iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Have Started Shipping to Canada [Update]


After we published our post on how to acquire your Apple iPhone 5 UPS tracking number, it appears some iPhone 5 pre-orders have already started shipping to Canada. The following screenshot (thanks @CCasement) shows a 32GB/black iPhone 5 is already on its way to Calgary:

@CCasement informs us the free iPhone app Parcel will send you push notifications every time your UPS tracking is updated.

Also, don’t forget to check out Apple’s iPhone 5 shipping map to see when your order will arrive.

Has your iPhone 5 pre-order from Apple shipped? Let us know in the comments.

Update: I have independently verified the above screenshot by entering @CCasement’s order number into, and it does show up.


  • Last year, the 4S should have arrived on the launch day but somehow got tangled up within UPS traffic and logistics and I got it a couple of days late. Fingers crossed that won’t be an issue this year. As Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers have told us, the waiting is the hardest part.

  • Networx

    Looks like some lucky bugger is getting his iPhone a few days early….if UPS doesn’t lose it, that is.

  • lol

  • last year pre-ordered my 4s the minute was back online around 3am, only got the on tuesday 🙁 i hope the same thing won’t happen here

  • Kirk

    Unless I am missing something the parcel app has push notifications in the settings but you have to buy the extended version as an in-app purchase = not free! Yes I am being a cheapo lol.

  • yvrgal

    Mine says still Preparing to Ship. 🙁

  • Pat

    So how can we figure out if it will make it on Friday? I pre-ordered mine in the first 10 min the site was up last week, would’ve been in the first 2 min but the Apple site was just so slow. Are they shipping them in the order they were ordered or are they prioritizing regions?

  • Chris

    This is driving me nuts… no matter what I put in UPS’s reference field I get nothing. All I want is the status at Apple’s “Your Orders” to change from “Preparing for Shipment” to “Shipped”. I have no patience – and too much coffee in me.

  • Keep trying! 😉

  • minel

    if you live in a popular area (see a previous post on the site regarding dates) you will most likely get it friday. I’m in Vancouver and received 4S, iPad 3 on friday so I expect this one to not break the pattern

  • Absolutreh

    Only one guys ups tracking worked? I don’t think its his IPhone, but maybe something else?

  • gerry

    If this ‘preparing for shipment’ status stays for another full day today, we might not be getting it Friday. Unless some buggy system @ Apple isn’t changing the update.

  • wuju

    Still at Preparing to Ship 🙁

  • Mine still preparing to ship.

  • Starting to look less and less like some will receive it Friday. Mine also says “Preparing to Ship” and I live in a big urban centre.

  • Anyone that ordered from a carrier get a shipping confirmation email yet?

  • Jay p

    Got my confirmation email from apple at 301am est and mine still hasnt shipped

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if a huge shipment goes to the US and orders ship from there .. Makes sense ? …

  • swotam

    It says that you need the Extended Version if you want to track more than 3 packages at once. Haven’t used the app so I can’t comment from experience.

  • yvrgal

    Based on the tracking posted above, it looks like it only took 2 days to get it shipped from China to Alaska. Maybe all shipments will go out tomorrow in time for the 21st?? But then the Apple Client Care I spoke to this morning did say that UPS is overwhelmed with all the iPhone shipments. Here’s to hoping it gets here on Friday.

  • MV

    Ordered mine 12:08 and still no shipping confirmation

  • djepsilon

    Same here dude.

  • djepsilon

    I feel you man!

  • Tminusg

    I was reading the mr forums and it appears many people recieved shipping confirmation with their phone origin in illinois. They must have a bunch of certain models stocked in north america

  • swotam

    When I ordered my “new iPad” it sat at Preparing to Ship for quite a while and only changed status a couple of days before the launch date. Keep in mind that these products are shipped by air, so even though it’s in China today doesn’t mean it won’t be in the US or Canada tomorrow. Either way, it won’t be delivered until Friday at the earliest, so you should expect the 21st until you hear otherwise.

    I expect you’ll see a lot of status changes tomorrow, with the shipments arriving at the local distribution centers on Thursday for delivery on Friday. That’s usually how it goes.

  • goopy

    I ordered mine from Apple just 10 mins after 3am and the estimated shipping date is OCT 3. Wonder why mine takes longer.

  • goopy

    Got confirmation but estimate date is OCT 3 :0

  • Jayp

    Maybe american orders you read about. No canadian has said its shipped

  • makolpiyush

    lol. i dunno why but the feeling is mutual ba weird. am being soo impatient jus for a phone. Mannn !! maybe caus am using iPhone 2g for last 1 week and already feel like am using it for last 6 yrs. desperately need an upgrade now :p

  • Andrew Kharrazi

    How many people could find their tracking number using this method ?

  • Adrian

    dammit nothing works, nothing!!!!!!

  • Question ? I ordered via Telus (3y contract) about 90min after the 3am (ET) starts. They confirmed a shipping date on or around th 21st. And they confirm that my nano card would be in the parcel too. How does that work ? Will it be shipped from Apple directly like the unlocked ones ? Or the carriers do have a local stock to ship from Canada ?
    Thanks for this great website by the way

  • Paul

    Got an email from Telus yesterday at 2:15 EST:
    Your order is currently being processed at the warehouse. You will receive an automated email with tracking information once it has been shipped.

    Not sure if this is just the confirmation email telus just sent to me since i didnt get it when i first ordered or if its being prepared for shipping. I wish they would hurry up and give me my tracking number though.

  • Paul

    yeah all the carriers already have their iphones in the country and will include a sim card in their packaging. they will be shipping from a telus warehouse.

  • Thanks Paul, well I got my confirmation email within minutes of my order, but no confirmation on a preparation of my shipment yet or any track number … let’s wait and see .. I was 90min later than you though !

  • greg

    My order was submitted at 16 minutes past 12, and until today I had hoped it would arrive Friday (website said 21-25th). But a call to Apple, and the fact that it was been showing as “preparing for shipment” for over 35 hours (since Monday at 3:30 am), suggests I will only be seeing the shiny new goodness on Monday or Tuesday next week 🙁

    The apple rep said that the long delay meant they were likely getting a mass shipment ready before updating the status to shipped though I’m not convinced that UPS isn’t partly/wholly responsible for the delay (based on my own experience with UPS vs FedEx shipments from China).

    But it is getting less and less likely that a shipment at this point will arrive before Friday.

    Ce la vie! I’ll survive.

  • Peter

    Guys if we check the picture, it only took 1 day to get from China to USA so you shouldn’t worry.
    I ordered mine at 3:01am EST and still saying “Preparing for Shipment” but I am hopeful that we will still get it Friday after seeing the above picture. I do believe Apple has already shipped these, but simply have not updated our orders.

  • Peter

    Just an update. I just called Apple and they said that due to product availability I will only get it on September 25 (I live in Montreal). I don’t understand how that is possible considering I ordered the minute it came out. Nonetheless, we can’t do anything but wait, I’m just hoping the reps are simply giving us the maximum delay to cover their asses 🙂

  • Darrin

    I panicked last year and cancelled my order and went and stood in line at Metrotown and could not get my 64G white unlocked phone. Also, remember unlocked phones are only available online. I say that they are using the same approach as the Retina New iPad where there will be several units sitting in Canada already and shipped overnight on Thursday. As such, you will not receive a shipment notification til Thursday. If Telus and other carrriers have stock here in Canada I cannot see Apple delaying the shipment of unlocked iphones for us diehards .It’s doesn’t make sense. They wouldn’t post the shipping zone map as they have without making all attempts to deliver on the 21st.

  • Guest

    My iPad 3 said preparing to ship till thursday then arrived friday! don’t give up hope

  • I For one won’t be surpised if it doesnt arrive Friday . What does apple or ups care they already got your money … Were the suckers left around to wait .

  • It would make more sense for apple to to that and it would be a whole lot cheaper.

  • Guest

    I would agree. When I pre-ordered my iPad 3 in March the package came from an address somewhere in Markham. So I’m optimistic that we’ll receive the phone on Sept 21st (that’s the logical side of me talking….but otherwise, I’m panicking right now LOL!)

  • Hayman

    I just received a text from fido ‘ Congratulations! Your Fido reserved device has been shipped. Please check your email for shipping details.
    Félicitations! L’appareil Fido que vous avez réservé fut expédié. Pour les détails de livraison, prière de vérifier vos courriels.’ in the email it sent my tracking number and said my phone will be ready for p/u in four days. At the local fido store

  • gerry

    I called Apple myself and looks like my phone won’t be delivered on the 25th like most others has stated to theirs.

  • gerry

    That image looked like it has been photo shopped with texts retyped on the right hand column. Certain looks bigger than the rest of them.

  • Im with you there… I pre-ordered from Telus but not till 11 AMon the 14th have a Pre-Order Number but have not received any email about shipping yet 🙁

  • I like this 🙂

  • Settle down Negatron 🙂

  • Meadors Musings

    I don’t know 100%, but with the news coming out Canadian carriers and Apple Store (USA) getting their iPhone 5 stock already, and some Canadians reporting getting shipping notices – I believe many iPhone 5’s are likely in the US already and will be shipped to Canada for delivery on Friday.
    I’m trying to be optimistic as I’ve preordered a few Apple items – including the iPhone 4S – and have never received one of the items on launch day. And I live in Edmonton, so I am in a major city.
    Can’t wait for Friday.

  • Muffy

    My phone was just charged to credit card and says apple store ON, does that mean its coming from Ontario, I live in bc. Apple still says processing.

  • Muffy

    I mean preparing for shipment

  • Glassbase

    My last post didn’t post yet?
    I had called Apple after work today. The rep told me that mine wasn’t going to deliver until the 25th! I am in the day 1 zone and I ordered mine at 3:07am EST. I said what was the point in preordering then, the same thing happened with my iPad 3.. I asked him if he knows where it is and he said it is shipping from the USA. I asked where and he said out of the PA distribution center. He said I was lucky because the majority of the calls he took today were pushed to deliver on October 5th..
    The UPS reference search doesn’t work for me either.
    Here’s hoping that because its only in PA, it can make a 1-2 day transit for Friday!

  • Opus

    Comments from the Canada iPhone 5 thread in Macrumors have phones beginning shipping for those who pre-ordered through the carriers. And they are gonna get them on Friday whereas for us who ordered directly from Apple won’t get it until next week or later!?! Doesn’t make sense to me at all. I ordered through Apple at 3am so I can it on launch day not 2 days or 2 weeks later!!! Really pissed right now!

  • Peter

    I got the exact response!!! Pushed back to Sept 25, that I should be lucky because alot of them were pushed to Oct 5. I somehow believe we’ll still get them on time, because my credit card was charged yesterday and they would only do that if it was shipped. Plus alot of people are claiming that normally you get the tracking confirmation the night before launch…

  • Glassbase

    I think we will get on time. Apple is just saying the latest date, opposed to promising the world in case it’s late.
    My other issue is getting a nano sim from Rogers as all my local stores refuse to sell until Friday!!!

  • Peter

    That’s exactly what I think.. my issue is also getting a nano sim but from TELUS 🙁

  • Mia

    Has anyone received their tracking code from Telus? Or a shipping email? I’ve been waiting since Friday September 14th, and still nothing! I’ve only got the confirmation of payment email & an order placed email right after I pre-ordered; but nothing else. HELP!!!

  • Glassbase

    I also see my credit card charged. Not posted but my available credit is down by about the amount of the phone.
    I called Apple again just to see if I’d get more info from a different rep. This time, the rep didn’t even know about the delivery map (I directed her to it) but she said same thing, that my phone is shipping out of PA. She even gave me the city. She eluded at the fact that they don’t want to promise Friday in case it’s late, but she said that there’s a good possibility it arrives earlier than 9/25.

  • Peter

    That’s what we thought 😛 again just to remind you that based on previous years apparently the tracking confirmation is sent the night before. I personally can’t vouch for it though since it’s my first pre-order, hence my worry lol

  • Glassbase

    Did you call and ask the city yours was coming out off?
    Also, my support page shows an iPhone 5 serial too!
    Which model did you get?
    I definitely am hoping you’re right about the night before thing.. I’d rather just have a tracking # now to satisfy my (self diagnosed) ADD and anxiety! LOL

  • Peter

    lol same here! and I got the iPhone 32GB White one 😛
    I didn’t bother asking the girl what city, because she wasn’t even aware of the shipping delivery map for the estimates… lol

  • Glassbase

    Apple dropping the ball with the memos on the delivery maps. I even asked her if she deals strictly with Canada and she said yes. I got white 64 – good big or go home.

  • gerry

    Same here, my card was charged but nothing showed up on my statement. I even verified that with Apple and they said they did. Makes me wonder but it would too be a nice surprise to see it show up on Friday. If not, least it gives me a couple of extra days to get my iTunes library ready again so I can just flop everything back on when I do get it.

  • Opus

    Same here, my credit card has been pre-authorized for the phones (got three in total for myself and family) but nothing has been posted yet. I can also see the serial numbers since Saturday when the status changed to Preparing for Shipment. It has been stuck in that status ever since. Doing the Track by Reference via UPS doesn’t work for me. I know it’s only a phone but I want my new toy NOW! Getting antsy. Mine also have Holiday Shipping as the shipping method…hope that’s a good sign.

  • You guys are lucky I don’t see any serial number or anything . Just says prepared for shipment . And they charged my CC on either Saturday or Sunday . My order went thru at 3:04 got email at 3:06.. Not much we can do now they have our money and there laughing all the way to the bank ..

  • Glassbase

    Mine changed to holiday shipping sometime on Sunday as well.

  • gerry

    I see mine too (serial number). Along with all of my Mac products I’ve purchased over the years. Wow, I owned a lot.

  • Opus

    Progress! The charge for my phones just got posted to my CC! That’s a good sign because that could mean they are ready to ship my phones!! Fingers and toes crossed.

  • gerry

    Consider the fact that we paid more for our phones compared to the contracted discount phones through the carriers. It would make sense we all got ours on release date. Hang in there, Opus. 😀

  • goopy

    What shipping service did you use for that iPad?I used standard for iphone5 and wondering if it is reason why my delivery date is shown as OCT 3.

  • Opus

    But apparently Apple will earn some sort of residual revenue from the carriers for all the iPhones that they sell. Makes me wonder if that’s the reason the carriers are getting the phones earlier. Apple might be using that tactic to try to play catch up on their loss revenue from the last quarter. I am purposely being pessimistic right now so that when I get my phone on time on Friday, I’ll be extremely ecstatic :p

  • jim

    mine has shipped (rogers) delivery dated stated as sept 19 and last know location concord, ont – YEHHA!!

  • hayman

    here is the tracking on my fido phone

  • Thanks checked it out and the S/N is there . Really hope it here Friday I have the day off anyways so it’d be nice to have a new toy to play with ..

  • Dar

    Paul, when you contacted Telus who did you speak with about not receiving any email communications at first? I ordered my and it was process about 3:04am EST and have yet to receive any notifications about my order. I called them and confirmed order, but I’m concerned that someone I didnt get added to auto notification updates and hence wont receive my tracking information. their support seems very exhausted by these preorders and it’s hard to get much out of them. Any help would be greatly valued.

  • Gary

    I’m in the same boat and getting a little nervous.

  • Kevin

    I pre-ordered from Telus on Friday and have had some account verification issues which I’ve been told to have fixed by tomorrow if I want my phone Friday. If you ordered early Friday I’m sure you’ll get yours on time and I’m assuming you won’t be notified until Thursday.

  • hayman

    here is the tracking on my fido phone

  • Rogers sent me an email that has been shipped, I check with ups and says deliver tomorrow afternoon . I don’t know if the local store will give me the iPhone 2 days before launch day

  • VancouverBlade

    Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to steal Negatron from you 🙂

  • yvrgal

    Thought I’d share this note from someone: “It appears that those who were among the first 500000 preorders will not receive shipment emails until Wednesday, because their iPhone 5s are already stateside. Those who ordered their iPhone 5s after 12:30 AM PDT will have their orders fulfilled in China and they will be shipped first, to arrive at the promised Friday delivery deadline.”

  • Peter

    thanks for the update!

  • VancouverBlade

    I think that just means it was charged to Apple Canada who have their HQ in Markham, ON.

  • Great news. Where was this note from?

  • yvrgal

    Someone posted it on CNET. I hope it’s true.

  • Wondering whether it applies to the United States only, or US + Canada. Hoping it’s true, as well!

  • Paul

    they are being shipped from a warehouse within canada and therefor you probably wont get a tracking number until tomorrow or thursday since it only takes about a day to ship anywhere in Canada.

  • yvrgal

    Me too. This suspense is killing me! lol

  • Paul

    I called the web store number 1-866-488-2709 and they said they would resend it it and i ended up giving them a different email. After the call I didnt end up receiving the email until about 2 or 3 hours later as she explained she had to send to a request to somebody to resend it. She said there were about 250 or so people who ordered right off the bat and didnt get their emails but their orders all went through and should automatically receive a tracking number as the numbers go out slowly as they are shipped. She also confirmed that the iPhones are coming from a warehouse within Canada so I assume they are already in the country and will only need a day or so to ship so I wouldnt be concerned about not receiving the tracking number yet. A quick google search showed the central Ontario Telus warehouse is in Scarborough and takes less than 6 hours to reach Toronto or Ottawa or anywhere in between. Telus’ twitter account also confirmed today with me that if you ordered before 4pm on the 14th you will receive it on friday. I had heard some call centre staff were telling people it will SHIP on the 21st but they are either mistaken or just wrong.

  • I’m sure this has been asked before, but my current (non-LTE) 3G Rogers 6GB/$30 plan can get switched over to LTE when I activate my nano SIM, correct? Do we know whether there’s a monthly price change?

  • Rick

    thats cool I was able to my iphone5 serial number too

  • ShaolinX

    I noticed my CC was charged yesterday (the 17th), while Apple Care+ was charged on the 15th. Yvrgal, thanks alot for posting that note from CNET. I can only hope along with you all that those of us who pre-ordered the factory unlocked versions from Apple directly receive ours on Friday as promised!

    Still debating on which plan to get, though anecdotally it sounds as if Telus still has the best deal? We’ll see, I have to decide and pick a sim up either from a store/kiosk or from the Apple store itself. Keeping fingers crossed for us all.

  • Hayman

    My fido phone ships out of concord ontario too.

  • Cori

    I got my tracking number yesterday (sep18) – says expects to arrive in London today (sep 19)
    (shipping from Concord, ON)

  • Guest

    I used standard shipping when I ordered thru the Apple Store app for the iPhone 5. Now it shows as holiday shipping.

  • Paul

    From Telus? Or from Rogers or Fido?

  • I received my pre-order number but still no tracking code from Telus or shipping email yet 🙁 does anyone know the email address it will get sent from?

  • hayman

    both rogers and fido ship out of concord ontario

  • Kegoneill

    My serial number shows up there too. if your serial number shows up then i assume it is packaged and ready to ship. It likely is shipping out from a distribution centre in Ontario, so tracking number should be on Thursday, this is only an assumption.

  • AbsolutReh

    Is it safe to say the above is not an iphone 5 tracking number. But possibly an accessory or something. No one in Canada has a tracking number yet.

  • Mia

    Ugh me too and it’s already late into Wednesday! How depressing…

  • Sfrt

    Just received an email from Rogers with a ups tracking number an hour ago and says “shipments should arrive within four days” (unfortunately, ups tracking system doesnt show anything on it as yet). Fingers are crossed …

  • gerry

    I can see the charge made on my CC as well on the 17th.

  • Mindfield

    Just got an email from Rogers
    I should have my iPhone in 4days

  • I’m from London as well, I still haven’t received my tracking number, what time did you order @4102dd40064eea6e5f72a57b9530f4ee:disqus I ordered at 4PM EST on Friday

  • DaveMcG

    1-800-my-apple is useless. They have no idea when phones will ship. Rep had no idea about the shipping map, etc.

    What a clusterfuck. Had they just sold phones unlocked in stores like every other year, I’d have no doubt I’d have a phone in hand Friday.

  • Chris

    You are not suffering alone.

  • Just chatted with an Apple rep.
    This is what she said – “As soon as your iPhone is placed on the truck for shipment, you will receive an email.”I asked – “So my phone won’t be shipped from China but locally?”She said – “Although I would not know specifics, I would assume yes.”

  • xxxJDxxx

    My order status finally just changed to ‘shipped’ !

  • gerry

    Suspense is over. Nice to see the status changed to ‘shipped.’

  • Obi-wan Jebroni

    Woohoo! Status finally updated to “Shipped”! And it said it was shipped Sept 16th so looks like it will be here by Friday!

  • tw

    Just got an update from apple right after midnight PST confirming my order is shipped, “On Sept 16th”. I was like everybody else, had a shipping estimate from 21st – 25th, holiday shipping. You may log in to your apple account to see the update. Cheers!

  • Peter

    mine says:

    Label Created On:09/17/2012
    and then:
    A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.

    doesn’t look like it’s shipped… just the stuff prepared… but I’m extremely confident we’ll get them friday seeing as though Apple & UPS know what they’re doing

  • Opus

    It has been shipped! Woohoo! Tracking begins

  • Opus

    Finally shipped. “UPS Express Saver-Guaranteed next day delivery before noon”! Can’t wait. Next mission nano sim!

  • Z

    Ups express saver

  • DaveMcG

    Also shipping notification from Apple but does anyone else’s say this in the email:

    Left Apple:

    16 Sep, 2012

    Receive it:

    25 Sep, 2012

  • Kegoneill

    Yes that’s what my email from Apple says. I hope they are wrong. I had my order receipt emailed back to me at 3:00am est when I ordered. So my order went in before a minute was up on the pre-order. I live in zone 1 shipping so I should get it the 21st. I am waiting for UPS to give me a delivery date, the tracking does not have on yet.

  • Corey

    I have yet to receive a tracking number from Telus and I ordered September 14th at 4:30 AM NST (3:00 AM EST), as soon as pre-ordered opened. Getting pretty worried since shipping to NL is typically slow, and I ordered at that time to have my phone ON the 21st, not having to wait until Monday.

  • It sure seems as though the process Apple/UPS has set up for this has sent customers into a tizzy and has probably added additional stresses to both companies customer service lines. While most of us probably do not have a huge dependency on having the phone in our hands exactly on 9/21, the communication supplied with the confirmation order indicating the delivery zones and when each zone could expect delivery set the customers expectations a certain way. With the lack of movement on the orders for long periods of time on the orders, it creates doubt. Perhaps being a little more transparent on the process and ensuring the expectations are realistic would alleviate some of the additional volume of calls/emails/chats that the company would be receiving during the wait period. Based on what folks were reporting, it also seems that the reps had differing responses when queried on the deliveries – a coaching on the responses was probably required.

  • JR

    You should check the middle of the e-mail where it says “Shipped: ” and then “Receive: “.. My Receive is Sept 25 even though my ship date is Sept 16. 🙁

    I also ordered at 3:05am on launch day so this would be a pretty big disappointment to have Apple miss the launch date by 3 days. Almost seems as though they were sitting on their laurels for any phones that were already in the country and those who ordered after 3:30 AM and shipped from China will receive on Friday.

    Guess we’ll really only know tomorrow but my UPS tracking info doesn’t show anything yet.

  • tw

    JR, you need not worry, multiple sources confirmed our first batch of iphones 5 will arrive in metro areas on 21st Friday. Let me lighten you up with some good news, assuming we share the same shipping status, I just got an update from UPS confirming my delivery will in fact be tomorrow “end of day”. You may check your shipping status now!

  • tw

    “Shipped from Concord, Ontario. Delivery 9/21/2012 End of day”

    I’m in BC, Vancouver.

  • **Breaking NEWS** Just finished speaking with a Telus Shipping
    Representative at (6:00 EST), she said that a huge amount of orders are
    being prepared to be shipped Tonight! She said that if you live close to
    Mississauga/Concord Ontario you are very likely to receive your iPhone 5
    by Friday the 21st. If for some reason the shipping companies can’t
    fulfill the orders by Friday you will receive your iPhone by the
    following Monday or Tuesday, she said all the orders are High Priority
    Shipments. Tracking Info should be emailed out later today or very early Friday morning.

  • goopy

    You guys are damn lucky cuz I bought mine as soon as the site was up an running again(like 10 mins after 3) but mine is still in processing stage and estimate delivery date is OCT3. 🙁

  • Peter

    ouch! :S hang in there…

  • Thanks! Updated

  • Dar

    Awesome. Finally some progress:

    Hello, Your order has been submitted for shipment. Once shipped off to you, you will receive an email with the tracking number and the name of the courier company who will be delivering the package to you. Regards, Telus Webstore

  • Glen8

    Just tracked my shipment on UPS. Will be delivered tomorrow by end of day. Yippee!

  • No Problem @iphoneincanada:disqus

  • xxxJDxxx

    Mount Hope, ON, Canada 09/20/2012 22:19 Arrival Scan
    I assume this means its about to board a plane.

  • will

    Mine is on the same plane. It said by noon earlier but now says end of day for Victoria, BC.

  • Have you found a nano SIM in Victoria yet? it’s like hunting for a needle in a haystack. Same BS runaround from all stores via the phone.

  • goopy

    Just found out my delivery date is moved to OCT 9. %$^&@^ Apple!