Google Complains About Apple Withholding iPhone 5 And iPad mini Source Code


Motorola is eager to add the iPhone 5 and iPad mini to its litigation against Apple in the Southern District of Florida, following Samsung’s recent move. According to Florian Müller of Foss Patents, none of the patents subject to litigation are standard-essential.

Apple vs. Google & Motorola

However, this can’t happen until they do an infringement analysis. In this case it means Google has to look into the iOS 6 source code running on the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

The only problem now — Motorola’s problem — is that Apple didn’t provide the source code, despite repeated requests, so Google and Motorola seem to be concerned over the December 14 deadline when they have to submit their accusation against the new products.

As Google’s recently submitted motion says:

Apple “has, at various times, promised to produce iOS source code by or “shortly after” September 21st, by November 9th, and by November 30th”, but two months have passed now since the release of iOS 6 “and almost four months after Apple released its most recent OSX software”, whose source code Google also wants to evaluate, Müller writes.

The question remains whether or not Google is just making noise for no reason here. Yet if Apple reveals the source code, the father of Android will have two full weeks to make its case against the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. The question is: are 14 days enough? From my perspective, Apple is ready to do anything to prevent this from happening.


  • Farids

    I can understand Apple’s hesitation. Regardless of who’s guilty, who did what, who copied who and if anyone copied anyone, unlike Google, Apple keeps the details of the OS secret. And they should, it’s a closed system. That’s the reason iOS is one of the most secure mobile OS’s in the market. Now this whole legal action and law suites by both Apple and Google is because both parties claim the other party copied them. Google is open source, so they have nothing to fear. Apple on the other hand, has no guarantee, the opposing camp, with so many members will not copy the pro’s of iOS and leave it for another lengthy legal action to resolve. In other words, they copy iOS completely and when Apple objects, say “So? Sue me!”. I’m not saying Google or any of the Android camp will do the copying. I’m just thinking this is Apple’s dilemma and why I think Apple is hesitating.

  • SuperKillATrillaThug9000

    No offense but I heard this same drivel from my friend that works at the Apple Store. he’s a complete zombie by the way. I still love him. Though, being closed source does not guaranteed any sort of secure system at all. That is absurd. The reason they have it closed is to lock you into their inane and stupid Apple loop. If you cant see that via the Itunes encryption database (preventing third parties from simply editing Idv3 metadata…or is somebody gonna hack your music?), the App Store policies, and the fact that Apple takes code from open source projects with specific license all the time (and who knows if it does that in-secret and violates the licenses).

    Though, that’s not even the point. The point is that this is legal trial. If you are going to alledge accusations in the form of codebase than it is absurd to freaking assert “they copied something we’re not gonna show”. If you think it isnt, than you are clearly living on planet Apple and letting their neon colored gases affect your brain thought.. They want to bring it to trial, this is what they get.

  • GoatCheez

    They do have a guarantee it won’t be copied – 1 by a NDA. 2 by the fact that the systems are so different it would be a waste of resourced. 3 because Apple could sue Google, and it would be an easy victory, while also severely tarnishing Google’s reputation.

  • “it’s a closed system. That’s the reason iOS is one of the most secure”
    Being closed has nothing to do with security. They are 2 completely different things. If you base you security on secrecy then you are not secure at all. This is especially true for cryptography but apply as well for every security chain.

  • Farids

    And all these replies after I was sooooo careful with my choice of words not at appear to take anyone’s side 🙂 I didn’t agree with what Apple does guys. I was simply indicating, if a company claims their product source code is secret, they will hesitate to reveal it to someone else, especially to the competition. I didn’t say I agree with it. Apple does what Apple does, and Google will do what they will. It’s a corporate war that could be to the customer advantage or disadvantage. I just hope we the consumer win at the end, fingers crossed.

  • Apple_sauce

    Apple’s ridiculous pathetic patents and lawsuits have insured that we the consumer will NOT win, this also puts innovation on hold as well.

  • dro_ID

    Why “Apple could sue Google, and it would be an easy victory”???? If Apple copied from Google, they have to pay. If Google copied from Apple, be sure that Apple have sued them for ages.