iPhone 5 Release Date in Canada and Pricing [Predictions] STICKY


In less than 24 hours, Apple CEO Tim Cook will grace the stage and announce Apple’s next generation iPhone 5. Based on leaks, we can assume we already know what’s coming, hardware wise.

But let’s take an annual look at when we think the iPhone 5 launch date will be in Canada, and some price predictions. Apple is company that tends to follow somewhat predictable patterns, and based on last year’s iPhone 4S launch schedule and pricing scheme, we feel it should stay somewhat the same.

Let’s step back and take a look at last year’s iPhone 4S ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event:

October 4th (Wednesday) – Let’s Talk iPhone event
October 7th (Friday)Pre-orders start for the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Germany; same offering from RogersFido, Telus, Bell, Virgin, Koodo, Best BuyFuture Shop;
October 14th (Friday) – Official release date for United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Germany; SaskTel and MTS announces availability coming soon

Old model pricing:
iPhone 4 – $99 on 3 year contract
iPhone 3GS – free on 3 year contract

Rogers, Telus and Bell iPhone 4S pricing (3 year contracts):
16GB – $159
32GB – $269
64GB – $369

Apple Unlocked iPhone 4S pricing:
16GB – $649
32GB – $749
64GB – $849

If history repeats itself, then we could see the following predictions for tomorrow:

September 12th (Wednesday) It’s Almost Here iPhone event
September 14th (Friday) – Pre-orders start (rumoured 6AM start this time) for the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Germany; same offering from Rogers, Fido, Telus, Bell, Virgin, Koodo, Best Buy, Future Shop; possibly SaskTel and MTS once again (they have LTE)
September 21st (Friday) – Official release date for United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Germany; doors open at 8AM local time

Old model pricing:
iPhone 4S- $99 on 3 year contract
8GB iPhone 4 – free on 3 year contract

Rogers, Telus and Bell iPhone 5 pricing (3 year contracts):
16GB – $159
32GB – $269
64GB – $369

Apple Unlocked iPhone 5 pricing
16GB – $649
32GB – $749
64GB – $849

With the next iPhone confirmed by the WSJ to include LTE, I would be shocked if Canada wasn’t part of the initial launch given how vast our ‘Big 3’ LTE coverage is at this point. With the launch of the new iPad, Rogers, Bell and Telus graced the presentation slide as 3 of 5 official LTE carriers in North America. I can’t see why we wouldn’t be represented again for the upcoming LTE-enabled iPhone 5.

One change I would hope, is the doubling of the new iPhone’s storage capacity for the same price. That would be a typical Apple move, and is something we’ve all been waiting for, as a 16GB capacity seems to feel smaller and smaller year after year (thanks to larger media file sizes, bigger apps).

Here’s a round up of some iPhone 5 rumours, if you haven’t seen them already. Get ready for tomorrow!


  • Sevael

    I’m pretty sure the 16GB 4S was $199 last year. The 16GB iPhone 4 the year before was $159.

  • sponticelli

    199$ was the price in US.

    In Canada, in an bizarre move, iPhone 4 and 4S were priced at 159$, that is 40$ less than US when exchange rate was almost in parity between US$ and CAD$.

  • Wayne

    Would the fastest way to have an iP5 in our hands be by lining up on launch day or via pre-order?

  • That is a good question. I am asking myself the same.

  • AEdouard

    The lower prices in Canada are the result of the 3 year contracts compared to the 2 year contracts in the US. When you take that into account, we actually pay more.

  • excaliburca

    128GB phones could be the surprise this year… that would be nice.

  • Hyperextension

    I waited in line at Square One in Mississauga for the iPhone 4 release. I had the phone in my hand at about 8AM on launch day. For the iPhone 4S, I used Apple’s pre-order. I had the phone in my hand at about 7PM on launch day. So…you will have the phone quicker by lining up I think, but only if you need it first thing in the morning. Pre-order was much easier and I didn’t have to stand in line for 12 hours.

  • I would go with pre-order. I received mine by 9:15AM on launch day via UPS.

  • But you gotta admit.. It’s pretty fun and exciting waiting in the line… You get tired, yes, but you’re constantly counting the hours and minutes left for you to get your hands on that iPhone… Great place to socialize with iPhone lovers as well lol!

  • Yep, waiting in line is lots of fun! Great to experience once, but after that it can be tiring depending on how early you go. This launch is going to BIG.

  • You guys would dig it if more people stand in lines… this way they would send you pictures to post here.. I did it last year from the Ottawa store, and I’ll probably do it again if I decide to go 😉

  • Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast waiting in line…but of course I also enjoy receiving photos of line ups too 😛

  • dave

    is there a limit on how many we can order per house hold ? we have big family of 5 and we all want the new phone? I”m worried if we order 2 per account but with the same shipping address apple might cancel them all 🙁 any ideas

  • NoOneCares

    Any rumors on Rogers waiving early activation fees? That could decide whether I bother or not – they still want too much for my 26 month old iPhone 4!

  • DjDATZ

    I’d be all for that!

  • DjDATZ

    Yea, getting your pre-order in ASAFP would be your best bet.

  • Dan

    Can we pre-order if we already have a Rogers contract and upgrade / re-sign for 3 years, or is the pre-order only for unlocked phones? If not, well I have my answer…

  • Yes you can pre-order locked phones from our carriers.

  • Pab

    Gary, have you heard anything about the pre-orders from Bell? Or, how does a pre-order from Best Buy or Future Shop work. I got the 4 the day of launch waiting in line, but I have to work on the 21st, so I won’t be able to do that this time around.

  • You pre-order from FS/BB the carrier iPhone of your choice. and then pick up in store.

  • hub2


    I would *gladly* forgo the pathetic $40 “savings” in exchange for 2-year contracts instead of 3.

  • Chantal

    Any rumours on if the 6gb plan will come back with the launch?

  • Pretty sure it will magically re-appear, like always.

  • BuyItOut

    There will be plenty of people crying for iPhone 5 when they can’t afford or too cheap to pay regular price for it. They will turn to their carriers asking for discounts but continue to complain on the contracts that they sign up on. For the ones who already upgrade their iPhone 4/4S will be crying to their carriers asking for mercy so they can upgrade to iPhone 5.

  • gerry

    Dave, normally Apple limits 2 purchases her customer, but if you and your wife order two, their’s 4 right their for the family. Just have to wait to get the 5th one in store if you’re lucky on launch day.

  • c

    Gary, where did you preorder? WIth a carrier or with Apple? I would much prefer to preorder with Apple, except I need to renew my contract… and therefore will need to preorder with Rogers. From past experience, I heard that it did not go so smoothly and that people who pre ordered with ROgers did not receive it on Launch day.

  • draz

    Can’t wait to hear the official words on how pre-orders work. I would most likely still go line up at like 3 or 4am in the morning, but if the pre-ordering allows me to get the iPhone on launch day and can be processed as a hardware upgrade I’m down for that, doesn’t matter what retailer. Being in a big city nearly all Apple launch day retailers are less than 20mins away.

    I am not paying full price for an iPhone! Hardware upgrade only please!

  • Magrat22

    Will the keynote be shown on Apple’s website?

  • I pre-ordered with Apple.

    What you can do is pre-order with Apple first, while you’re waiting for your “pre-order” with Rogers (assuming you negotiate a killer Retentions plan).

    Once you receive your Rogers iPhone, just sell it sealed on Craigslist, as you should be able to get full price (or more) for it. That money will pay for your Apple pre-order and the subsidized price paid up front. In the end, it works out the same but you get an unlocked phone from Apple and didn’t have to wait too long.

  • djepsilon

    If history repeats, likely not.

  • kyuusei

    Really hope you’re right about the capacity. I’m still on 8 GB (3GS!) and… after two years I’m so ready for 64 GB. 😛

    I just don’t know whether I want to pre-order through Rogers or wait at an Apple Store.

  • Mike

    Your Rogers iPhone is locked, people won’t pay the full price or more for a locked phone. Your apple receipt wouldn’t match the Roger’s iPhone.

  • Alex

    Have contract with telus expiring. If I buy subsidized iphone 5 from fido have to sign new contract. will they let me choose any plan?
    Also can I buy fido subsidized iphone 5 at apple store?

  • Actually, you’re incorrect. The locked and sealed 16GB Rogers iPhone 4S sold for $650 in Vancouver, and that was just after the iPhone 4S launch. It really depends on how ‘good’ you are at Craigslist. I had a Future Shop receipt to prove its authenticity and was fully transparent.

    A fully unsubsidized Rogers 16GB iPhone 4S at the come cost $649. Some people just want the phone as they are locked in contracts, and can easily just pop in a SIM card.

    What does my Apple receipt have to do with the Rogers iPhone?

  • Best bet is to wait and see what the carriers release tomorrow or the day after.

    Yes, you can buy your Fido phone at the Apple Store.

  • Hussain

    Telus business line is ur best bet they always have 6gig

  • swotam

    Historically, if you want the subsidized phone you have to sign a contract to get it. If you are already under contract you can either renew (if that’s an option) or buy out your contract early (paying the associated penalty) and then sign up for another 3 years in order to get the new iPhone at a discounted price. In this case the phone you get will be locked to the carrier.

    The other option is to just buy it unlocked from Apple and use it with whichever carrier you wish. If you are planning to buy a carrier locked phone I’d suggest doing it online or at one of the carrier or partner stores as opposed to going to the Apple Store on launch day. The lineups are insane and move very slowly since the carrier activation’s take a long time to complete, their systems often crash, and you’ll be there for hours waiting.

    Last year when the 4S came out I bought out my Fido contact 12 months early, then on launch day I went to a local Wireless Wave store at 8:00 am, walked in (no line), bought my Fido subsidized 4S, and walked out 10 minutes later. Compare this with the Apple Store where people waited in line for 8+ hours for the same thing.

    In any event, pre-ordering online from Apple is the way to go IMO.

  • swotam

    I’d avoid the Rogers/Fido reservation system. Keep in mind, you aren’t “pre-ordering” the phone, you’re reserving one. Reserving doesn’t mean you get it on launch day, it just means you’ll get one, eventually.

  • swotam

    The Rogers/Fido reservation system is not a pre-order system, there is no guarantee that you will get your phone on launch day, and odds are you won’t.

    Case in point. Last year I used the Fido reservation system to reserve a 4S, I did this on the first day it was available and had a position in queue around 800. The day before launch day, my order status changed from Received to Processing, and then sat at that point for another week before the phone finally shipped to my local reseller. I received the email that I could pick it up 14 days after ordering, and 7 days after the device launched. In the meantime I had bought one on launch day at Wireless Wave (no line) so I just cancelled it at that point.

    Reservation does not = pre-order with these systems. If you want to be guaranteed a phone on launch day, make sure you pre-order it from someone who is actually taking pre-orders (Apple, Best Buy, Future Shop), line up at the Apple Store and wait, or go to a local reseller and get it there.

  • C

    Pre orders on the apple store website only allow us in Canada to buy the phone outright =)

  • C

    When you lined up for the iPhone 4, You lined up at 8PM? – and which # in line were you? I am trying to calculate when to line up next friday! Thank in advanced… I’m in Vancouver

  • Dave

    WHat number were you in line when you lined up at 8PM??

  • Hi Hyperexyension,
    I am planning to line up at the Square 1, Mississauga Apple store for the Iphone. When did you line up to get the device in your hand at 8 AM on launch day. Were you in line from the previous day??

  • smallville944

    Hi does anyone know if i can buy a iPhon 5 at full retail price and transfer all my data, SIM and current plan onto my iPhone 5 without having to change my plan are extend my Contract