Bell, Virgin and Telus iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Have ‘Sold Out’


Earlier this morning, the Telus iPhone 5 pre-order page was updated to note they were sold out. The revised page noted a revised September 28th shipping date, as opposed to the original September 21st ship date.

Now, it appears Bell and Virgin have also of iPhone 5 pre-orders as well. Virgin’s twitter feed said they were ending in-store and online pre-orders as of today, and according to MobileSyrup, Bell also is sold out too:

“Due to the overwhelming success of the Apple iPhone 5 pre-order program , Bell is no longer accepting pre-orders past end of day September 15, 2012.”

After only debuting with 16GB models, Fido yesterday later added 32GB and 64GB options after consumers voiced their concerns online. Some readers have noted their Rogers pre-orders have now moved into the “In Progress” phase.

Do note that Future Shop and Best Buy are still taking pre-orders, so give them a try if you can’t get access to stock from Bell, Virgin or Telus.



  • Fastrace24

    I hope that this isn’t a repeat question, but do most carrier stores (bell/rogers/telus stores) have separate pre-order and in-store stock? Basically, If I missed out on the pre-order, can I lineup on launch day nice and early and score myself a phone? Or does this mean that people who show up on launch day will leave disappointed unless they were the lucky few who pre-ordered early?

    I would really appreciate if anyone knows how this kind of thing works! Especially mods or current/past bell/rogers/telus employees!

    Thanks all!

  • Nicole

    So can you get a phone on the 21st if you didn’t preorder?

  • Vince Turnone

    I called fido and they are still saying they will only allow 16 gig per order. Best buy has also said that Fido hasn’t changed anything yet. Is the Country wide?

  • Ben

    yes you can if you wake up very early and line up at your nearest Apple store.

  • For carrier phones only that is.

  • JackBauer

    @ Fastrace24

    The pre-order stock and the in-store stock are two different things. At least for Rogers and Fido, they have set aside separate stock for the online pre-orders and in-store. The actual number of phones received per store will vary, so you may be in a long line up for the iPhone 5 and end up empty handed. Your best bet would be to try Best Buy or Futureshop as they are taking pre-orders for all carriers. The good thing is that it is not very well known, so not a lot of people have pre-ordered through them.

    Good luck!

  • Nicolas

    I preordered mine on Telus website on sept. 24 at 11:45 AM PDT and the website wasn’t saying the sept. 28 date back when I bought it.. Does that mean I’ll get mine on the 21? :/

  • FragilityG4

    My Rogers order is now “In Progress” I’m excited for Friday!

  • Ynik

    Same here! Can’t wait until friday

  • Damien

    I ordered mine with best buy. I went in late Saturday, and they still had devices left. You pay $50 deposit, which is returned to you when you get the device. Then they will use the exact same system as the carrier to complete any upgrades, etc. and the phone cost is applied to your next bill.

    The phone is put aside off the truck with your name on it for seven days. So I plan on walking in at 3 on Friday, not have any lines, and get my iPhone 5. Doesn’t get better than that.

  • Tbdharma

    I was 955, now “in Progress”! Question though…does anyone know what the actual confirmed upgrade pricing is for Rogers? Is it anywhere on there site. Usual Rogers though…leave customers in the dark. I presently have an unlocked iP4 with them and never had a subsidized one on this account. Thanks.

  • FragilityG4

    It’s on their site now … I believe it’s $179, $279 and $379.

  • Nice. I don’t think Future Shop and Best Buy are getting enough credit for the way they are handling pre-orders. Sounds so easy and painless.

  • Does anyone know if the Fido Stores (or any carrier store for that matter) will have any in stock for purchase on launch day or if everything is being held for pre-orders? I was initially planning on waiting in line at my local Fido Store but now I’m told by a few Fido employees that they aren’t sure if store will have anything in stock outside of the reserved phones? … I’m told that if they do it’s likely that they are going to be used for new activations and not upgrades for existing customers… I have since pre-ordered but am position 1996 and doubt that I’ll get my phone on launch day which is why I’m still planning on going into the store the morning of the 21st… Any insight?

  • AEdouard

    If you’re buying it on launch day the best bet is an Apple store, but not the city’s flagship Apple store (if you’re in a large city, that is)­. Say you’re in Montreal. Don’t go the the downtown flagship, go to Laval.

  • David Luu

    how can i find that pricing info on the site?

  • FragilityG4
  • Looks like pre-orders might have priority. Honestly, go pre-order at FS/BB, all carriers available and guaranteed on Sept. 21!

  • Fluxuated

    Ordered on September 24’th? Time Traveler! Safety not Guaranteed!

  • ojamali

    Hello all,
    I was number 855 on the Rogers reservation system when I first reserved my Black 64GB on the My Rogers reservation website. Placed my order around 9am-10am on launch day. but since last night I got moved to number 155. Does that mean the first 700 orders have been processed and ready to ship? My status still says “OPEN”. Wondering if my order will be processed in the first batch or later.
    BTW I called later on the same day to find out the price I will be paying and found out that Rogers was going to charge me $ 180 early upgrade fee since my 3 yr contract was scheduled to end in Aug 2013 — but they waived the entire charge. The Rogers rep who processed my order was from Retentions for some reason (my call was directed straight to retentions instead of a regular CSR — maybe b/c all CSR’s were busy) and originally offered me a 50% credit towards the Early upgrade fee but when I asked nicely she gave me a 100% credit and told me that this offer is only for today (launch day Sept 14th). Did anyone else have similar experience?

  • dillyh

    I spent 2-3 hours in the Virgin Mobile store in downtown Vancouver on Friday trying to pre-order, the guys in the store had no idea how to do it. Yesterday, spent 15 minutes in FutureShop and not only got the pre-order in but they booked an appointment with me for Friday to go over everything with me. Awesome!

  • GadgetFreak

    I preordered and showed 2008 on Friday with Rogers. Now Sunday, I am 1342 on the list. Curious how this all works. I also called Rogers on Sep 14th and my upgrade fee would be $182. I dealt with CSR and he offered me 50% off the upgrade fee. I should of insisted on speaking with Rentention but when you ask for them, the CSR gets defensive. I may call retention to see if it can be entirely waived! Knowing that I probably wouldn’t get the phone this Friday, i decided to call Futureshop the next day (Saturday) to see if they were still taking preorders. The guy said ‘sure’ he had lots, he took my name down to hold 2 so I zipped over there to pay for it. He repeatly guaranteed me that I will get the phones on Sept 21st! I will cxl the Rogers preorders this week and already cxled the preorder with Apple. Seems that FS and BB kept this pretty low key. In store orders only but the guy offered to hold the phones for me until I got there.
    The Futureshop guy said the phones come unlocked but once the sim card in setup etc, it locks the phone to the carrier. Can’t wait for Friday!!

  • I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 at 5:00pm EST, before the site showed the “Order Now and receive it on Sept.28th”. So does that mean I’ll receive my iPhone 5 on the release date? When will Telus start sending out tracking information? Mon or Tues?

  • I find it difficult to believe that someone working at FS or BS has any knowledge of what exactly they’ll have in terms of stock on launch day. I’ve been to both Telus and Fido stores to ask, not to mention calling Fido customer service and I’m constantly told the same thing, that they have no idea how much stock they will be getting. Also, I’m pretty sure that all the fine print for pre-orders specifies that there are no “guarantees” that we’ll receive our phones on the 21st… Also my pre-order position has gone from 2446 on Friday to 1653 today…

  • Nice!!

  • Whether you want to believe it or not, FS/BB is guaranteeing iPhone 5s for Sept. 21st. They seem to have better grips on what they will be getting.

  • Terry

    Just got email my ipone5 is on purolater and last tracked in Calgary