Here’s Where the First iPhone 5 Line Up Has Started in Canada [PIC]


It’s the day before the iPhone 5 launch and it looks like the first line up has started, as spotted by MobileSyrup. The chap below is already waiting outside the Apple Store inside the Eaton Centre in Toronto. He has just under 24 hours to go. I hope he’s not looking to buy an unlocked iPhone 5 in store, because as Apple confirmed with us, they won’t be available.

Oh, and if you’re at Eaton Centre right now, ask that guy for us if he’s planning on buying unlocked or a carrier iPhone 5.

If you see any other line ups, send us a tweet @iPhoneinCanada or email us!

Update: Commenter Momin says the first person in line is going with Virgin Mobile. He is Jupit3r in the comments below.

Update 2: Looks like other lines have started across Canada.

The line up has started in Edmonton…(via @wunderbar, thanks @meadorsmusings):

…and Montreal (via @mvmesina):

Update (6:50pm PDT): Line ups confirmed via twitter at the following stores:

  • Rideau Centre, Ottawa (3 people in line)
  • Yorkdale, Toronto (6 people in line)
  • Chinook, Calgary (empty)
  • Square One, Mississauga (looks like a lot of people) at 7pm EDT:
  • Square One as of 10PM:


  • I’m on my way to ask now!

  • PERFECT! Thanks 🙂

  • Ex

    “you mean after waiting 24 hours I can’t get the phone unlocked”

  • Ouch.

  • jupit3r

    HEY THAT’S ME IN THE PICTURE….. And no you can’t buy an unlocked iPhone 5 on launch day. Contract is the only way to go for this one =C

  • mike

    Shame on Apple for not putting this on their website. To be honest, if he did wait 24 hours for an unlocked iPhone, I think he’d be entitled to a free one because Apple changed a longstanding policy without making it clear on any of their marketing documents or website!

  • Serious? Prove it.

  • He’s going with Virgin!

  • Jupit3r

    Hey that’s me in the pic =D. Sadly you can not buy the iPhone 5 unlocked on launch day, but Apple has confirmed that you can buy it outright on a month to month plan.

  • Really? Thanks. What else did he say?

  • Jupit3r

    ummm. come to the Apple store and I’ll prove it’s me… I jsut had some kid point out this website haha

  • jupit3r

    Read the website again buddy.. It clearly says the only way to get an unlocked iPhone 5 is through the online store…

  • Can you get someone to film you doing Gangnam Style, and send it to us for verification?

  • jupit3r

    Sure. Some kid just came up to me and point this website out haha. I Think this is awesome haha.

  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    I second this

  • gtasscarlo

    Really? You still got 19 hours to go.

  • BeaveVillage

    Nice work man, keep us updated on how big your lineup is getting over the course of the day. 🙂

  • Opus

    I saw him when I went at lunch and thought the same thing – hope he’s not looking for an unlocked phone. I went to try get a nano sim but no go. The excuse was it’s not in there system yet and told me to come back tomorrow. Confirmed that no unlocked iPhone 5 will be available for sale, and he doesn’t know when that restriction will be lifted. Went around other Rogers Plus stores and told the same thing. One store said they have more phones that sim to sell. Another one said they only have enough nano sims for the phones they have in stock. No extra ones.

  • gweed123

    Just got the confirmation that my phone has been delivered to my local Rogers store, available for pickup tomorrow! When I first pre-ordered I was #1106.

  • gunfus

    No Chair?

  • gunfus

    HAHAHA PLEASE DO!! Excellent idea..

  • Rogers called me yesterday to confirm my device arrived and is ready for pick up on Friday. I was number 347 for a 32GB white model.

  • Kirk

    Speaking of Eaton Center, I just called them and they say they don’t have ANY extra SIM cards to give on launch day and to call Rogers…now I think his comment is pretty high on the bull meter considering Rogers stores in the area are telling me check with apple… Like really? Cough it up people… Can anyone validate this bull? Lol..

  • Mikeo

    Shame on Apple for A LOT of things lately. Euphoria wearing off in full swing.

  • Yess he’s going with virgin! Also was very excited to find out that he is famous and I’ve directed him to the website! (As I’m sure you can see from his comment above!)

  • It’s him I can confirm. I saw him type up his first post!

  • The copy on that page has since been changed, and says nothing about carrier or unlocked units.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I wonder if they’re waiting for iPhone 5’s or nano sims! LoL

  • Josh Lee

    I was in eaton centre today bought a rogers nano sim at batterys and gadgets bottom floor after seeing someone posting they got it there on macrumors. I didnt try any other stores. Im glad i picked one up if apple is not giving them out.

  • any lines in ottawa?

  • Dully

    The virgin is strong in this one.

  • Fastrace24

    Anyone in Belleville, Ontario please let me know if you want to meet. I don’t mean to hijack the thread here, but we just aren’t realistically close enough to an Apple Store to lineup there.

  • I was just told by apple, in Vancouver,Canada, that no apple iphones will be sold unless you get a contract

  • Biggy204

    Someone hasnt read into No Unlocked phones via Store only contract phones locked to carriers.

  • dk

    Anyone know if Futureshop stores will be opening early?

  • Apparently they will be opening at 8AM. Best to call before you go.

  • its total bs because i dont have a cc and a million cousins trying to get pre-orders i cant buy one for months….pffft

  • someone always gotta argue, poor poor lonely boy

  • i agree, screwing the little guy

  • minel

    I can’t wait to see the faces of all the asians that go in line and use their 5 year olds to buy extras and sneak all their friends in line when they’re told “contract only” I will point and LOL so much. I just described the iPhone 4S scene last year in Vancouver… and how they all pushed towards the door for no reason (Metrotown) and everyone sat in line for no reason. I hope nobody tells them it’s contract only until they open the store at 8am

  • wuju

    How are the line ups in Toronto? Photos? Was planning to line up but no longer with Apple selling contract phones.

  • Zeek

    I’m with a buddy at the Fido Store at St-Laurent in Ottawa. We’re number 1 and 2 in line. Been here since 4:30am. There’s no number 3.

  • I’m with a buddy at the Fido Store at St-Laurent in Ottawa. We’re number 1 and 2 in line. Been here since 4:30am. There’s no number 3.

  • Guest

    Buy it online with your debit card through using your bank account. I think that works too.

  • omar300i

    freaking stupid people, they are lining up like worldcup trophy is being given out and its only limited quantity.

  • Tor

    No worse than people lining up for concert, movie, restaurant, film festival, etc etc. don’t be so judgmental on other people’s passion.

  • Lolol

    Lol douche, I am not lining up an I for one don’t give a **** about world cup

  • no can do, only CC