First Look: Nano SIMs Arrive at Fido and Rogers Locations [PICS]


With iPhone 5 pre-orders set to take place just after midnight PDT tonight on, the ‘Big 3’ carriers will soon follow afterwards as their landing pages are already up.

One major change with the iPhone 5 is the new smaller nano SIM, and MobileSyrup has posted images of the Rogers and Fido nano SIMs, which they note have started to arrive at dealer locations. Check them out below:

So far, there hasn’t been any word about carrier upgrade pricing yet, but we will find out soon enough. Stay tuned!


  • Steve_J_K

    Can you just walk in and purchase one right now?

  • Probably not. You could try!

  • xxxJDxxx

    What are we supposed to do if we buy directly from Apple? When should I go and get one of these sims?

  • Sevael

    The big question is, can we just cut down a micro SIM to fit the nano SIM slot like we could with the regular SIMs to micro SIMs?

    I’d like to be able to just mod my existing micro SIM to pop into my Apple Store-purchased iPhone 5 the moment it arrives, instead of waiting a couple days for Rogers’ system to calm down from the upgrade/activation overload on launch day before I could buy a nano SIM.

  • Steve_J_K

    I’ve tried contacting Fido to clarify how to get a Nano sim card, but they don’t know anything.

  • Apparently the nano-SIM is slightly thinner than the micro-SIM, so unfortunately I don’t think you can just cut the micro-SIM down.

  • Chris

    I have gone in to the Rogers store and also called Future Shop and they’re telling me no nano sims until launch day. So I’m looking at staring at my shiny new unlocked iPhone until I can get off work and hope they still have some cards left.

  • nasa25

    I called rogers customer support and they see the nano sims in their system but they won’t be active until the 21st. So you either have to go in store on the 21st to pick one up or call CS on the 21st and have one shipped to you.

  • TechnoMinds dot com

    Anyone have any idea how much Fido or Rogers will charge for iPhone5 with contract? I am not too keen on reserving one without any indication of how much it will cost me.

  • Ex

    Go to your carrier or Apple Stores

  • Ex


  • xxxJDxxx

    I really hope thats not true. What a ridiculous approach that would be. As if the retail stores aren’t going to be busy enough on launch day they are now going to have to deal with everyone who ordered through apple coming in to get nano sims?