iOS 6 Battery Drain: Are You Suffering From It? [POLL]


When I installed iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S, I noticed immediately the battery was draining faster than usual. The same issue was also happening on my iPhone 5 and new iPad. Of course, I turned to twitter and you guys all pretty much confirmed there is a serious battery drain issue in iOS 6. Check out our Storify below:

Poll: Are you suffering from battery drain issues in iOS 6 (you’ll need to visit the site to vote)?

This is not the first time we’ve seen battery issues with iOS. Last October, Apple contacted new iPhone 4S owners over battery bugs related to iOS 5. We also suffered abnormal battery levels in iOS 4.3.3. Here’s an older post on tips to extend battery life.

Let’s hope the next iOS 6 update fixes this.



  • Simon Cohen

    The opposite – my battery life on the 4S actually improved!

  • i was on iOS 6 Beta 4 for a while on my iphone 4S, and the battery was actually pretty good., but since i got my iphone 5 last friday, i was wondering if my phone was defective.

    just saturday, i was doing my grocery, entered the store with 80%, left at 66% in about 30min with only sending 1 message text, amazing!

  • Glassbase

    My iPhone 5 has horrible battery life. Tried everything except restore and setup as new (which I think shouldn’t need to be done, but is Apple’s only fix).. for every new device or software update.
    My iPad 3 seems about the same on iOS 6 vs 5.x.x.

  • Awful battery on iPhone 5. New iPad is fine though.

  • Mine was Horrible, so I restore and setup as new. Bingo now it better then my old 4S. I know it is a pains, but, on the good side, make me make a good cleanup of old apps that I was not using anymore.

  • Gfactory

    Was on beta and ios 6 on iphone 4 and it was draining alot… Now on iphone 5 with ios 6 and battery life is pretty good.. The only time i see alot of drainage is when you use an app and not remove it from the background processes..(high usage apps like maps,mail exchange and siri.)

  • I’m having battery problems and wifi problems … Tho I may have fixed my battery problems now after I did the complete drain and charge .

  • CMfly

    iPhone4 on IOS6 and there is no noticeable issues. In fact I was surprised because normally on an OS update I would have to powercycle my phone to stop any drain but this time there was no need.

  • JF

    I get MAYBE 4 hours out of the iPhone 5 before it needs to be charged. I
    left my iPhone 4 and 5 overnight to see what the drain was and my 4
    went down 1% and my 5 went down 13%. I’ve already exchanged for a new
    iPhone 5 at the Apple Store and when the “Genius” tried to tell me his
    was doing pretty good and show me the stats his were nearly identical to
    mine and he still tried to say that the 3 hours and 21 min that he’d
    been using his was pretty good and he was at 28% battery left. This is
    just getting ridiculous, I’m seriously considering getting my money back
    and going back to my iPhone 4. Seriously its a beautiful phone but who
    needs a phone that can’t hold a charge to save its life.

  • iPhone4 on IOS6 and I have noticed it is worse than before. After 45 minute train ride in the morning and starting at 100%, I arrive at work with about 90% (no usage during the train ride). Used to arrive with around 98%.

  • BrodieTheDog

    I thinking along the same line. Batterie drain is so bad I had to charge my phone 3 times yesterday. I also went to bed with 80% and woke up with 3%. It must be a hardware issue.

  • MikeJenkinson

    Yes on the battery drain. I’ve gone into System Services to turn off things like “compass calibration” and “Genius for Apps” and “Location based iAds” to see if that helps improve my battery life. I really don’t want to do a system restore.

  • Cormang

    I’ve always had battery issues because my phone goes in and out of reception in my office. But, I’ve always managed to make it through the day. Usually I get home with 20-30% left (with near zero use). Now my phone dies by 3 in the afternoon. The only thing that has changed was iOS 6.

  • Kj

    Mines be fine but I’m used to my iPhone being jailbroke and losing 10% an hour just sitting on my desk lol

  • Cassy

    I’m not 100% sure, but I am already down 15% with minimal use in the last 3 hours (checked e-mail and Facebook a couple of times, read a newspaper article online, the rest on stand-by) I have an iPhone 5.

  • Lost 40% in 2 and 1/2 hours. Only listening to music and 2 5 min calls. On iPhone 5.

  • Even worse if I play any games. Tethering also drains even though I am connected with the cable.

  • Restore and setup as a new phone is of no use, at least for me. I have to charge my iphone 5 twice a day just for average use. I use my iPad most if the time.

  • OliChabot

    I’ve had a SEVERAL battery issue with my iPhone 4 on iOS 5. It has been a major issue since I’ve passed from 10hours of life to 6hours just from an update. Then I bought my current iPhone 4S and I had the same issue (6hours of life). I’ve also experienced on iOS 6 a 4hours battery life. Let me say that i’m really looking forward to an update to fix this problem.

  • Vince Turnone

    My iPhone 5 is getting incredible battery life. I was lucky to get just under a day with my 4S but with the 5 I find I’m getting a day plus. Very happy with it.

  • Vince Turnone

    I always do a full restore though, not from backup. It seems most ppl complaining have restored from backup.

  • Accordtr

    My i5 had great battery life until I restored via itunes. Once I restored I literally could watch my battery percent tick down, over 20% per hour even in stand by. I wiped the phone and started over as a new phone, this time only restoring form icloud. Sure enough the problem dissappeared. I now only use about 1% per hour in standby.

  • John Smith

    Hope all of you let your phones completely drain to 0% before talking about its battery life. That first full recharge is important for all batteries. Mine sat at 95% for 20mins of LTE using over twitter and facebook and also sat at 1% for over 10mins, which I was really amazed by. This is all after my first full recharge. so try that.

  • Lance

    iOS6 was really draining my battery, until I rechecked all the settings. I had noticed bluetooth was on and all my location services were on including all of the system services. After I switched off all the ones I didn’t need, my battery life was back to what it was in iOS5. I also dimmed the brightness to 1/4bar which seem to improve battery a lot. I usually have it at 1/2bar. Although the battery life after re-configuring everything on iOS6 is about the same on my iPhone 4S, I wished it would get better.

  • Accordtr

    First charge does not matter, the batteries used in the i5 do not have memory properties.

  • Nigel

    My iphone 5 drained 6 percent in 10 mins of web browsing. Might do a clean fresh install vs the restore I did.

  • Nigel

    Did you do a fresh install or a restore?

  • My IPhone 5 battery life is worse than my IPhone 4, I remember loving it because it would last 3 days with my basic usage. My IPhone 5 on standby is dying fast, it last about 8 to 10 hours before it needs a charge.

    I have disabled LTE and it seems to be less of a drain on standby, crazy because I am at work on wifi!!!

  • Anthony ?

    The battery on my 4S seems fine with iOS6. Mind you, the device is almost a year old so you can expect it will drain faster than it used to.

    For those with excessive battery drain, it might be worthwhile investing in an app to monitor CPU usage on the device to see if any particular app or process is pegging the CPU. If this happens, the battery will usually drain much faster than normal.

  • I noticed my iphone 5 Battery life is bad also. my 3GS was better then this.

  • John

    I’ve actually had noticeable improvements in battery life after installing iOS6 on my iPhone 4 & 3GS.

  • Farids

    My iPhone 4S became really bad till I restored, then it became better than it was in iOS 5.X. My iPhone 5 has phenomenal battery charge, maybe about 80% better than 4S! A friend who got an iPhone 5, had bad battery drain till I suggested a restore. He’s enjoying the same amazing battery power now. To fix both 4S and 5 in iOS 6, I suggest a restore to fix the problem from first hand experience.

  • My Iphone 5 Battery drains so fast! I have tried everything..

  • I was experiencing faster than usual battery drain with my 4S on iOS6 until I shut off location services. It’s seems to be fine for now, but I suspect that’s where the issue is.

  • MTL

    No battery drain here on 3GS, but Apple Maps seems to take more bandwidth than Google Maps.

  • Geeta Dutt

    Reset and do a re-install. Gave my friend’s iPhone 4 even better battery life!!!