Here’s Samsung’s Misleading iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III Ad [PIC]


Samsung is set to publish a new advertisement that puts the Galaxy S III vs the iPhone 5, reports Business Insider:

The ad also sports the tagline “It doesn’t take a genius” which is a shot at Apple Store retail employees. Samsung’s play is to win the ‘spec war’ against Apple with consumers. They conveniently omitted AirPlay, Twitter and Facebook integration, and the Retina display’s 326 ppi. Also missing is the iPhone 5’s thinness advantage at 7.6mm vs 8.6mm for the S III, plus the app advantage of iOS.

If you’re going to do a direct comparison, list everything equally for people to make an informed decision. What do you think of this Samsung ad? Is it a fair representation of both smartphones?


  • Scoot

    Well Samsung ran out of room to list there better services of Allshare and the DLNA support. And facebook and Twitter integration? You mean the feature even Blackberry has had?? FANBOY!

  • Kj

    Sounds like Samsung is just bitter….it dont take a genius to figure that one haha

  • Kj

    I love the word fanboy to characterize an apple supporter when ur supporting samsung there fan boy ahahahah

  • Guest


  • Vic Kukulak

    If I need a door stopper, maybe then. For now Iphone 5

  • I like the term ‘fandroid’. The Urban Dictionary definition is friggin priceless:

  • Yeah, Samsung is great with their innovations–they just shamelessly copy their competitors. APPLE FOREVERRRR!

  • No, I used fanboy because they blatantly ignore the better specs and still think the IPhone is a better device! Even if those 3 things listed were added to the list, the specs and features of the Galaxy S 3 still trumps the iPhone.

  • “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” Steve Jobs! You know, your cult leader! Nice choice of words!

  • nosnoop

    This is an Ad…..
    Not a review!!!

    An advertisement by definition is biased.
    Have you seen any Ads which are not biased? I haven’t….

  • Get out of here, FANDROID! Your mom is calling you, time to leave the dark basement surrounded by empty pop cans and pizza boxes and go for a drive down by the river in your creepy brown van.

  • Wow you’re a mod here!! You’re comments speak volumes about the Apple Community! PS I’d suggest/buy/use a BlackBerry before iPhone, so assume I’m a fanboy, I’m just totally against iPhone for their lackluster, under powered, and outdated devices! It’s amazing how your so called “insults” are hurled when you have no actually specs or knowledge to stand on!

  • The troll has been trolled. #winning

  • I’m not quite sure what that last comment means, other then furthering the fact that your argument is invalid because you have to facts to back it up! Quite amusing!

  • Hilton Routley

    If you hate the iPhone why are you even on this site… Get a life, you wonder why iPhone fans aren’t on your phones forums? Because we could care less.

  • What smartphone are you using right now?

  • I’m using the number one selling smarthphone in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S 3!

  • Disgusted

    Samsung is just getting pathetic. They have no original ideas and pout about it when they lose in court. You couldn’t pay me to ever purchase another Samsung product. Ever. Grow up, Samsung!

  • It sounds nice, but it’s not the world’s thinnest. iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter.

    Plus, your S3 will be old news when the ‘next’ Android phone comes out. I heard from so many people the S3 was just a minor upgrade over the S2. So many users were disappointed with the lack of innovation. Quite sad.


  • They decided to focus an ad on mostly specs, because they’re trying to advertise their device in the best light. They didn’t lie about anything, so I don’t see what the problem is.

    That being said, a fairer comparison would have been to name the Apple equivalent all the way down the list, but again, it’s an ad. The GS3 definitely does have a number of advantages over the iPhone, and they listed them all. The iPhone has advantages over the GS3 as well, but obviously they decided not to focus on those.

  • Wrong the Droid Razr is 7.1MM thick! Again Apple assuming things that aren’t true! And I had the Galaxy S, S II, S II Skyrocket, and now the III. Believe me, every version has been significantly more powerful then the last! The jump in OS alone makes the upgrades worth it! Lack of innovation? That’s not something any Apple consumer can stand on! There isn’t one innovation that Apple has made that wasn’t already in the smartphone market on some other platform. iMessage, Airplay, etc.

  • Actually, I think Samsung was thrilled to find out that spec-wise, their flagship phone still trumps the iPhone 5 in most areas, and they decided to share that information with the public in an ad. Sure, they’re bitter as well, and perhaps that shows in the headline, but overall I think this is just a smart marketing move.

  • iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6, the most advanced version if iOS. The S III comes with an out of date back revision version of Android.

    Apparently Samsung needs to hire some genius’s to keep their products up to date.

  • Andrew

    @Scoot. Get a Name!

  • crosseyed_mofo

    samsung forgot cheap plastic build, janky UI, limmited accessories and lack of an android store to get your device replaced if you have any issues

  • Peter

    WHY Does Samsung have S Voice listed beside Siri? S VOICE IS A FREAKING JOKE.
    And Scoot Ainsworth, I’ve tried the S3. Not that Special. Freezes a lot. Had to turn off 5 times a day. Sold it to buy iPhone 5. iPhone OS is much smoother.

  • My S3 is running Jelly Bean which has Google Now, which in repeated side by sides blows Siri out the water. And as far as your phone freezing and such, I’m gonna blame user error. My wife has the S3 and she hasn’t had a single issue with her’s either.

  • Wrong. The thickest point of the Droid Razr is 10.5mm thick.

    By using those measurements, it’s like saying the MacBook Air is 3mm thick.

    I can’t get over the horrible build quality by Samsung. Cheap plastic is a disgrace vs the leading industrial design of the magical iPhone 5. Samsung won’t ever be able to copy that.

  • +1

  • crosseyed_mofo

    Fanboyism aside, why do android OSnames evoke such douchechills?

    Jelly Bean? ????

  • What carrier are you with? Was that upgrade official? That’s the problem with Android. Your updates are held hostage by the OEM and carriers. So many people can’t even get the latest software update. It’s a downfall

  • Except the Samsung is made like a toy when the iPhone five and iPhone 4 are both made like fine watches or sportscars. In terms of hardware… No contest. And my s3 was buggy as lizard shit.

  • I don’t understand why Samsung is advertising for Apple iPhone 5 because it definitely doesn’t take genius to figure that iPhone 5 has much better quality then Galaxy S3.

  • I’m with AT&T and no it’s not “official” from them but is an official release/leak from a different GSM carrier, which brings up a better point. Unlike Apple, I have ability to load Rom’s from different carriers or developers. To stay on the edge of development! Updates do get held up through some carriers, but not for the people actually interested in updating and changing roms.

  • I think that’s what people always tend to underemphasize–the build quality. Samsung cheaps out with plastic. Listen to the squeaks coming from this $500 plastic Galaxy Note 10.1:

    It’s embarrassing.

  • Does creativity scare you? Are you such a dull person that anything more then iOS and the next version number scares you?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    got nothing against creativity at all, just wondering why android OS’s are named after things pedophiles use to lure small boys into their vans

  • LMAO!

  • xxxJDxxx

    How can you compare when there is no iPhone 5 to compare to yet. I’m tires of “fandroids” denouncing the iPhone as inferior with no actual evidence. It’s ridiculous, immature and comes across very insecure. The phone isn’t even out yet!
    When people do mention problems with their android device the fanboys are always quick to dismiss it as “user error” or “a bad app” but does it matter? The UI shouldn’t be causing users error and neither should apps! regardless of what causes them those are PROBLEMS

  • If we’re comparing features for regular consumers and not smartphone geeks, then these official builds don’t really come into play.

    iOS 6 will still run on the 3 year old iPhone 3GS (albeit limited in features). How many 3 year old Android phones can run Jelly Bean? Or even ICS at least? I’d be curious to know.

    Who still has a 3 year old Android phone?! Those are already in landfills.

  • Kj


  • Great debating with you Scoot but I gotta head out for a bit

  • What no one seems to understand is that there are two
    different wars being fought here by these two companies. This is why it’s
    always going to be an uphill battle for fanboys on either side to argue against
    the other. And why ads like these are laughable in their attempt to mislead

    Apple = the user experience war

    Samsung = the spec war

    The fact is buying a phone these days is a very personal
    choice like buying a car is. You can never tell how it will really work for you
    until you try it. If it fits your needs and you know how use it well, then buy
    it. And then shut the front door on spewing trash about the people who choose
    differently, and spend that time with your loved ones instead. You don’t go
    around trashing people and calling them fanboys because they bought a Ford or a
    Honda do you?

  • xxxJDxxx

    Spec racing works for android because their software is inefficient. iOS has always performed better on less hardware. I don’t think the S3 has 2gb of ram just because, I think the S3 NEEDS 2gb of ram to function smoothly. Or at least nearly as smoothly as a 3GS

  • xxxJDxxx

    LOL you’ve obviously never visited a car forum or hung around with “car guys”

  • iFone

    OH snap! You just didn’t pull out Android OS fragmentation issues on Scoot. I guess discussion is over…

  • crosseyed_mofo

    thing is scoot we dont live in a world where specs define supperiority and its been that way for some time

    take a look at linux for example

    if your OS needs more hardware to do what other OS’s can do with less, then bringing up specs does nothing more than placate others into not discussing what we should actually be talking about

  • Haha…good point. I guess I’m not in that circle like I am this one. Thanks for the comment, it’s time to go outside and enjoy the day!

  • Costa kavvouras

    Apples 1 gig of ram is a joke but I mean common that’s the best comparison to Sams 2 gigs lol

  • Costa kavvouras

    comon man you full of it I have an s3 and my uptime right now is over a week lol as for siri vs svoice I will admit siri actually can talk back to you. Now as soon as jelly bean is out for the s3 the s3 will blow the Iphone, out of the water backed with Google now, not to mention jelly bean’s buttery smoothness and all the other juicy features

  • crosseyed_mofo

    will it blow it out of the water like the palm pre was supposed to?

    or the nexus(s)?

    the note?

    the other two galaxies?

  • anon

    That’s actually not surprising from samsung… Specs isn’t all what makes a phone! 4.8in screen is too big.. I want a phone not a tablet! Let’s just compare the operating systems; ios vs android = security(ios of course) vs vulnerability!!!

  • Tom Johnson

    Of course, you would know such things, being a pedo yourself.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    someones sensitive 🙂

  • Ernest

    I can’t complain but s3 is so far the best phone the world has seen. It’s unique. I’ve had it for a moth and you can’t compare it to iPhone. This phone isn’t just a phone. It’s more then that. It doesn’t freeze. You need to talk to your phone courier if your phone keeps freezing. Or delete your games. The s3 is the best phone. I waited for the iPhone 5 presentation and they was nothing special, nothing new.bshape is the same, no cool features and nothing special. People if you wanna compare open up your eyes and see the reality. S3 the next big thing.

  • Present

    What about flyover function?
    Thinnest …..lightest…. 
    iPhone 5 looks more elegant too
    I am apple fan but not a “fan boy”
     used google Nexus for nearly 3 months and galaxy 3 for two weeks
    my opinion is samsung always mislead consumers with its ads in many ways

    They put many advantages  in their phones effective ads without making sure that these functions works perfectly!
    Like eye detection doesn’t work good at all
    Big screen! But poor internet experience ( try to fill blanks in internet application and you will know what i mean).
    Big screen! 
    But doesn’t feel good in your hand
    ( in fact because of its too bog screen it fell from my hand many times) and many other defects
    I don’t like writing 4 long time
    But just give u summery in few words
    Apple looks like BMW in a way that when it wants to put a function in its products it either works perfectly or it doesn’t put it.

  • Guest

    What about flyover function?
    Thinnest …..lightest…. 
    iPhone 5 looks more elegant too
    I am an apple fan but not a “fan boy”
    I used google Nexus for nearly 3 months and galaxy 3 for two weeks
    my opinion is samsung always mislead consumers with its ads in many ways

    They put many advantages  in their phones only for effective ads without making sure that these functions work perfectly!
    Like eye detection doesn’t work good at all
    Big screen! But poor internet experience ( try to fill blanks in internet application and you will know what i mean).
    Big screen! 
    But doesn’t feel good in your hand
    ( in fact because of its too big screen it fell from my hand many times) and many other defects
    I don’t like writing 4 long time
    But just give u summery in few words
    Apple looks like BMW in a way that when it wants to put a function in its products it either works perfectly or it doesn’t put it.

  • Present

    What about flyover function?
    Thinnest …..lightest…. 
    iPhone 5 looks more elegant too
    I am an apple fan but not a “fan boy”
    I used google Nexus for nearly 3 months and galaxy 3 for two weeks
    my opinion is samsung always mislead consumers with its ads in many ways

    They put many advantages  in their phones only for effective ads without making sure that these functions work perfectly!
    Like eye detection doesn’t work good at all
    Big screen! But poor internet experience ( try to fill blanks in internet application and you will know what i mean).
    Big screen! 
    But doesn’t feel good in your hand
    ( in fact because of its too big screen it fell from my hand many times) and many other defects
    I don’t like writing 4 long time
    But just give u summery in few words
    Apple looks like BMW in a way that when it wants to put a function in its products it either works perfectly or it doesn’t put it.

  • Guest

    Found this great updated version of the ad that seems to be less deceiving. You be the judge.

  • I found this update version of the ad that seems to be more fair. You be the judge.

  • LondonFish

    Same width just taller easy for single hand use is great for me, I love to text or surf while eating with one hand, so S3 or other big phones are not for me. If you are good, you don’t need this kind of silly comparison ad. Have you ever seen a Porsche ad saying they are better than other brands? You show confidence with your own product.

  • You make a good point. Samsung is probably the most insecure company when it comes to smartphones.

  • Geeta Dutt

    Precisely why I will stay with iPhone. I can’t stand the fact that some carrier tells me when I can upgrade my software.

  • Hey Crosseyed,did you forget the iPhone 3G and the clone iPhone 3Gs were made of plastic.where you complaining then you idiot.

  • SirJumpShip

    IOS is great and the iPhone is a nice piece of work … but it’s getting boring

  • JamBerge

    Sorry I’m confused…. Did scoot actually admit he used an S, SII,SII rocket, and SIII??

    Is that 3 phones with in 2 years? Just to stay up-to-date on features and os “upgrades”.

    Wow congrats, and I thought apple fans were portrayed as rich people, this guy needs 1.5 phone upgrades per year to stay up to date lulz….

    Il take my 3Gs over that any day.


  • GrandMasterFlash

    Ermmmm how about multitouch using your fingers instead of a stylus?

  • Costa kavvouras

    Lol I have a bad habit of telling people I’of gonna take a shit and people usually look at me in disgust but since I started telling people I’m going to make an iPoop everyone laughs and loves me more for it, but I guess As soon as you as you add an “i”, in front of something it becomes cool…. Fuckin iSheep

  • AndroidCentral

    Samsung and Android FTW!!! Cry to your mama you iSheep!!

  • crosseyed_mofo

    i forget, that was so long ago, tx for the personnal attack btw

  • dennis couto

    how do they copy innovations, when it is samsung that creates everything? what has apple ever invented or innovated other than patenting something that already exists like a shape or a cardboard box? whats even worse is how they have what sounds like an amazing creation the retina display! yet its not theirs, its either samsungs or sharps! Apple is nothing more than a middle man, who are great at advertising yet clearly contributes nothing of value to the true tech community.

  • Yep! Scamsung is #1 at copying others instead of innovating. Without Android, Samsung would be nothing.

  • For starters, Apple created iOS on their own, and that was way back in 2007.
    Samsung uses Android OS, which is a product of Google.

    When Samsung is able to create their own fluid, intuitive mobile operating system on their own (without the help of Google), then I’ll be impressed.
    Samsung tried to make their own OS with Bada (introduced in 2009)–but where is that today? Why not stick to Bada but adopt Android instead?

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    Nice, you’ve put 3 aspects of iCloud in different categories. That’s not filler at all.
    iTunes doesn’t matter and if anything the program sucks and is a limiting factor, and as far as it being the app, Google Play has all the features of iTunes and the App store in one app.
    You could do Androids style facetime using wifi or Cellular since 2.2, and there’s always an app which allows it anyways.
    Facebook and Twitter integration? That’s a stretch. Facebook is integrated on my HTC via HTC Sense and I can’t even uninstall it, and facebook/twitter are added to all share menus. It is, arguably, integrated.
    The hearing aids have to be bluetooth, at which point Android obviously supports that too.
    Really? Accessibility options? Is that how far you have to dig? :/

  • Acer12345

    A quarter of that is iTunes and iCloud….nice way of trying to make the iPhone list seem longer.

  • The iPhone 5 has a better build quality using aluminum and glass, versus plastic with the S3.

    In the upcoming months, a newer Android phone with better hardware specs will dethrone the S3.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology
    wherein nobody knows anything about science and technology.”
    This is
    true, which is why the iPhone is so popular. There’s no “tech” side of
    it, so the general populace can still feel techy and smart without
    having to know anything. Much like automatic cars vs manual cars. With
    automatics, you just point it in the direction and hit the pedal on the
    right and it goes, and if you wanna slow down or stop, you press the
    left peddle. With a manual, you have to be aware of what’s going on,
    shifting gears means you have to pay attention to your speed and RPMs,
    you have to get a feel for the vehicle and the clutch, and it winds up
    making you pay a lot more attention. It forces you to become much
    smarter about the thing you have, which has only good side effects!

    We should strive as a society to better ourselves through the understanding of general science, which will push forward our understanding of technology! We need to ADVANCE, and we can’t do that with products that don’t want us to. When everything is done for us, there’s no need to think anymore, you just “press the icon to go forward, and the home button to stop.”

    At the end of the day, whatever works is whatever you should get, the outrage I have is the unwarranted superiority complex which comes with having something one doesn’t even understand beyond the absolute face value of “I presses on the buttons to make apps happen” and “my apps could beat up your apps”.

  • CommonSense

    What a blatant apple dick sucker. The iPhone 5 is technologically inferior to the S3 in every way. iOS is too simple and restricting. Made for simple minded people. No one in the right mind would pay 100 to 150$ more for a phone that is worse than the competition and has a step of aluminum built into it with a fancy apple logo. I get a clue please


    As for creativity

    Yeah let’s come up with the simplest possible nomenclature to pimp the most complicated possible product

    Come into my van motherfu¢kers

  • xxxJDxxx

    Given the fact that you spend your time on an Apple blog posting comments like “blatant apple dick sucker” and the fact that the iPhone 5 is selling in record numbers I’m inclined to think that it is in fact YOU who is the simple minded fool.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    I have never had that problem with any Android devices, you may have received a lemon. That is an unavoidable aspect of mass manufacturing, not the fault of any one particular company.
    Android 4.1 puts more of a processor importance on the rendering of the GUI which will make it much smoother, but the GUI is usually manufacturer based like HTCs Sense UI and Samsungs Nature UX, so sometimes it will be fast and other times it may be slow (My Desire Z actually takes time to load the home screen.) However, because it’s open, I can change it to whatever I want, or I can put on a better version of Android even!
    In the case of the S3, it’s really quite smooth, but it can fall behind other programs who are consuming processor cycles. So with the importance put on the GUI first, you will experience a much smoother interface. In the case of iOS the UI is run on the hardware (hardware accelerated), so that’s why it’s smooth.
    As far as S Voice sucking, it works well and it works world wide. I have used Siri multiple times at work and if it doesn’t tell me it doesn’t understand me or if it doesn’t just plainly misunderstand me then it gives me a “search on Google” option. Keep in mind I am in Canada, and some key features of Siri only work in the US. iOS 6 does open support for at least Canada though, so we’ll see how that goes.
    However, Google Now is just… so good. So much faster. And it looks nicer, although that is a matter of personal opinion.
    Ultimately, whatever you like is whatever you should get, but walking around with a chip on your shoulder cause you bought an Apple product that you really know nothing about other than what it says in the brochure is annoying. That is what I’m outraged by.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    Speculation can sometimes yield fair results. Siri has not improved a whole lot according to the dev releases of iOS6, so we take what we already know about Siri and add in what’s changed and then speculate what it will be like.
    You’re assuming that it’s going to be different then what it’ll be like when it comes out, but we already know about what it looks like, and that it’s not different, so we know how it’ll run, not to mention we can speculate based on things we know from the dev releases.
    So, therefor, we can speculate with a reasonable margin of error.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    For a good reason. The iPhone 3G suffered cause the iOS release was too heavy for it to handle as well as prior versions. The same may happen to the 3GS when it gets the iOS 6 variant update. If you wanted to put a different newer version of Android on an older device, it’s possible, but is it wise? You tend to need to have a fair sum of technical knowledge to set it up and have it run well. You can put anything on anything, the problem is performance. If Google released Android 4.0 on a HTC Hero, it would have some serious hardware limitations which would lead to unhappy users, and you also have to factor in usage. It is safer to not do it and release newer stuff than it is to deal with all those technical issues, which means newer products get more attention, which means they get better, which means more people buy them, which means they are cheaper, which means there’s a good reason to make them better. And you have to remember that up until recently smartphones was a niche market existent to folks in the corporate sector or the rich sector. What we’re going to see now is a much longer software support time as hardware slows its advancement acceleration and the advancement moves into other parts of the market like wireless tower upgrades, software upgrades, and so on and so forth.
    Plus, this isn’t just the cell phone market. The entire tech market is heading from either end of the spectrum to the center. A convergence. PC’s, Tablets, cell phones, and augmentation as well as connectivity.
    It’s not just about the iPhone and the Galaxy S and Android, it’s about an overall advancement of technology and the integration of that in our lives both personally and communally. What I would like to see is an industry standard cross platform communication and data sharing tool that’s more comprehensive than SMS and more wide reaching than bluetooth.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    you see i dug this entire post, fair, not douchey and I wish more android users that choose to express their opinions here had your level of respect and candor. THAT BEING SAID… your last paragraph is a head scratcher, most iphone users that i know IRL and whose comments i read on the web, possess no such chip on their shoulder, they like what they like and hold little opinion of someone elses choice of smartphone (laughing at BB users dont count!)

    i dont understand the outrage

    why do you care what phones other people use?

    saying that they know nothing about their devices is a bizarre assumption/projection on your end, cuz i cannot think of any other explanation

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    A- Alpha
    B- Beta
    C- Cupcake
    D- Donut
    E- Eclaire
    F- Frozen Yogurt
    G- Gingerbread
    H- Honeycomb
    I- Ice Cream Sandwich
    J- Jellybean

    Are you saying you don’t like desserts?
    The fact you attribute it to pedophilia is… concerning, but perhaps you’re just being funny.
    Tthey were meant to be internal names, every corp does that, and people liked it so they kept the name scheme going.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    obviously i was kidding and i know why the names were laid out as they were, being said i only replied as a reaction to someone starting their post with “My S3 is running Jelly Bean”

    come on its hard not to laugh and roll your eyes when someone says “Jelly Bean” in a straight faced debate!

  • xxxJDxxx

    So don’t you think its reasonable to speculate that a faster processor, more ram clocked at a higher speed and a faster LTE data connection would yield faster performance?

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    The Palm Pre was a neat alternative, but you’re harking back to a time when the market was very much infantile.
    The Nexus S was nice, and still receiving Android updates.
    The Note was a neat device to put them in a niche market, and it did well enough to warrant the release of the Note 2.
    The Galaxy S 2 was a fast and powerful smartphone that sold as many as the iPhone 4.
    The Galaxy S 3 has passed the iPhone 4S in sales.
    Samsung has recently topped the charts for being the best tech company and the highest selling cell phones.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    How do you figure?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    Im just pointing out that there has been an iphone “killer” every year, that never kills the iphone

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    It doesn’t NEED it, but it’s a good thing to have. More ram means more of the resources needed by the app are available in the much faster system memory than loading and offloading that data across the system bus and the NAND storage. Granted NAND flash memory is fast, it’s not as fast as the LPDDR2/3 ram used in many devices as well as the system bus which is slower than the DMA controller and the memory bus.
    That doesn’t mean it’s inefficient. If anything it’s MORE efficient and provides a chance for developers to create more complex and comprehensive software.
    iOS doesn’t need as much ram cause it simply doesn’t require it, the capabilities are different. Functionality is lower than with Android as Android attempts to be more like a desktop style OS.
    I have a 3GS, I have a Desire Z, and I have used a Galaxy S 3. I can easily say the speed of the GS3 is laughably faster than the 3GS. There is no reason to compare, honestly. The Desire Z is more in check with the speed of the 3GS, but the 3GS does move a bit slower in some cases. Comparable, though.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    Herp derp

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    What’s there to be bitter about? It’s business, not friendship. Not to mention they are making Windows Phone 8 phones, and still making the Galaxy line. Apple is going to ruin themselves by suing too many and losing customers. At some point it’s going to come back at them as far as the free market is concerned though.

  • ME

    Again another i phone.Wow what upgrade.What i see and hear just a bigger version of the4s.Long live samsung for all there divisions tv laptop phones etc.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    How so? Other than the pentile matrix SAMOLED screen being nothing new, the device itself uses either the new dual core Krait SoC from Qualcomm or their own quad core SoC. The GUI is different and a lot of the software features are new.
    There’s more difference between the S3 and the S2 than there is between the 4S and the 5.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    This is true, haha. But whatcha gonna do. You can refer to it as 4.1 or Jellybean, either way the name scheme is… silly.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    What’s it doing with all the power? Is it the same old thing? The UI doesn’t need the extra power.
    LTE network ability a year late. Good job Apple.

  • xxxJDxxx

    You’ve completely missed my point. I’m not sure how to respond to this because I’m really not sure what you are trying to say? Requiring more processing power and RAM has nothing to do with an efficienct OS. It depends on how the OS uses RAM. iOS is very efficient with memory and therefore can benchmark comparably to android phones with more ram. Android and samsung’s touch wiz in particular are memory hogs and leads me to think that that’s the reason for added ram, because it needed it to function smoothly. The 3GS comparison was a bit of an exaggeration but the point being that iOS has always performed better when compared to comparable android hardware.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Software, siri included, will perform faster on faster hardware. Thus negating the argument about siri being ‘blown out of the water’. This is especially stupid because no one has actually tested the new iphone’s hardware.

  • Fab

    Any galaxy s3 users going to downgrade to iphone 5?

  • Aww, why so serious, fandroid? Upset iPhone 5 Geekbench scores beat out your S3? 🙂

  • Looks like the iPhone 5 Geekbench score has beaten all Android phones.
    And this is using 2 cores at 1.02GHz–beating the S3 that has 4 cores at 1400GHz.

    Just wow.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    Most iPhone users don’t have an appreciation of what they actually have, and the abilities the smartphone offers in general. The outrage is the complete lack of technical aptitude while using and toting a tech product.
    Like when people say “I don’t know anything about cars, I just drive them”, that really bugs me. Why wouldn’t you want to know more about the thing you use every day? Why wouldn’t you wanna know more about the thing that you put yourself inside of, opening yourself to bodily harm or inconvenience? What are good attributes to look for to get good mileage, long life, cheap servicing, and safety?
    I just find people aren’t interested in things that are integral parts of their daily lives, and Apple does nothing to promote that.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    Yeah, competition sucks, I wish there was only 1 company who makes 1 phone and you could only use it 1 way.
    No, wait, that’s stupid, I take it back! I want a free market where people can make new things and beat out other products.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    but you realize this is entirely your problem right? other people arent responsible for how you feel about things

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    Are you new to computers or something?
    Benchmarks are synthetic and are not comparable nor indicative of real world performance.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    Did I say anything about Google being open?
    I’m talking about companies releasing products, capitalism, and the ever advancing technology sector in the free market.
    As for the OS goes, I want things to be open, but not so open their brains fall out.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    Intelligent conversation usually doesn’t start with saying anyone sucks anything…

  • makolpiyush

    lol. It doesn’t take a genius to see how gorgeous iphone looks in this pic compared to plastic-ey siii. Samsung is showing a stupid side post patent war loss..

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    …so you’re saying becoming smarter isn’t a priority, it’s just my problem?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    no thats a straw man, you are asking me to confirm if choice of celphone determines intelligence, which is something i never spoke about

    thats as silly as me saying android users are tighter on the buck and more inclined to eat ramen noodles than iphone users

    in other words

    we all like what we like, why do we need phantom justification?

  • If you took a random person on the street and asked him/her which phone they would rather have and showed them the iPhone 5 and galaxy s3, guaranteed they would say iPhone.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    That could be a fair statement as there is a lower price point offering on the market for Android devices where the iPhone is not. It could very well be that people who are financially tight and consume ramen noodles as a main source of nutrients may also use Android devices.
    What I actually meant is for people to be objective and informed.
    Most iPhone and Android users don’t know a thing about the device in question.
    Many motorists know that “The right pedal makes go happen, and the left makes stop happen, and the P is for off”. A total lack of technical aptitude while operating said device is what keeps the general public confused and scared of advancing technology.
    We should all care, that’s how advancement will accelerate giving us better lives and technologies. And choice of cellphone is and isn’t indicative of intellect. On one hand, it reflects the users knowledge on the product they chose to have on them every day for communication and information. This is where intelligence is integral as making an uninformed choice is going to cause you to suffer or put out unneeded expenses.
    That being said, if you purchase something you know will fill your need, then it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you know something about it and it works for you.

    What I hate is when a customer returns a cellphone because “I don’t know how to use it”. As if learning the interface is tantamount to precision brain surgery or getting a perfect score in Operation. Usually a 10 minute tutorial eases them into it, and the next time I see them they’re happy with it.

    I dislike misconception, especially when it’s from an unreliable source. Many people believe that Android is complex and scary, whereas iOS is simplified and understandable. In reality, they both are very similar in usability, as Android is no more different from the Windows and OS X interfaces in many respects. But hey, this dude heard it from his “tech savvy friend” so what does a computer technician/electronics sales person know, right?

    I’m not condemning all, just those who fall into the experiences I’ve had.
    In summary, people just need to pay attention and learn more, for the sake of themselves and those around them. People need to be well informed from credible sources.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    Synthetic benchmarks are just that, synthetic. They are no indication of real world performance.

  • PeopleAreReallyStupid

    Okay, so Siri will work faster… As far as I can tell, there are little to no actual improvements over the 4S. Takes a bit longer to boot, Siri is as useful as ever (see: Not that useful), and the overall build quality feels lowered, which I know it isn’t, but it feels that way in the hand. The larger display looks nice, but isn’t a selling point at .5″ greater than the 3.5″ version. While a bit snappier in some cases, the maps leave a lot to be desired and the loss of youtube is less than ideal.
    Not to mention the near 100 point drop in stock price when compared to pre-iPhone 5 release.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Thats simply not true. Siri has location based results making her more useful. Build quality is great, regardless of how it ‘feels’ to you and is no doubt higher than samsungs. Youtube is still available through the app store and the web interface is great anyway.