Here’s How Passbook Works in Canada with Cineplex Mobile


With the release of iOS 6 today, numerous users are probably scratching their heads on how to get Passbook to work. Essentially, developers need to update their apps to make them Passbook ready, and some apps such as Cineplex Mobile have been updated to work with the new feature.

Cineplex Mobile received an update today for iOS 6 compatibility and iPhone 5 support, alongside Passbook integration:

What’s New in Version 3.1
– Fullscreen iPhone 5
– iOS 6 support
– Passbook Integration

Our own @swotam was able to quickly try out Passbook with the Cineplex Mobile app. All he had to was launch Cineplex Mobile, tap the Passbook button and his existing purchased tickets automatically loaded when he launched Passbook.

Check it out below (hey Anthony, we know what movie you’re watching this Friday!):


Here’s how Passbook looks like with a few other dummy cards from

Here’s the ‘shredding’ feature when you delete something from Passbook (we saw this at the iPhone 5 keynote demo):

If you launch Passbook, there’s a link to the App Store that lists apps that are currently supported such as Live Nation, Lufthansa, Sephora to Go and Ticketmaster:

Let us know how your Passbook experience goes. Next up, we need Starbucks.

Click here to download Cineplex Mobile–it’s free.


  • Farmmer

    So if you shred something… What does mean? Does it mark as used/trash it/refund you if not used?

  • Basically it’s a neat animation of ‘trashing’ an old coupon.

  • Shawn

    It looks like a very handy feature for sure. I’ve heard that the Starbucks integration is coming soon – hope so, cause that’s the one that I’ll use most. Gotta get through the work days some how!

  • This is going to be great once airlines incorporate this.

  • Sad to not see a passbook for our scene card.

  • mine just says I cant access the itunes store.

  • MrXax

    What a disappointment this is. It’s not at all clear how Passbook is supposed to work, and there are just a handful of (mostly useless) apps that support it right now.

  • Cobear

    Can’t connect to itune store from my 3GS. ????

  • anon

    Cineplex’s customer service is top notch. They’ll add it eventually.

  • Anonymous

    Nice try, Cineplex PR.

  • Lufthansa already has!

  • yea mine as well… odd isnt it?

  • TheLionKingg

    Let’s hope. I don’t want Passbook to be like the Newstand app. Passbook actually looks cool.

  • swotam

    The items you add to Passbook come from somewhere else, so for example, if you buy a movie ticket using the Cineplex app, you can choose to show this ticket in Passbook. Once the ticket is scanned at the theater you can use the Delete option to remove it from Passbook. However, it will still be present in the Cineplex app if you needed to add it again for some reason.

    It seems that, at least in the case of Cineplex, you can only have one movie ticket in Passbook at a time. If you go into the app and select a different ticket, it will overwrite the one in Passbook. So, I couldn’t have my ticket for Dark Knight and my ticket for Prometheus in Passbook at the same time, I can only have one at a time.

    So, items you shred shouldn’t be permanently gone, they will still exist at the source location (App, Website, etc).

  • swotam

    You can expect to see things you would scan in Passbook. So for example, an Airmiles card or a Starbucks card. On the other hand, if it’s the sort of card you would normally swipe, you wouldn’t get much use from that until a scanning option becomes available for that particular card.

  • swotam

    @facebook-1363806936:disqus @twitter-127117606:disqus You can find the Passbook-aware apps in the regular AppStore. Right now, it’s Cineplex, Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Lufthansa, and Sephora. I expect more will come soon.

  • Yes, but the Scene card is something you scan. They have it available as a scannable bar code in the Cineplex Mobile app, just like Starbucks cards in the Starbucks app (which Apple has used as examples in all of their advertising).

    Why not share that info with Passbook? Or perhaps it only works with one type of pass, and because they want to be able to show the tickets, they can’t show the customer card? Whatever the reason, it would be nice if this feature was available.

  • Well, it did just become available today. Many developers may not have had a chance to test it out yet, or perhaps the updates are backed up in Apple’s approval cue. Let’s give it at least a week before declaring it disappointing.

  • This explains why the Scene card doesn’t show up as being scannable in Passbook. Would be nice if you could choose to put your Scene card in Passbook instead of a movie ticket. I buy most of my tickets when I get to the theatre, and want to scan my Scene card when I’m purchasing them.

  • swotam

    @MrXax:disqus I think it holds a lot of promise, and considering that it only went public today you should expect to wait a while before a broader range of apps come along.

    Think of Passbook as a storage location for things like tickets, gift cards, and coupons that you obtain from other apps or websites. Until the apps or websites have something to put in your Passbook, it will remain empty.

  • MrXax

    I would’ve thought that developers have had their hands on this for some time. Cineplex and these other 4 seem to have. I expected better. It should at the very least be clear how it’s supposed to work, rather than leaving people scratching their heads.

  • K this is weird but it works. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time. Turn “set automatically” off and set it a year ahead. Then go to passbook and try again and you should be able to connect to the app store. Then you can go back and turn the date back to what it was originally.

  • djepsilon

    Airmiles better use the shit out of passbook.

  • blacks329

    You can have multiple tickets/cards etc. from one app. (Passbook does allow for multiple ‘passes’ from the same app)

    And the Cineplex app itself does have a barcode featuring your scene card. It’s absence from passbook is peculiar. But it definitely should make it’s way over to passbook. That would definitively be one less card to hold in my wallet. As I find the Cineplex app finicky and doesn’t always remember my scene number.

  • General Inquiry

    Cineplex: Isn’t it odd that you still have to wait in line to pick up your ticket? Kind of defeats the purpose (unless you’re one of those that likes to reserve a seat on opening weekend). Your phone should be your one and only ticket, so that you can avoid the line and walk right in.

  • ?

    I thought the same thing and contacted Cineplex.

    This was their response:”Thank you for contacting Cineplex Entertainment.

    We hope you are enjoying our integration with Apple’s new Passbook.

    Please be assured that plans are in place to incorporate the SCENE program into the Passbook in the near future. Our App Developers are currently working on the feature.— Check for the updates which will be coming soon.

    Thank you for your loyalty to Cineplex Entertainment and to SCENE.”

  • DjDATZ

    2 things I’d love to see in this app:
    1) As mentioned already by others, the Scene barcode in Passbook.
    2) The example above shows you the barcode that you need to scan to then PICK UP your ticket at one of the automated kiosks. However, when I purchase tickets, I choose the “print” option, and I get a conf PDF emailed to me. As I walk into the theatre, I open the email, open the PDF and zoom into the barcode so it covers my entire screen. They then scan that and let me into the theatre. I just skipped the entire step of picking up my tickets and wasting my time. This is what they should integrate into Passbook, not the Pick Up feature.

  • DjDATZ

    New update for Passbook has added Scene card integration!

  • Anonymous

    I asked them about this and they explained that when the ticket is printed, they can stamp it, which is the equivalent of ripping a ticket. By stamping it, you have in/out privileges from the theatre. On a phone, they can’t stamp it, and anyone can email the barcode to a friend and they can tell the ticket taker they were already in the theatre. Of course, scanning that would show that the ticket was already scanned which corresponds to that story. A printed ticket means they can’t email it, and if someone says they were already in, the ticket should be stamped. It makes sense, and also makes sense why on airlines and at concerts, they can scan from the phone because they don’t allow in/out privileges.

  • Mark

    That does make sense. However, it still shows that buying tickets on-line is usually a pointless endevour.

  • JaelenDJH

    Yes there is now. You just go to the cineplex app and register you scene card on the app then when you go to it it will say passbook in the top left hand corner

  • sean

    what if I buy the ticket on cineplex for ipad and want to add to passbook on my iphone… how do I do that?

  • Peter Pottinger

    ah passbook the 2nd most useless app apple has made behind maps