Check Out This Concept to Improve iOS Notifications and Visuals [PICS]


The man behind the popular iPhone-5-optimized App Switcher concept, circulated across the blogosphere to finally become a jailbreak tweak, has thrown in a couple awesome concepts to improve iOS Notifications and Visuals (via The Verge).

Sentry notifications

Sentry has taken the innovation initiative into his own hands, showing Apple the way it should move in order to improve its visuals and enhance the overall user experience. We know Apple is kind of slow in this matter, as it took five OS updates for the Cupertino company to introduce several options to customize notifications.

But Sentry goes further: he is aware that his concepts may not be the subject of discussion inside Apple headquarters, but the creativity and impulse for innovation of the jailbreak developers could make these concepts a reality. So, he is inviting jailbreak tweak developers to help him finalize them.
As you can see from the pictures below, the improved Notifications would make quick-reply possible without leaving the app you are using at the moment you receive the alert, a feature that is currently missing from iOS 5 and iOS 6.

In addition, Sentry would also redesign System alerts, coming up with a totally new alert concept to distinguish between app-based notifications and non-app based alerts.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

Sentry alert

Sentry Quick reply



  • this is already possible with bitesms (jb app)

  • The inline text message response is so obvious that it has to be done in iOS7. I’m more interesting in seeing them push the toolbars down when you receive a notification so it doesn’t cover up the main iOS in-App navigation locations. All the APIs are allready there for developers when the toolbar’s frame changes, so there is no technical reason not to do this.

  • James

    ios is in need of a major upgrade. I dare say that Windows Phone, Android, and even the newblackberry 10 OS are offering better user experiences through things like live tiles and other nifty usability improvements

  • Like it. I would improve it a bit more but the idea is great! I also have an opinion that it is time for apple to give us better GUI.

  • Olley

    I like the second one better. First one takes up too much space as a notification.

  • Farids

    Yes, Bite SMS does it beautifully. As for iOS, being updated too slow, I agree. Unlike every year, I’m not going to upgrade to the next iPhone in 2013 and watch Apple’s new management implement the new policies. If I see a major change, I’ll keep myself in iOS camp and continue with my beloved company. If Apple continues the same trend of falling behind, I’ll still keep my iPhone 5 for the iOS apps I need, and start looking for innovation elsewhere.