Apple’s iPhone 5 Confirmed to Have 1GB of RAM


AnandTech has revealed the new iPhone 5 has 1GB of 1066GHz RAM and a Samsung-built A6 processor. How did they figure this out? They got the information from Apple’s A6 keynote slide, where part numbers were clearly visible on the chip:

Apple thankfully didn’t obscure the details of its A6 slide at the launch event, which gave us a Samsung part number: K3PE7E700F-XGC2. Through crafty navigation of Samsung’s product guide, Brian Klug got us the details. The K3P tells us we’re looking at a dual-channel LPDDR2 package with 32-bit channels. The E7E7 gives us the density of each of the two DRAM die (512MB per die, 1GB total). The final two characters in the part number give us the cycle time/data rate, which in this case is 1066MHz.

Pretty awesome detective work. Earlier today, we reported AnandTech discovered the A6 SoC also contained its own Apple-designed ARMv7 core, as opposed to previous Cortex A9 cores found in the former A5 chip.

So it looks like Samsung’s earlier misleading ad was true–the iPhone 5 does indeed have 1GB of RAM.



  • Even with only 1gb I bet apple still blows sg3 out of the water .. It’s all about the OS case and point OSX vs Windows …

  • Fastrace24

    Just read the comments in the other thread regarding the biased Samsung ad. Bahaha. The S3 lovers have an argument based on the specs justifying which phone is better… Because, clearly the vehicle with the biggest displacement engine is the best vehicle in the universe! Call me a fan boy or a biased consumer and I will not argue with you. I AM biased towards the best computing experiences I’ve had and that’s why I still use Apple products. To further my car metaphor, if I’m getting better fuel economy with less engine and a better driving experience, I’ll stick with it. I just wish people could let it go and be ok with whatever phone they like. Stop bashing each other. If the S3 is your phone, I’m ok with that… It has it’s place. I’m an iPhone fan and it works for me.

    To Gary and the iphoneincanada team… Please keep up the good work on reporting this stuff and thanks again for all the info and finer details this week. You’ve made my experience easier. And to all the S3 and iPhone 5 fans; Enjoy your device and please allow others to enjoy theirs!

  • Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    To each their own, right? Fandroids like to instigate because they are insecure about their devices not being cool enough as the iPhone. BOOM!

  • Come on the SM3 looks like a toy for kids (a plastic one)

  • Well said.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there does always seem to be a tone of jealousy evident in the posts from fandroids in apple related posts/threads. To me, the very fact that they spend so much time on something they claim to hate and will never use is indicative of this.

  • Lycan

    My srt4 stage1 beats up on V8s all day long, so I love this metaphor.