iPhone 5: A Taller Change Than Expected [VIDEO]


A few days back, a hilarious banned iPhone 5 promo video was published by ooJLEoo, a team of YouTubers known for their iOS device parodies. Now, another one of those funny spoofs on Apple’s promo video for the new iPhone 5 has hit YouTube that mocks the new iPhone’s taller display.

The video description says:

 Proving that size does matter. The feature upgrade you don’t want to miss!

Check it out and tell us if you like it more than the banned iPhone 5 promo. I personally find this one more haliarious 😀


  • Erik Kappel

    Oh man, THAT one was hilarious. Almost as funny as “Was that a moose?” Haha, thanks for that!

  • Haha yeah, almost as good but totally different this time.

  • Anthony ?

    That’s a keeper that is!

  • Adantium

    I found this one lame. The other one was better. Just sayin.

  • The video has “Bobak Ferdowsi” playing guitar on the road side… haha neat.

    and if u have no clue who is that… well