Apple’s iPhone 5 Availability Improves to 2 Weeks in Canada and the USA

A week ago Apple’s iPhone 5 online availability improved to 2-3 weeks from 3-4 weeks, and just now it has improved to 2 weeks in both the US and Canada online store. Below, you can see from the availability times have improved to 2 weeks for factory unlocked iPhone 5 units:

iphone 5 availability

Apple still offers online reservations for pick up in-store for the iPhone 5, which seems to be your best bet to get an carrier-locked phone. Looks like the supply chain is ramping up as these estimates keep getting lower and lower. Previously, the iPhone 5 was faced with shortages due to its complex assembly process and low yield rates.

Are you still searching for an iPhone 5?

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  • BigMac

    Hey Garry, is there any update from your secret source as to when an unlocked iPhone 5 can be purchased from a retail Apple Store in Canada?

  • BigMac

    An unlocked version.

  • marlboro

    Ordered from on October 29th and still waiting… Black 64gb version… so long