Canada’s LTE Carriers Launch iPhone 5 Landing Pages [Update]


With iPhone 5 pre-orders set to take place tomorrow from Apple at 12:01AM PDT, it looks like the LTE-supported carriers in Canada are preparing themselves for their own pre-orders.

Rogers and Bell previously confirmed pre-orders starting this Friday the 14th as well (look for Telus to do the same), and now some iPhone 5 landing pages have gone live on their respective websites. Nothing really interesting other than the same iPhone 5 marketing materials from, and still no upgrade pricing yet.

Telus (note their pre-ordering page is now back up):

Bell iPhone 5 pre-orders begin Friday both in-store and online (they confirmed this with us):

Koodo iPhone 5 graphic:

Rogers website–updated:

Expect more pages to go live soon. We’ll update this page so stay tuned…

Update: Fido’s landing page below:



  • NK

    Fido’s reservation page still not working…Will they be late to the party?

  • Sly

    well they have any special voice and data plans with 6 GB?

  • Jason

    works for me….worked yesterday too when i checked it out.

  • swotam

    Keep in mind that reserving isn’t the same as pre-ordering. When you use these systems, you are reserving a spot in a virtual line and will have your device sent to the store of your choosing for pick-up. Based on personal experience, it is unlikely that you will receive your phone on launch day if you “reserve” a device since they may not even send it to the store until several days after the launch.

    If you don’t care when you get the phone, you just want one eventually, this is a good system. If you absolutely must have the phone on launch day, go to a carrier store or carrier partner store, or the Apple Store and line up. Don’t rely on these systems to get you the phone on the 21st.

    As stated on Fido’s Reservation System page “Your reservation does not guarantee you will receive a phone as soon as it launches.” and “Reserving a phone through the Fido Reservation does not guarantee you a phone at launch. We will be dedicating inventory towards our Reservation System orders and our goal is to get your phone to you as soon as possible. However, we will also be shipping phones to stores that are not participating in the Reservation System program. For information on shipment timelines, please refer to the confirmation email you received when you reserved your phone.”

    Just something to keep in mind.

  • LoWd0Wn

    Rogers just upped the hardware upgrade to 3 years now from the 2 that is used to be last year. Unbelievable. Last year when wanting the 4S I was hit with an extra fee so I declined thinking it was only a year upgrade as the previous phones only to find out Rogers upped the time for hardware upgrade. Now they did it again!! But as I am a long time customer of Rogers they took the 3rd year that I am short ( actually 11 months of approx 13.00 a month totalling 143.00 and reduced it to 20.00) . That helps but they sure are making a lot of extra money off of the iphones popularity and we are paying to get it!
    So if you didn’t know it is now a 3 year wait time for hardware upgrade – you do now! You can upgrade anytime you want now with this new flex plan but it will cost you 13.00 a month for every month you are short of the 3 years.

  • NoOneCares

    Yeah, they’ve bumped the window twice since I got my iphone4 and I too am facing a $143 fee. What did you do or say to get it down to $20? I complained about this a couple of months ago to no avail, but now that the i5 is real, it’s suddenly more urgent. 😉

  • chewbaka

    Stupid question for the iPhoneinCanada community. When I upgrade from my unlocked iPhone 4S (with its Sim card) to an unlocked iPhone5 (with it microsim card), will there be any issue of keeping the same phone number?

  • lagbc

    How hard/expensive it is to upgrade from 4S on Telus if I have two years left on my phone?

  • lagbc

    I got mine 4S from Telus (pre-ordered) at my home door on launch date, last year.

  • Jabroni

    In speaking with a rep at the bell corporate office as I am on a wait list for the new phone he said the new iphone 5 will not be available until october not the September 21 date. Yes the pre order starts tomorrow but they do not have the phones to ship out until October sometime. Big news for those anticipating getting a phone on release day. He said only apple will have them september 21!!! Not cool

  • LoWd0Wn

    I just complained to them that is was just another rip off by Rogers to keep adding more cost to the phone. He looked to see how long I was a Rogers customer and I was from 1997 so he said because of that he was able to reduce down to 20.00

  • swotam

    No, you just activate the SIM with the carrier online or over the phone and you’re good to go.

  • swotam

    I’d take that with a grain of salt personally. Apple works very hard with the carriers to ensure they’ll have stock, and since the phones come from Apple I’d find it hard to believe that Bell won’t receive any until October.

    This sort of misinformation is common in the first few days after the announcement. By next week things should be more clear.

  • I’m not seeing the iPhone 5 graphic yet on Koodo mobile… Where did it come from?

  • NK

    Tried on different platforms, different browsers, still nothing. Weird. And I AM eligible…

  • 15$ x month left on contract + cost of new phone. Sell your 4S to cover the costs.

  • Rob

    Can u upgrade to the iPhone online with bell?

  • P

    Why don’t you pay the fee you cheap ass, who upgrades so quickly anyways? Some people just want everything for free! Or you can complain like this crybaby ?…from a Roger Employee ( do you think WE get breaks on upgrades = NO!) Deal with it.

  • NoOneCares

    Who upgrades so quickly? Millions of people, or do you not pay attention to the outside world? I don’t want everything for free – I want Rogers not to change the rules of the game every 8 months. When I bought the iPhone4, the HUP rules were – full subsidy after 24 months on smartphones. So I planned to keep the phone for 2 years. A few months later, the rules changed to 30 months and pay extra to upgrade early. A few months after that the window disappeared – finish your contract or pay extra to upgrade early. So what happened in the meantime? First the phone is paid off in 24 months, then 30, then 36? The payback didn’t change in mid contract – just the rules! If this is truly in place to pay off the phone, then contracts where no phone is involved should be cheaper. But are they? No.
    But why am I worrying about a jerk that can’t spell the name of the company he works for, and insults the customers of the company he works for? Take your anger somewhere else, loser.

  • NoOneCares

    It seems that the big difference is that they are not committing to how many phones will be delivered on launch day – their system is more open ended and as you say is a virtual line. Those near the front of the line have a good chance of getting their phones on launch day. I used the Rogers reservation system on Friday morning and got position 631. I watched my position move up as a few people had second thoughts and cancelled. Then this afternoon, my status changed to “in process” and the option to cancel disappeared, so I’m expecting/hoping to be able to pick up on launch day without lining up. Though I was prepared to wait and wouldn’t have minded if it arrived after Oct.4 so I’d get the $50 credit 🙂

  • Sick of Rogers

    No freaking wonder you’re a Rogers employee with that attitude. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • steve

    Rogers is a terrible company ripping off their customers. This is one reason other companies are gaining customers in droves.

  • farnsworth_pro

    You could stop giving rogers your money… just a thought.

  • NoOneCares

    Shouldn’t have to change companies to get fair treatment… Also just a thought.