Here’s How Samsung Created TV Ads Targeting The iPhone 5


An interesting article by Fortune highlights how Samsung became America’s top mobile phone manufacturer and during its winning streak, how it created a series of print, digital and TV ads targeting the iPhone 5 while promoting its own flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III.


In September last year when Tim Cook announced the iPhone 5, a group of marketing executives from Samsung followed real-time reactions to Cook’s remarks in a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Los Angeles a few hundred miles away, notes the article. The team tracked each new iPhone 5 feature while also monitoring the gush of online comments on the new device via blogs and social media sites. Using the data, writers from Samsung’s advertising agency began crafting a response.

The following week as the iPhone 5 went on sale, Samsung aired a TV ad mocking Apple “fanboys” queuing up for the new phone. (“The headphone jack is going to be on the bottom!”)

The 90-second commercial went on to become the most popular tech ad of 2012, garnering more than 70 million views online. More important, in the weeks following the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, Samsung sold a record-breaking number of its own signature smartphone, the Galaxy S III. “We knew this was going to be a big moment in time, when consumers are really paying attention,” says Todd Pendleton, chief marketing officer of Samsung’s U.S.-based mobile division. “We wanted to take that opportunity and all that energy and make it Samsung’s moment.”

Despite all that, most analyst reports show Apple still has a slight edge over Samsung in smartphone sales. And let’s not forget, Apple sells one device, the iPhone, while Samsung offers over 25 different smartphones in the U.S.


  • XorKaya

    “a slight edge over Smartphone in smartphone sales”? Proofread please.

  • Rio

    In all honesty it is this add that pretty much launched the S3’s sales. If not if would have been another phone Samsung released.

  • Jason

    Instead of commenting on the article you choose to comment on the type-o?

    Anyways I wonder how many of these type of commercials Samsung can make before the public gets sick of them.

  • Kev

    Actually, you’re incorrect. Most analysts show Samsung now has a lead over Apple in sales.

  • Kris

    “most analyst reports show Apple still has a slight edge over Samsung in smartphone sales.”
    Seriously? I mean I love what Apple do and all, but that is just not a fact here. Anybody who reads technews would know that.

  • excaliburca

    Apple ran it’s “Mac/PC” adds for years before finally retiring them. So I’d say a lot.