Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Is Compared To An iPhone 4 [PHOTOS]


With these daily iPhone leaks, we all know what the next-generation iPhone will look like by now. All the rumors and leaks have nearly pieced together in an effort to resemble past reports. I cannot believe how accurate each and every leak has been this year.

During the AllThingsD event in May, current Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company would begin to “double down on secrecy on products.” If they’ve done anything, they must have done the complete opposite.

Getting to the final point, here is some more leaked images of a fully assembled iPhone 5 being compared up against an iPhone 4. We have a few images to show you, and we will continue on after the break:

We will first off begin with the obvious, the display is slightly larger, but not 4-inches as many of the past leaks have shown. The device is much slimmer, and the facetime camera is centered.

We can’t verify what the iPhone includes internally, but a report early yesterday indicated a A6 processor. If everything pans out accordingly, the iPhone should include that A6 quad-core chip.

A few past reports have also pointed to an NFC chip for wireless transactions, the only issue is the two-tone metal back panel may interfere with the signal strength.

What’s your take on this one? With the iPhone release rapidly approaching, we would love to hear what you want out of the next-generation device.



  • Ugly ugly ugly. I am praying that new iPhone doesnt look like that. Am I the only one?!

  • Mathieu

    Nope, you are not the only one. I am having a hard time being seduced by the format. Maybe it will feel different when we will hold it…however, I find the actual format to be just perfect. Althought a slimmer version is nice, not the longer one.

  • Antonino Urbano

    While I don’t find it ugly, I’m very tired of that design after having two phones look almost exactly like it. I may just stay with my 4S and get the next Nexus phone whenever it comes out…

  • Love Apple

    Why are all the new phones going bigger? I think I like the new 5 BUT not that it’s becoming more of a “handful” I don’t want to walk around with a phone that’s more than a pocketful!

  • Farids

    In regards to the interference of the two tone back with NFC reception, looking at the other side of the aluminum part of the back, it may very well be the NFC antenna itself. In that case, it will really be powerful. Probably, among the most powerful.

  • this design looks fugly! I pray to god this is not the final design. They NEED to add some width to the phone if they are making is taller too, for it to be aesthetically pleasing

  • Dennis

    Ugly! At least give us better speakers!!

  • RyanStOnge

    That’s a good prediction, I guess we will see sooner or later. I just take the recently reported news and add it into the article 🙂

  • RyanStOnge

    Weird, isn’t it? The cell phones started off huge, then they got smaller as the years went by, now they are back to being huge, only this time they are taller, not thicker.

  • I am also another one not blown away by the design….it looks stupid…

  • I have a feeling we’ll still buy it.