How to Get your iPhone 5 Tracking Number via UPS


As most iPhone 5 pre-orders from Apple for factory unlocked units have entered the “Preparing for shipment” phase, it’s a matter of time before we’ll receive our tracking numbers, most likely by tomorrow.

Here’s a tried, tested and true method of obtaining your tracking number from UPS. It’s what has worked since the days of the iPhone 3G, and worked last year for the iPhone 4S too. Check it out:

1. Visit
2. Click on the TRACKING tab up top
3. Click on ‘TRACK BY REFERENCE’–>SHIPMENT REFERENCE: enter your phone number in 1112223333 format.
4. Select ‘Canada’ as the Destination Country, and enter your postal code in A1A 1A1 format. Click track.

This doesn’t work as of this very minute for my order, but as orders start shipping from China (in the next 24 hours), we’ll find out soon.

Be sure to let us know via email or twitter if your unlocked iPhone 5 has shipped!


  • gtasscarlo

    I’m waiting for iPhone 5s

  • Nothing here yet. UPS reference method doesn’t work for me.

  • never worked for me

  • Jezzah

    Thank you, for your completely relevant comment on your experience with getting a UPS tracking number.

  • Absolutreh


  • Bob

    Mine is in Louisville Kentucky!

  • Lucky you! I would love to receive mine ahead of time but I do not think that will happen. :/

  • Duuudeeeeeee. Haga

  • dan

    does anyone know how to get a Roger’s Nano Sim card and when they might me available?

  • djepsilon

    Still no dice… I’m starting to get nervous that my phone won’t make it by Friday.

  • most stores have them now, i got mine on Sunday.

  • BeaveVillage

    iPhone6 will be da bomb man. The A8 Hex-Core chip, integrated GeForce 920 mobile graphics card, and 4.5″ S-IPS screen. It’s just magical.

  • djepsilon

    Gary, are you supposed to use the shipping phone number and postal code or do you use the billing phone number and postal code?

  • VancouverBlade

    Getting nervous I’m not seeing any movement yet. I’m hoping it’s because I’m right in the centre of Vancouver.

  • Mike

    Did you have to pay for it?

  • still nothing

  • Peter

    I just called Apple and they said that due to product availability I will only get it on September 25 (I live in Montreal). I don’t understand how that is possible considering I ordered the minute it came out. Nonetheless, we can’t do anything but wait, I’m just hoping the reps are simply giving us the maximum delay to cover their asses 🙂

  • mine still Preparing for Shippment ;(

  • Didn’t work for me. That said, my order still says “preparing for shipment”. At least the Order Status still says expected deliery is Sept 21-25. 😉

  • Dinesh

    good tip Gary, mine is due on friday by 3 pm

  • Peter

    did you get it through

  • Zaid Choudhary

    Same, they said its due on the 25th, I ordered as soon as the page went live. In Edmonton.

  • Ordered within a few minutes and still says processing. Live in Edmonton. I bet only Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary will get it day of. Edmonton, MOntreal will probably be pushed back. Kind of a dick move on Apple, they shouldn’t have put that map up. Can we buy unlocked from the Apple Store?

  • Nightfly

    No luck here getting a tracking number.

  • Rogerssux

    Even if you got the iPhone on launch day, you still need to get a nano sim

  • Rogerssux

    Apple doesn’t sell it and most Rogers stores either don’t have it or not selling till launch day. Good luck trying to get one on Sept.21st. It will most likely be sold out or Rogers will only sell it to customers activating iPhones locked to the carrier.

  • Rogerssux

    Rogers will charge $10 for it and Wireless Wave could charge $35. People in Vancouver are out of luck, no one selling till launch day

  • Rogerssux

    Lucky, most people still stuck at “preparing for shipment” stage

  • Rogerssux

    It will be the best iPhone since iPhone 5

  • VancouverBlade

    So this just doesn’t work for Canada does it? Has anyone got it working?

  • Echo

    My Apple Store friends say that the word from HQ is still “No.” to unlocked iPhones in store.

  • Echo

    Did you have to add a 1 in front of your phone number? I’m trying to figure out what the trick is.

    My confirmation email from Apple arrived at 1:09am MDT on the 14th. I still cannot get a tracking number.

  • Ed

    hell yeah!!! found mine… is in Louisville, KY and scheduled to deliver Friday before 3pm (commercial address)

  • Forest

    My 5 has shipped. Will receive on 25sep

  • Forest

    Tracked ! Will get it by tomorrow 12:00