Gene Munster: iPhone 5 Is The Rolex Of Smartphones, Others Feel Like Timex


If you’ve seen the iPhone 5 intro video on Apple’s website, you must have got a pretty good idea about the engineering and materials used to achieve the product’s extraordinary build. While a research firm has already estimated iPhone 5’s manufacturing cost to be higher than any of its past iterations, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is calling it ‘the Rolex of smartphones’, reports the Fortune.

The analyst claims that Apple will sell 8-10 million iPhone 5 units in the first week and almost 50 million handsets in the next quarter:

“We believe that pictures and video of the new iPhone 5 do not sufficiently convey the level of upgrade the product represents. We were able to see and hold the device following the launch and believe there are two aspects that will pleasantly surprise consumers. First, we believe the actual feel and build of the phone is beyond that of any prior iPhone iteration. Second, we believe the weight difference between the iPhone 5 and the 4S is meaningful and consumers will notice the difference in their pocket, despite the larger screen size.”

He wrote in a note issued today that the iPhone 5 feels like the Rolex of smartphones in terms of quality and build, while the majority of other phones are dominated by lesser quality plastic and feel more like Timexes. “Why would someone buy a Timex when they can have a Rolex for the same price?”, he added.

So guys, have you pre-ordered Apple’s new Rolex yet? 😉


  • Jonas

    Hell Yeah! Pre-ordered from apple this morning. Finally gonna go unlocked, F*ck you Rogers!

  • Farids

    I preordered it this morning at 6:03AM at Fido site. They only had reservation for the 16GB model. Preordering started at 6:00AM. I was very surprised to know I reserved the phone number 602nd. 601 iPhones reserved in 3 minutes!!! Wow! Counting the other carriers and canadawide, I’m sure it’s going to be THE BESTSELLER!

  • djepsilon

    That’s the spirit kid!

  • Pat

    Stayed up last up to pre-prder from Apple at 3:00am, Black 32GB. Let’s up it really shows up on the 21st!

  • Pat

    Going unlocked also, but I can’t really complain about Rogers, been good to me for almost 7 years, Bell on the other end, they can go to hell! I worked for them for 2 years and managed to have Bell pay my Rogers phone! That’s how much I didn’t want a Cr@$%berry!

  • iFone

    $1000 per share here we come!!

  • The prick

    Ahh nothing like paying for the same old rolexe that looks the same as the other two previous models just a little bigger haha, brb gonna run to the corner store and pay with my nfc wait right here I’ll be right back

  • otheronetruegod

    The iPhone 5 looks like the iPhone 4S in the same way that the Audi TT looks like the VW Beetle, which is to say there is a similarity, but they don’t look at all alike. Check your eyes, man.

  • Philosophical Statham

    lol…if you’re using Google wallet, trust me, you won’t be right back anytime soon…