Apple Unlocked iPhone 5 Pricing in Canada Starts at $699 [Update]


Gillian Shaw over at the Vancouver Sun has revealed Canadian unlocked pricing for the next iPhone 5, based on an email that from Apple PR:

Canadian #iPhone5 prices at Apple: $699/16GB; $799 /32GB; $899/64GB

As for the unlocked iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, prices are as follows:

Apple prices for unlocked: iPhone 4S will be $599/16GB; Phone 4 will be [$450].

The prices seem to have increased $50 compared to last year.

Update: lists unlocked pricing starting at $699:



  • PIAAX3

    BS. I’m not buying one now.

  • Xywix

    When are we gonna get to see the whole keynote on apples site or YouTube!!??

  • KK

    This will guarantee me buying one in the US, if this is true.

  • Arcanum777

    The prices are the same as the US prices.

  • Anon

    What’s with high prices for Canadian and not USA, come on apple be fair. Canadian dollar is higher then USA right now we should be paying less !

  • With an unlocked iPhone 4S going for $599/16GB… thoughts on the 32GB? Looking to sell mine… to get my hands on the iP5!

  • Xyz

    Unlocked price? It usually higher for those who are not familiar with iPhone being made available in Canada. The carrier committed prices would be similar to US

  • Ed

    Thanks for the info Gary. I think the price is way too much for a phone that only has a bigger screen and only a few minor improvements. LTE is way too expensive for your average subscriber. Also no NFC functions.
    The biggest disappointments are:

    Doc connector :need to purchase a separate doc connector. Apple should a LEAST provide a separate connector free provided with the phone.

    2. No google maps. I saw apples map and am not impressed. I must have google maps as the default and cannot do without google street view

    3. There was nothing mentioning about extended or improved battery life with the new phone. This is a HUGE issue!

    I will pass on this. I’m not too impressed and it’s not worth the extra cost.


  • swotam

    Looks like we’re paying a $50 premium over the US this time around. From what I’m reading, their unlocked pricing is $649/$749/$849.

  • swotam

    Regarding point #2, make sure you don’t update to iOS6 or you’ll lose your Google Maps.

    As for the new device, I think LTE and the bigger screen are pretty decent upgrades in their own right. NFC isn’t ready for prime time from the perspective that there isn’t much you can do with it, yet (not in Canada anyway). By next year that may change and you may see NFC in next year’s iPhone.

    Keeping the same battery life (8h) as the 4S while using LTE isn’t an improvement? I’d say it is as LTE can be a huge battery drain on many devices.

    Remember, it’s all about incremental upgrades. Apple gains nothing by releasing a device with “shock and awe” type features when they can still sell a metric crap-ton of them just by doing what they’ve been doing for the past few years. This is logical business strategy and it works for them.

  • swotam

    They usually show up within a few hours, probably by this evening (EST)

  • djepsilon

    What a piss off. Our dollar is at $1.02 today! Bastards…

  • djepsilon

    Depends on condition and age… most 4S’s that I’ve seen for sale are $100 less then buying new… so a 32GB 4S at new pricing probably would have been $699… so fair resale price I’d say is somewhere between $500-600 for factory unlocked 32GB.

  • Coluch

    Upgrade to iOS6 once it is easy to jailbreak, and then install the old Google maps back as well. Then you’ll have both.

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google has their own maps app on the store at some point. They are trying hard with their HTML5 web app, but it pales in comparison.

  • i bought the 64gb iphone last year and paid the full price as i refuse to sign contracts but this $50 price increase turns me off. looking at the cost they are charging for the the connector and their silly headsphones i am pulling back more and more from buying this phone. just hoping its a typo and that they posted the american prices on the canadian site in error

  • It’s up now.

  • Hmmm

    For those in the west coast, head out to Portland where you can get the 5 not only cheaper but without sales tax.

  • ??

    $649 + TAX

  • Darwin1982

    Actually they did mention that combining the video & graphics chip into one improved the battery life….

    Just sayin 🙂

  • Beau_Taylor

    We are talking about the Iphone 5.

  • smallville944

    @iphoneincanada:disqus i have a question about unlocked phones ive never bougt an unlocked phone ever so im not sure exactly how it works but could you buy the iPhone 5 at the full retail price and keep your current contract with yur carrier without any upgrade fees/extending contract or having to change the plan and have it just transferred over from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5 i made the mistake of Upgrading from a blackberry to an iPhone 4S instead of waiting for the iPhone 5 and i want to get one as soon as i save $700 so im wondering if i could buy the full retail price of the iPhone 5 with my current carrier and transfer my plan and contract over to the iPhone 5 from the 4S

  • maan singh

    HI DUDE I AM FORM INDIA . i want i phone 5 but this indian price is very tef so can u help me

  • havemysay

    What a complete rip off for Canada. The prices are double the US prices and our dollar is about par….pitiful.

  • havemysay

    No they are not. They are approx double…yet our Canadian dollar is almost par.

  • kalya

    why does it cost more at canada