iPhone 5 Pre-Order Availability Delayed to 2 Weeks Already


Did you manage to pre-order your iPhone 5? Because right now shipping estimates have already dropped to two weeks–and that occurred just after an hour or so of pre-orders. The original estimes were to have delivery between September 21st (iPhone 5 launch day) to the 25th:

As for the sudden change? This would indicate millions (or gazillions) of pre-orders taking place for the first shipment, as most people were successful on the web, although there were some hiccups. The Apple Store app emerged from this experience as the saviour to many.

Last year, Apple announced 4 million iPhone 4S pre-orders sold over the opening weekend. I wonder what the iPhone 5 numbers will be this time around–probably exceeding last year by a few million?

If you got your order through in the first hour or so, job well done!

Update: Ship times have now dropped to 2-3 weeks.


  • T33BS

    Humph! …. I was under the impression that pre-orders were beginning 8AM PST.

  • Suz

    Ya, I was confused about what launch time would be.. at 3 est nothing, but at 515 est I got one, albeit two week wait. Oh well, still not a bad wait, gives me time to line up a sale of my 4S, plus look for other funds! And my card won’t be charged until it ships. By the way I went no-contract because of Roger’s brutal lock-in contracts.

  • Vic

    @0310, I got it

  • Opus

    Got mine using the app. Took a few tries and all done by 3:15est. Woohoo can’t wait till next Friday!

  • Got mine preordered on time. I got up at 3 AM and I preordered the iPhone. 😀

  • thraxisp

    9/25 is 11 days from now. Two weeks is 14 days. Why such a fuss over 3 days?

  • yvrgal

    I pre-ordered mine from the Apple Store app on my iPhone 4S just after midnight. I checked the status of my order and it’s already processing meaning it will be shipped out today or tomorrow. I will definitely get my phone on the 21st. I think I’ll head out to a nearest Telus store for a Nano Sim.

  • jack

    This sucks. I bought 2 iphones (one for me, one for the gf) at 3:15am and got the 9/21 delivery date. 4 hours later Amex Plat e-mails saying possible fraud so I had to call in and say it was fine. Had to place a re-order and now at 2 weeks shipping date.

    Ah well thinking positive Amex trying to protect my card from fraud

  • Being in London Ontario, there is no other decent carrier aside from Rogers….Wind and Koodo have brutal service in this part of the province. Really, do deal with any company but Rogers, Bell, or Telus in Ontario you have to live between Hamilton and Ajax and maybe as far north as Vaughan/Caledon/whatever is east of Vaughan. Outside that bubble, it’s very spotty with smaller carriers unless you never leave the city you live in. SO i’m stuck with Rogers anyway…might as well save money and stick with them for 3 more years.

  • I think it says “available”, which means it ships after that date. That is my understanding.

  • Drwoodsy

    Order placed at 1:00am PDT. 2 weeks before shipping. Must have just missed the first batch!

  • AndyPandy

    Processing usually has nothing to do with shipping today or tomorrow. From my experience it usually ships within 24 hours of moving to preparing for shipment.

  • I thankfully… refreshed from 3:01 am onward until 3:41am when the store became available… I bought the two I wanted and have the 9/21 – 9/25 ship date 🙂

  • Rick

    ya i did the same thing 🙂 i wanted to make sure i went thru the via eboutique so i could get some extra points as well always good for a free train ride

  • Pat

    Delivery now up to 2-3 weeks on Apple store.

  • Guest

    Telus ships Nano sim with your phone. Asked them on twitter and they confirmed it.

  • greg_hannah

    We pre-ordered two 32GB black iPhone 5’s from the Bell store. Last Friday I went over to pick them up and they told me they will be able to fulfill pre-orders when they get their next order on Tuesday or Wednesday because they only got 25 of 70 pre-orders delivered. I heard nothing and they don’t answer their phone so I went over again today (Thursday) and the guy starts yelling at me and pounding his fists on the counter when I asked “what’s happening with iPhone 5 pre-orders”! After his rant he told me to come back in November, “Apple doesn’t care about it’s Canadian customers” so after this verbal assault I told him where to put the iPhone 5’s and he literally chased me out of the store. This it not a joke. I phoned Bell customer service when I got home but they closed at 9pm so I’m phoning to report him tomorrow and find out what is really going on.