iPhone 5 Launch Roundup: What You Need to Know [Update]


We’ve covered lots of iPhone 5 news over the past week, including pre-orders from Apple and our Canadian wireless carriers. Here’s a roundup of all the posts in one place so you can easily stay on top of updates (the comments are invaluable to stay in the know!):

Launch Day: The iPhone 5 Launches in Canada: Shorter Lines, System Outages, and More

Apple Store Line Ups

Apple iPhone 5 Pre-Orders

Canadian Carrier Pre-Orders





We’ll update and sticky this post for the next week leading up to the launch on Friday, September 21st. Stay tuned for more.


  • FragilityG4

    In other news the rumours have started up for the next generation iPhone that will be called the iPhone 5S and include an A7 processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 12MP Camera with 2x Optical zoom, a bottle opener, jumper cables and a cooler!

  • Sold! Sign me up. I could really use that iBottleOpen

  • o_clement

    As song as the next version’s feature is not dubbed iDrinkBottle … 😛

  • Steven Fung

    My pre order is now being prepared for ship

  • test

    any idea what pre-order #s on Rogers will be available on the day of? I’m like #1900

  • Steven – how do you know this? Which carrier did you pre-order from (or is it from Apple) and how’d you find out it is being prepared for ship? (Just curious.)

  • Just noticed mine changed to …

  • Mine is straight from apple .

  • Steven Fung

    Mine is preorder from apple. When I check the order status, it says “preparing for shippment”. Further, the shipping method is listed as “holiday shipping”

  • Found this on a different site …

    “Holiday shipping means that your phone is going out in the “first batch” of shipping. So you’ll be recieving it on the 21st. I called Apple and spoke with them.”

  • Mine is preparing to ship too…!

  • Pat

    Noticed mine is also saying “holiday shipping”, so that’s a good thing.

  • Rich

    I’d rather see an estimated ship date, I’m like #2700. #’s are decreasing, but slowly today. Hoping things will pick up.

  • FragilityG4

    Mine doesn’t show a number anymore … the Status has changed from “Open” to “In Progress”

  • nelsh

    Anyone know what TO line ups are like at the apple store? What time do people usually start camping out?

  • Guest

    I assume that would be the next model and I am excited to open and fixing it.

  • Werdner

    Anyone know if it’s possible to use an upgrade on Telus without signing up for a data plan? My dad has an available upgrade but still uses a dumbphone and doesn’t want a new phone and was thinking of using the upgrade to buy a subsidized iPhone then sell it for profit. Would the subsidy just be lower without the data plan?

  • I pre-ordered with Fido on Friday, I’ve moved up in position by about 1000 spots since then, can anyone explain how this is happening? It can’t possibly be due to cancelations? I started at 2446 I’m currently at 1619? More importantly, just recently my status changed from “IN PROGRESS” to “OPEN” what does that mean? Any answers ? ? ?

  • aRhyno

    requirement is 50$ plan or more. he could take a iphone upgrade, pay 200. sell for 600. make 400. and be stuck with a 50+ tax plan for 3 years. in the long run, its not worth it when he can probably have a 25$ plan and get all he wants.

  • Werdner

    Well he already has a $70 plan, so he can just upgrade without having to add the data option?

  • draz

    Usually the night before the store even closes, so let’s say sometime before 9pm.

  • draz

    You must have a data plan regardless of how much the voice plan is…. btw? $70 for voice only? wow that’s quite high….

  • draz

    They must have recalculated their stock levels or something. My guess is that you may not get it on Friday if it’s still Open. If you want it on Friday then gather your stuff and line up.

  • Werdner

    I think he got it lowered to $60 actually, but it’s his business phone and he does a lot of long-distance and US calling

    How much would it be to cancel the data plan if he has to get it? also he’s been with Telus for like 8 years, think it’s possible to negotiate an upgrade without adding data?

  • yah my plan all along was to long up at my local Fido Store, but then I called Fido to get info on LTE plans and they didn’t seem very convinced that the stores would have any stock for walk-ins on launch day so I decided to pre-order as I back up so I wouldn’t end up waiting weeks… in any case I’ll be in line early Friday morning.

  • sound_man

    The other solution is to go to Apple and buy it out-right which is 16GB-$699, 32GB- $799, 64GB-$899. It’s going to be difficult to resell it though because you have to sign up on a plan from a provider. I believe Telus doesn’t let people cancel data plans on a 3-year contract. Chances of not getting data are extremely slim.

  • artikas

    hey bud, it pretty much means that the first approximatly 1000 (first wave) are for sure getting their phone and its in progress to be shipped. Which means they are not in a reservation status anymore and knocked off the reservation list. this bumps you up 1000 spots in the reservation list because you are still in a reservation status. lol i really hope that makes sense. sorry

  • Anyone know if rogers gets the pre-ordered phones in store before release date using reservation system that they would actually call us to come grab the phones early?

  • draz

    Highly doubt it. They would most likely get the stock late Thurs to prepare it for Fri.

  • nelsh

    Thanks Draz. Do you have any idea which store would be the best to goto?

  • draz

    I would try Fairview or Sherway. Eaton Centre, Yorkdale, Square One usually have more people

  • AndrewKharrazi

    Anyone could successfully find their UPS tracking number here?

  • aRhyno

    anyone know if you can cancel a pre-order if your local store has stock on friday? mines due to be shipped on the 28. with telus

  • Mike

    I just spoke to the TELUS web order staff. They said that TELUS will not be starting to ship any iPhone 5 preorders until the 21st. I guess that means you can expect to get yours a few days after that if you are a TELUS customer…

  • Ben

    Just received a text message confirming shipment of my reserved Fido iPhone 5 🙂

  • When did you pre-order?

  • draz

    Rogers has started shipping their pre-orders!

    With tracking #’s too!

  • Joshua Kern

    Anyone know if Rogers’ original 6GB promo plan from 2008 is good to go for LTE? Or do I have to get a new ‘LTE specific’ plan? I’m still on the old plan, my contract is done, I really don’t want to have to start a new plan… thx.

  • Just so that everyone knows, I have confirmed with my local Fido Store that they will have stock to sell on launch day. Initially I was given the impression that all stock was going to be to fulfill the pre-orders but I have been that there will be inventory to sell on launch day to both existing and new customers.

  • draz

    It will be fine. All data plans will be LTE enabled by end of this month.

  • Farmmer

    I feel like a sitting duck here… i Preordered mine with Telus at 12 pm on the friday and i got an email confirmation and successful payment email but that is as far as I got… I hate not being able to know what’s going on! anybody from Telus receive anything else?

  • I pre-ordered from Virgin and have heard nothing. When I first ordered they told me I’d be receiving an email with shipping details, once it has been shipped. So far I’ve received nothing, so guess it hasn’t shipped yet? Anyone else pre-order through Virgin, and heard something different?

  • Someone in the thread below stated that Telus pre-orders would not SHIP until the 21st, so guess you’ll get yours the week after.

  • Skylar

    Check out what Telus has to say about that.

  • aRhyno


  • Farmmer

    Nice! so i made the cut :p awesome thanks

  • Farmmer

    Any telus people see any changes to their contract rate plans and change in months remaining after ordering? I still see 11 months but my rate plan was changed over the phone so i don’t know what’s going on.. shouldn’t my contract have renewed?

  • koreograffiti

    Wife was #116 in ordering a white 32GB with Rogers, I was #48 ordering 64GB white, yet hers has shipped and mine still says processing. Wonder if shortage of 64GBs?

  • draz

    They always build more of the cheaper models. You might not get yours by Friday…

  • BeaveVillage

    I have about 500 people in line at Rogers here on the reservation list, not sure if it’s gonna ship before the 21st, so I may have to stand in line. :/

  • You can cancel and get your money credited back to your account as long as your preordered phone hasn’t shipped yet. (at least that’s what the Fido fine print says)

  • draz

    UPS says that my phone will arrive at Rogers tomorrow. Too bad I can’t go in on Thursday and pick it up lol

    I choose to pick it up at head office Bloor & Jarvis

  • jay 17

    When you pre-order are you able to buy the device outright? Rogers won’t renew my retentions credits for the 3 year term so I most likely won’t upgrade. On that note, if I do buy it outright and change my mind a few days later ($699 is a little hefty for me) am I able to return the device? I looked at the return policy on the rogers website, but only saw information for subsidized phones… thanks in advance

  • Don’t think your contract is renewed until you actually get your iPhone 5 then call in to activate it.

  • I was #65 for Rogers, just checked the status of the shipment for ups and it was delivered!

  • Ann

    jay 17, you’ll have to buy the unlocked phone, and I think you can return in within 30 days, but you’d return it to Apple. I had the same experience with Rogers, and wish I had gotten my online order in on day one. If I had known that Apple wouldn’t sell unlocked on launch day I would have done so. My retention credits with Rogers run out next June or July, and they would not agree to extend them when they extended my term with a subsidized phone, so there is no way I’m locking in with them for another three years based on that. I will negotiate next June/July, when my current three years is up, see how much they want to keep my business then.

  • jayzie1

    Seems those who pre-ordered locked phones are doing better on shipment dates than those who ordered unlocked from Apple directly. Ordered mine on the 14th, won’t receive until October 9th. Boo.

  • Kirk

    I just got a call this morning from “Bell Security” asking me to confirm my address, date-of-birth, and iPhone5 pre-order. Anyone else get a call? I’m now kind of suspicious because they called my apartment land-line instead of my existing Bell cellphone. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

  • Farmmer

    Oh really? Alright thanks 🙂

  • Rogers just called me saying my phone is waiting for me at the store, tried to play dumb and said i would go pick it up now 😉 didn’t work lol, can’t blame a guy for trying. I was 400 in line FYI

  • MrXax

    I don’t understand. Why can’t you pick it up?

  • iphonecraze

    #429 with rogers and device has been shipped as per UPS tracking details

  • G

    i used to work for bell mobility in vancouver at the call center. Bell NEVER calls asking a customer for personal information. You should call 611 from your phone and talk to a rep to see if it was Bell, but it seems that it was not them

  • Kirk

    Thanks. I called Bell this afternoon. I ended up speaking to a salesguy because I couldn’t figure out what other number to press in their phone menu. He said it was probably them who called me, but he admitted he really didn’t know. I’ll try calling again and seeing if I can figure out who else might know.

    To rehash what happened this morning, a Bell woman called me at 7am Vancouver time and woke me up, and thankfully, I was alert enough to not give out info. But the woman knew my address and ask me to confirm it. Then she asked me for my date-of-birth. And, I said (I’m proud of myself for this), “Aren’t you supposed to tell me?!?” And, then she told me my date-of-birth.

    But, after I hung up, like I said earlier, I thought it was really weird that she called my apartment land-line instead of my existing Bell cellphone. I didn’t even know Bell had my apartment land-line number on file, so that’s why I’m kind of freaking out.

  • draz

    Tomorrow is the last day. I hope the carriers come out with an upgrade plan for early adopters 🙁

  • Cassy

    W00T! I just received the shipped notification from Fido. I was originally 217th in line on a black 32g unit. The only downside is that the UPS tracking number doesn’t seem to work…

  • chris jones

    Took me a sec to understand what he meant. They can’t give it to him, before the launch date, (Friday). He thought he could trick them into letting him pick it up early.

  • syncmaster70

    Anybody know if we will be able to buy an iphone5 at the apple store?? even if it’s locked ????

  • jon

    pre-ordered with virgin aswell but they said to my thursdayat midnight they begin shipping and emails apple wont let them do anything else and they said i would recieve it between the 21-23 so i dont know if its bs or not but i dont have much else to go by but to believe the virgin guy behind the booth

  • draz


  • Lloyd Parsons

    Was #50 through Rogers for the 64gb white; changed to in process on Saturday. Surprise, not shipped yet. Looks like it won’t even be sent by Friday

  • Farmmer

    OMG how can i check the Telus status? Their system sucks so much

  • Farmmer

    LOL if you are preordering they know you are not dumb and know exactly what you are doing! lolll i would have tried too

  • aRhyno

    lol. ya telus seems to be the worst of them all.

  • Farmmer

    loll yeah… it’s terrible how they don’t have a ‘check status’ page for this

  • Agent Bluetooth

    In other news… my iPhone 5 Otterbox Defender arrived this morning! Now just need a iPhone 5 to put it into 🙂 Anybody have any updates on Telus Mobility web pre-order shipping status or tracking numbers via e-mail?

  • Kirk

    Ok. No one at Bell knows enough to confirm or deny. But, I checked my call display log, and now I’m pretty certain it was some sort of phishing scam. The number that called me was: 514-420-0313, which doesn’t look like anything legitimate. Hopefully, because I told her she should know my date-of-birth, that was enough of a wall put up by me that she cut the phone call short, knowing I wouldn’t answer anything else.

  • Farmmer

    i’m waiting on that too… seems like no one knows what’s going on… they are so bad at this pre ordering thing

  • Farmmer

    Anybody know where i could get a case for the iPhone 5 Local pick up in toronto… Or if telus bell, or rogers going to have any in stores?

  • Skylar

    or they are just trying to build suspense.

  • chris jones

    For TELUS users who pre-ordered early on Friday. Here’s a tweet that might put some people at ease.

  • Mattaeus

    So telus says emails will be out by 5:45am at the latest tomorrow, everything still on time, and shipping via Purolator

  • Shawn F

    Got ups confirm – my 5 is leaving ON, for Friday delivery to kelowna BC

  • Unfortunately it seems Virgin mobile pre-orders not shipping until tomorrow – or so they say via a Tweet they sent me back

  • poochi

    Hi guys, just want to confirm that my phone is now at Concord, ON (64GB unlocked) is set to deliver tomorrow before 12:00PM! 🙂
    At work, so can’t upload a screenshot. But I think many of you will see it shortly on UPS website!

  • Agent Bluetooth

    Thanks Chris – any little bit of info helps.! For those who want to know, i called Telus customer care today and the customer care rep said the product ships ONLY on launch day.

    So the TELUS rep figured 1-3 business days from the launch date of the iPhone 5 is when we would expect to see it on our door step.

    If this was the case, don’t you think TELUS would be up front about not being able to ship the pre-order to deliver on launch day. Maybe.. Telus tells customers this in case of circumstances out of their control. At this point, we still have no shipping details or tracking info from TELUS.

  • I phoned UPS. They will not hold the package for pick up. It is their policy that they must make one delivery attempt. 🙁

  • I phoned telus today and the lady told me if that I made my order before 7:00pm 14/09/12 I WILL be getting my iPhone on the 21st, everything after that is delayed.

  • K3

    ???? ????

    Anyone know if on hardware upgrades the handset is still charged to the account? ( wondering if the store delivered to will demand money upfront )……

    Also if your current plan is set up via Rogers retentions will it remain the same or will they demand new details to the contract. Thanks.

  • UPS confirms my phone will be here in WIndsor, ON before 12pm tomorrow!!!:D

  • draz

    You don’t pay the store a dime, it all gets charged to your account. Your existing retention plan remains untouched. You must have a data plan and your voice + data must be at least $50/mo

  • So went to stand in line, was advised by apple store rep theres no IPHONE 5 for sale unless you sign a contract…….

    this is insane

  • btw i am from canada

  • What location?

  • Metrotown

  • Mr.Snrub

    Pre-ordered from Bell’s website on saturday afternoon (Late i know), received an immediate order confirmation email but since then…nothing! My credit card hasn’t been charged nor have i received any shipping confirmation or any other communication. Sigh. Pre-ordering really is for suckers 🙁

  • Ah, too bad you didn’t find out earlier. Were you part of this triage?

  • NT

    I pre-ordered a black iphone 5 16gb from Bell (Scarborough town centre, Toronto, Ontario) on Friday the 14th of September. I was told that i am the 2nd to pre-order at that Bell location (with the 3 year contract plus got internet for the home). I ended up cancelling my monthly mobile service and internet with another. I got a call earlier today stating that they just received shipment and there are no black iphone 5 16gb………….available. Only whites. What is the friggin point of pre-ordering if they are going to screw you the night before the launch?

  • dragon56

    Was #62 on Rogers for a 32GB Black and my status is still “In Progress”, apparently my store isn’t recieving iPhone shipments, WTF.

  • xxxJDxxx

    As ridiculous as it is, my primary concern is no longer whether or not I’ll get my i5 on friday, but whether or not I’ll be able to find a nano-sim!

  • DaveMcG

    Heh.. this “rumor mill” site has been telling us that for days.

  • Here, here! Damn Robbers…”We will have limited supplies of nano-sims for those who are not purchasing their iphone from our stores.” That and $10! Off to the Apple Store, I guess.

  • Me too… in Edmonton!

  • its was my mom and aunt lol!
    but if apple was such a great company why slight the people who support the product because i for one cant buy a iphone 5 because i have bad credit, and dont own a CC. so no iphone for me, NO POSSIBLE WAY unless i want to pay an arm and a leg

  • bigdog

    Got a call from best buy mobile that my phone is ready to be picked up tomorrow!

  • Cant you go pick it up at the depot after? That’s what I’ll prolly have to do. Plus it’s a Friday and they’re closed all weekend ><

  • Nonsuch30

    My shipping has slipped from ‘By Noon’ to ‘By End Of Day’ today. Anyone else?

  • DaveMcG

    Yes, but it’s also in Edmonton so I know it’ll be going out for delivery today.

  • Prat

    You can cut micro-sims to nano sims. It’s been proven to work on iphone 5’s.
    Check for the video on youtube. Guy with Austrailian accent = legit, since they got it first.

  • They say when you call in that you cannot pick it up the same day you get the notice. Good ol’ UPS customer service.

  • Pat

    My iPhone 5 shows “Out-for-delivery” on UPS. Now if we could only have access to GPS trackers for the delivery trucks!

  • Poochi

    Gary, my phone is coming shortly but I can’t use it because Rogers won’t release a nano-SIM… what do you suggest?

  • poochi

    Apparently all nano-SIMs are for new activation/hw upgrade… only (locked devices).

  • Matt

    Rogers activation system down for an hour and a half , they have to manually call rogers to activate phone 45mins delays per customer .. good job rogers

  • Agent Bluetooth

    TELUS mobility has sent out tracking info as of 5:45 am this morning PST time. Nothing yet that spells out a Friday delivery…however seems promising so far.

    Surprisingly no line-ups super early in the smaller towns. in BC.

  • If a company expects me to stay with them, they need to provide me a nano sim. Or I will find a new carrier.

  • Anthony ?

    If you have an Apple Store in your area, call them and ask if you can get one there. Many I’ve spoken to are saying they’ll give nanoSIM’s to customers who ordered online, while a smaller number are referring customers to their carrier store.

    If you just want the SIM you don’t need to line up since you don’t want a phone.

  • Try buying from FS/BB or a Rogers Plus store.

  • Cheers

    It’s here! It’S HERE!!! Sorry, a little hysterical. Must not stab hand with pointy scissors while opening box.

  • Talked to Rogers Plus yesterday. They would not give me one.

  • How the hell am I going to get my nano SIM?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    futureshop will gladly sell you a sim

  • I ordered mine from Roger’s website. Worst case scenario I have to wait 5 business days. But I plan to head to the mall and go with the first carrier to give me a nano sim.

  • ASUN

    We all knew this would happen, besides Rogers themselves. Fail.

  • ASUN

    My frd talked to an Apple store yesterday in Vancouver. confirmed you can walk in with your online receipt to get a sim.

  • poochi

    Gary, please check the message on your article “rogers-existing-data-plans-to-be-lte-enabled-by-the-end-of-september-new-sim-required”

  • Cheers

    Just walked in to Apple store Rideau centre, asked for a nano SIM, was handed one & walked out. Less than 2 mns, amazing! Now let’s get this puppy up & running!

  • poochi

    apparently Rogers Retention department have no clue of what you are talking about. Are other carriers offer LTE 6GB for $30? Virgin mobile’s newly announced $30 plan is that LTE? Bell and Telus following that?
    Also anyone else having issue with their Retention Plan with Rogers? I was told that my account is coded as “business/corporate” and I have to talk to business/corporate. I upgraded to iPhone 4 and I have never joined a business/corporate plan.
    Something is very wrong at Rogers backend.

  • poochi

    waiting for you to investigate! free please

  • K33N3R

    I like how none of these stores/carriers know what the hell they are doing or talking about regarding the nano SIMs. Some will gladly sell you one while others will tell you to go to the Apple store while I have had one Apple store tell me to get in line with everyone else (just for a SIM!!) while another Apple store employee told me that I could have gotten a nano SIM with my online iPhone order. Really? Are you kidding me??? LOL.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I feel the same way. I’d be willing to return my unlocked phone, cancel my contract with Rogers and re sign with someone else if they can get me a nano sim sooner

  • StephM

    has anyone received anything from Telus yet???

  • xxxJDxxx

    UPS just changed my scheduled delivery date to Monday!! FUUUUUUU!

  • Had a similar experience

  • Apple store is your best bet

  • zombiefish

    Have my Telus! Damn web site is down for maintenance, and it’s $35 to activate on the phone.

  • Poochi

    Telus > Rogers? At least that’s what it seems right now.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Anyone in or around the Kelowna are receive their iPhone yet? UPS tracking status says that it arrived this morning around 9AM, but has yet to update to the usual ‘out for delivery’ status.

  • ASUN

    Confirmed. Just walk into Apple store with receipt they will give you a sim card. Go to the Genius bar. I am in Vancouver.

  • K3

    ****Has anyone else seen there Rogers on line account disappear today? Chat help support is bogged down..

  • poochi

    OMG, my precious iPhone 5!

  • Currently not in an area near an Apple Store so…anyways, my sources secured me one. WOOT

  • xxxJDxxx

    Nevermind. It showed up around 2:30! Very satisfied. Was able to get my nano sim without too much hassle and my iPhone 5 arrived on time! Only issue now is waiting for my service to switch over, which I’m told could take 4-6 hours.

  • Cheers

    Thanks Gary & team for all your work today & in the days leading up to launch day!

    It feels a little like Xmas – you wait for it all year & at the end you’re left with wrapping strewn all over the place, exhausted from all the emotions, and going to bed a little drunk on the euphoria from your shiny new toy!

    And good job on the Vancouver Sun article, just saw it!

  • FragilityG4

    I love my 5 … Great upgrade from the 3GS!! I didn’t even have to activate my SIM … It did it itself once I restored it from my backup … Still confused/impressed by that!

  • Thanks! Everyone did a great job. 🙂

  • Simon

    I have couple friends brand new iphone was either dent and scrached, mine was also dent when i open it. Does anyone have the same problem?

  • My iPhone had a tiny hairline scratch on the back.

  • Wayne

    Hey has anybody bought the 5 and kept their old 3G plan and stuff ? Cuz I bought my iPhone thru Craigslist and use my old plan an now it has LTE speeds but I didn’t get any new LTE PLAN I still have the old3g plan . I’m wondering if Rogers would charge me any charges because of that or I still new to pay the same?

  • My Rogers online account dissapeared yesterday I was pissed

  • It’ll be the same without a charge. Rogers confirmed it with us.

  • Ok thanks hmm do you think I can upgrade my 1gb plan to 6gb?

  • DaveMcG

    Chris @ Rogers ?@Rogers_Chris
    @davemcg All of our plans will be LTE enabled by the end of this month. The rep likely didn’t know that. Don’t change a thing with your plan

  • Thanks to everyone who has been posting updates, all the info has been great.
    I ordered my unlocked phone on Sept 14, it originally said shipping in 2 weeks, delivery on Oct 9. But it looks like it just shipped from China on Sept 22 and will deliver by Sept 28, way earlier than expected!

  • DaveMcG

    Anyone else have any issues with the new headphones? My old ones seem okay, but the new ones are very easy to make the right side cut out, or get static just by touching the connector. Glad it seems it’s just the headphones and not the phone’s headphone jack at least.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Hey Gary, can you do a poll or ask your readers who has encountered cosmetic defects/issues with their new iPhone 5’s? Apparently it’s a huge issue reading the Apple forums.


  • I called the morning of and UPS told me I could if I miss them. Just have to wait for first delivery attempt then call UPS and they’ll tell the local depot I’m coming to pick it up. Same day.

    Luckily that wasnt’t needed 😀

  • Greyson

    I am waiting to see when my phone comes, I pre-ordered on the 14th at 11am and was 3345th… haha I just couldnt wake up early enough to do it – I havtn even gotten an email yet. I am in Victoria BC btw.

    I want to know the deal on all this ‘Rogers not having any nano-sims’ talk, whats that about?
    also, if anyone has their 5 yet how is it?

    Thanks guys

  • You might want to consider getting a phone first at Future Shop/Best Buy or Wireless Wave, then cancelling your reservation.

    That nano SIM talk is related for unlocked iPhone owners only.

    iPhone 5 so far, is pretty awesome. The build of this thing is pretty awesome. You need to hold it to believe it.

  • Greyson

    Really? You think that would be faster?

  • Yep

  • Greyson

    Great! thanks Gary, I am new to the site but its awesome!

    So, if I went into best buy/future shop today would I be ordering one? or what? I am buying one on a contract as I am a student and cant afford the unlocked one this time haha.

    I really just want to get it asap so whichever you think is faster is probably the way I should go.

    what is the benefit to doing it at bestbuy/futureshop, like, why do you think it will be faster?

  • Greyson

    And my status on rogers says “IN PROGRESS” I feel like thats a good thing?..

  • Depending on store stock, you just walk in and buy one on contract and they’ll activate it for you as they have access to Rogers’ systems. It’s must faster than waiting for Rogers to send you one. And everything is the exact same–without waiting. You could even go to wireless wave.

  • steve

    let the overspending begin.

  • I’ve been waiting since launch. I reserved and have been at *SHIPPED* since last Wednesday. I was less than 200 on day 1. Blame Fido, I should have just gone to a shop, only problem now is my 40$ deposit.

  • Greyson

    i got my email this morning but the tracking number wont work on the ups site… ughhh

  • crosseyed_mofo

    just thought id throw up the best iphone 5 wallpaper for montrealers 🙂

  • Glenn Axl

    Just called Apple West Edmonton Mall and they are not selling unlocked iPhone5 yet in store.