CNET Posts Top 20 Most-Wanted iPhone 5 Features


CNET has posted a pretty solid list of some of the most wanted features for the iPhone 5. Some of the features are very unlikely, but some are almost guaranteed to happen.

The feature list is ordered from least to most important and even includes the estimated odds of Apple implementing the feature.

Do you agree or disagree? Have a feature that isn’t listed? Check it out!

Top 20 Most-Wanted iPhone 5 Features

20. Enhanced Voice Control – 75%

  • Expanding on the existing Voice Control features of the iPhone 4

19. Micro-HDMI Out – 2%

  • Instead of using pricey HDMI cables, Apple could consider what many Android-powered smartphones use and offer a built-in Micro-HDMI port that requires an inexpensive cable

18. Removable Battery – 0%.

  • Yep.

17. Expandable memory – 0%

  • See number 18.

16. Biometric security – 25%

  • Basically using your finger print to unlock your phone.

15. NFC-enabled (near field communication technology) – 35%

  • This is that “digital wallet” rumor. Use your iPhone to pay for purchases.

14. More memory – 50%

  • 32 GB and 64 GB iPhone is likely.

13. Improved home screen – 50%

  • This is redesigning the home screen and general method of notifications. May come with iOS 5.

12. Video chat (FaceTime) over cellular network – 75%

  • Jailbreak your iPhone 4 and you got this feature. We’ll see if iPhone 5 enables it (though I think this is more of a carrier decision)

11. Flash support – 1%

  • Not a chance.

10. Better cloud-computing support – 75%

  • Lots of rumors about this lately. MobileMe is likely to play a major role.

9. Better camera – 95%

  • Rumors of an 8-megapixel camera have been thrown around for the back camera. The front camera will probably get an update.

8. Dual-core processor – 100%

  • Like the iPad 2, the A5 chip is coming to iPhone 5.

7. Improved 3D graphics – 95%

  • Like the iPad 2.

6. More carriers – 40%

  • This one is more USA-based as in Canada, we’ve maxed out on carriers. All that’s left is Chatr (Rogers), Koodo (Telus), Solo (Bell), and the new guys such as WIND and Mobilicity, but the latter two run different frequencies.

5. Larger screen – 50%

  • A 4-inch display would be wonderful.

4. Better battery life – 90%

  • As with every iPhone update, battery life always gets better.

3. Fewer failed and dropped calls – 45%

  • Again, this one is mostly USA-based. While Canadians do have the “death grip”, it is not nearly as bad as in the USA with AT&T.

2. iOS 5 – 100%

  • Definitely.

1. 4G network compatible – 50%

  • The Canadian carriers recently rebranded themselves to 4G, but it’s not really 4G. Hopefully the iPhone 5 will have 4G capabilities so that when we do get actual 4G speeds, we can use it.




  • Anonymous

    Biometric system would be great! It would be the BIGGEST leap forward and would go very well along side “Find my iPhone”…

  • Anonymous

    4G? I’d be happy if Rogers on 3G was as fast as it was capable of…

  • Anonymous

    I want it to have flash support, and I want it to be Hspa plus 21mb/ps

  • Auto Strada

    Flash? hahahahaha…

  • Anonymous

    Asking to much for jobs to change his mind? Ahaha.

  • Anonymous

    This year is too soon for LTE… Maybe in 2012

    Rogers has handicapped their HSPA+ network from running at it’s potential… No wonder they haven’t rebranded it. Would be interesting to see what they do with their LTE network.

    I agree with most of the points higher than 50% but I think NFC needs to be higher than 35%

  • The 3G speeds we get in TO at 4m/b down, and what 4G is 6m/b. The fact is most cities only get 1mb down on 3g so 4G always looks appealing but its really not needed. Besides which it just drains the batter for now. And some Canadian cities have issues with dropped calls, it all depends if the local carrier can handle the bandwith. ATT was stretched to the limit in the states, hopefully the other carriers will lighten the load so when i go to the states i get decent coverage.

  • Most seem likely, except Flash. I doubt we’ll ever see Flash on an iOS device.

    If the iPhone 5 is going to be 4G capable, then we’re not going to see it until 2012. The iPhone 4 is pretty amazing, and still ahead of the curve in many ways. I think Apple can afford to skip the update this year. Consider the Verizon iPhone this year’s release.

  • Anonymous

    While smaller is usually a plus for electronics devices, there comes a point when you have to start asking yourself if it is really worth it to make it even smaller. Making a device smaller and only marginally improving battery life doesn’t really intrigue me, since you’ve probably also kept the battery the same size. How about making the overall device the exact same size on the outside, continue to shrink all the electronics as usual, and cram an even bigger battery in that sucker, and give us a REAL battery life boost?

    I always wondered why notebooks continually got smaller but battery life never improved. Same goes there. At a certain point, I don’t care about smaller. Keep the thing the same size and cram that sucker with lithium! The iPad shouldn’t be the only thing with a 10-hour battery life. In fact, with how big the iPad is, it should really have a battery in there that lasts a week.

  • #4, Better Battery Life uses my screenshot! Notice the carrier says “Gary”. You’re welcome, CNET! 🙂

  • James00

    The finger print lock screen would be cool!

  • iamlynda

    BiteSMS!!, dial by contact picture. I keep hearing that sms is archaic so I must be a dinosuar as well. I don’t understand the difference between blackberry messenger and sms. aren’t sms texts just as instant? I have the fingerprint thing onmy laptop and hate it, it’s never worked properly. My son has the samsung wave and it’s screen is amazing, the colors so brilliant, wish we could have that screen.

  • ZEE

    Most of the andriod phones running flash, seriously, apple who really started the whole ball game of touch smartphones, cant resolve this issue after realeasing 4 smartphones model. One of the most attractive feather andriod has to offer (aside from 4G). I dont really care abt andriod open source concept as I am please with apple having control over it’s product for consumer security. Oh BTW Jailbreak iphone FRASH app should be changed to *TRASH*, becuz it is good for nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Better phone reception. Here in Kelowna a lot of iphone users are starting to complain of dropped calls all the time now.. Maybe a Carrier problem, but people on Telus and Bell as well as mine on Rogers are experiencing this lately. Getting worse instead of better.

  • Anonymous

    Better phone reception. Here in Kelowna a lot of iphone users are starting to complain of dropped calls all the time now.. Maybe a Carrier problem, but people on Telus and Bell as well as mine on Rogers are experiencing this lately. Getting worse instead of better.

  • Luca

    I think they will make the home button a touch feature so that they can make more room for a bigger screen if it becomes touch than the can lower the screen a couple of centimeters if not now they will???

  • Guest

    How about a little loop/hole for attaching a strap?

  • Gustav

    Most Android phones that run flash run it really badly. Adobe can’t make a decent Flash that runs on mobile devices. Apple won’t even think of reconsidering before Adobe gets their act together.

  • joe

    Ability to BLOCK certain numbers. I’m tired of having to jailbreak in order to do this and that’s why I’m most likely going with android if the Iphone 5 doesn’t have this. Such a basic feature that has been available since the Palm Treo and Apple doesn’t understand it.

  • Sam

    You’re naive, it’s all about money, once you allow flash, devs can create flash games. That would be cut into apples profits. As far as it not working that well, well it IS working well, I’ve seen it. As far as it cutting into the battery life as others have said, simple, make the battery replaceable and also have an off button so that when you’re surfing non flash sites you turn flash off but LET THE USER DECIDE. Apple is an evil Cult.