTP) which I bought while on a trip to the USA since it was then not
    yet available in Brazil, came with a serious battery issue.

    For nearly two years I was stuck with a barely mobile smartphone, a problem caused
    by its constant reliance on a charger. The only solution to regain mobility was
    the use of a case-battery, which, however, besides the discomfort of doubling
    the weight / size of the device, felt like fire in my pocket from the
    overheating it caused.

    Disappointed, I contemplated the idea that the Iphone5 would be an underdog, the worst equipment produced by Apple. Technical assistance was sought on several
    occasions, however no problems with the phone were ever detected.

    Surprisingly, a note on the Diário de Pernambuco rekindled lost hopes in company. The note brought a recall for Iphone5, and a link to the list of the devices included in
    the call.

    I was sure I’d be a part of this group so I promptly checked the web address for the
    support and confirmed then that my iPhone indeed presented a defect recognized
    by the manufacturer.

    However, after contacting Apple I came to realize that instead of offering a reward for
    what I had put up with or even a solution to the problem, what the prestigious
    company offered was nothing more then a workaround: change the battery!

    So basically, in September of 2012 I paid for a latest generation device, for two
    years I was unable to get a full use off it, and now they suggest changing the
    battery? So much for the expenses I had in trying to keep my phone from dying,
    never mind the risks I took in using a device that was constantly overheating
    and the damage the temperature spikes most likely caused in several other
    functions of the smartphone.

    Apple hasn’t even offered to exchange the defective phone for a new unit of the same
    make/model, which would be the bare minimum and is at least customary, instead
    it offered to change the battery on my phone. It took my money two years ago,
    gave me an aberration of a phone and now offers me a workaround.

    The fact is that an overheated can lead to a shortened phone life compared to other iphone, which does not present this problem.