iPhone 5 Rumour Roundup: What to Expect on Wednesday


The iPhone event is knocking on our doorstep as Wednesday at 10:00 AM Tim Cook will take the stage at the Yerba Buena Center. With the amount of leaks and rumours throughout the past few months, we have constructed an iPhone 5 rumour roundup. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and read on for the details.

A New Design & Look: 

Starting off with the back-end of the sixth-generation iPhone, we can expect a two-toned back plate. Just like last year’s model, a white and black model will hit the market. The back plate will feature a black/dark gray or white/silver-ish combination. Apple also may do away with the glass-backing, replacing it with a full metal solution.

The size of the screen will boost from 3.5 inches to around 4.0 inches. Nearly every single report on-hand speculates a screen size ranging from 3.9 to 4.1 inches in height.

In with the minor changes, the Facetime camera will be centered above the earpiece speaker.

Increased Speed & Better Battery:

We haven’t had much speculation to back the processing speeds of the New iPhone, but we do have one particular leak that revealed an A6 processor. This would be a huge upgrade over the dual-core A5 processor found in the iPhone 4S. The A6 would bring quad-core processing to the iPhone.

In effort to run the larger display and LTE services (described below) a 1440 mAh battery will be installed. This is a small upgrade from the 1430 mAh battery found in the iPhone 4S.

Bye-Bye 30-Pin Dock Connector:

Could this be the new iPhone 5 dock connector?

Apple’s unique 30-pin connector will finally hit the exit as a new unintroduced 8 or 9-pin dock connector will be revealed during Wednesday’s keynote. To go alongside the connector, a 30-pin adapter will sell for $10, according to reports.

4G Capabilities:

The ability to run on an LTE network is nearly a given. Apple first introduced the capability with the New iPad, so why wouldn’t they add it to the iPhone 5?

The only disadvantage to using LTE is the fast battery drainage. That’s where the increased battery capacity will come to great use.

iOS 6:

Yes, the New iPhone will come installed with the new iOS 6 operating system! Apple introduced the operating system during June at their WWDC event.  The OS includes over 200 new features such as a new mapping solution, better Siri, and Facebook integration. You can click here to learn more about iOS 6.

How About The Name?

The upcoming iPhone will be Apple’s sixth iteration of the iPhone. In my mind, the iPhone will not be officially labeled the “iPhone 5” because it’s a sixth generation phone. I furthermore expect Apple to label this phone simply “New iPhone” just as they did with the iPad.


Apple hasn’t changed their pricing in the history of the iPhone. The pricing the iPhone 4S held at its release will be the price you pay for the iPhone 5.

What Else?

The camera on the new iPhone hasn’t been a huge topic in the rumour books, but we know Apple may slightly upgrade the camera from the 8-megapixel camera on the iPhone 4S.

The Micro SIM card will be replaced by an all-new Nano SIM card. We’ve seen multiple photos of the iPhone all containing a smaller SIM-card slot.

Looks like NFC won’t be implemented anytime soon, based on this observation by AnandTech.

Final Thoughts:

Well, the New iPhone will have a lot to offer. I personally am excited for the release because I want to have a larger display for the first time since the 2007 iPhone release. The legitimacy of today’s rumour roundup will be told come Wednesday, so we will just have to wait and see.

What would you like to see on the New iPhone?


  • AndrewK

    Security is a huge issue and I’d love to see finger print scanning for accessing and unlocking the Device !

  • GamingSV

    Im really hoping the iPhone “5” will be a real world phone. e.g. support T-Mobile, Wind, Mobilicity, etc.

  • Corey

    Apple has changed iPhone pricing in the past. The iPhone 4 was cheaper then the 3G In Canada anyways

  • Kev

    It’s just a taller, faster, 4S. The “200 new features” aren’t really wowing me, seeing as maybe 5 of them are new, and the rest are just improvements that they should have implemented into iOS 5 a long time ago. I see no reason to replace/upgrade based on everything we’ve seen so far, since iOS 6 doesn’t seem to have any novelties worth the upgrade, and a 3GS can still run iOS 5 just fine.

  • gerry

    I got a feeling that the back of the iPhone will be ALL aluminum. Or a totally different design, that would be funny.

  • RyanStOnge

    Yeah I guess you never know. I’m banking that this years rumours are mostly right.

  • RyanStOnge

    I’m not wowed by the 200 new features part either, just took that line from Apple’s site. I basically named the landmark features.

  • RyanStOnge

    Sorry, should have been more clear. I’m not talking about pricing when tied into a contract, I am talking the non-contracted device. Carriers change the prices all the time.

  • RyanStOnge

    I am hoping so too. If you really wanted to you could buy the phone unlocked, but it’s expensive.

  • RyanStOnge

    That would be an awesome feature. I’ve saw so many concepts with this but I think the iPhone is still years away from that technology sadly.

  • tc_mack

    Taller….what about wider? If the device is wider and taller I’ll upgrade, otherwise, not a good enough improvement in my mind.

  • ????Dennis

    Great article Ryan.

    I’m hoping the the two toned back we have seen is just apple tricking everyone because it looks ugly. I’m not too sure about the phone just being taller and not gaining any width. I guess time will only tell. I really hope they upgrade the earpiece and external speakers because right now on the 4 they are just horrible.

  • rockinr

    Not overwhelming at all. Maybe a 4″ Screen, when most of the competition is 4.8″? Everyone is talking about taller but not wider, may look funny.
    Maybe 4 LTE? Slightly larger capacity battery, only to be chewed up by the 4 LTE.
    I personally think it misses the mark.

  • xxJDxx

    Bigger screen? LTE? Quad core? All good reasons to upgrade IMO…

  • Coluch

    Ryan, it doesn’t matter if you have the current (or previous) iPhones unlocked, they are not actual world phones, because they do not support all common frequency bands. GamingSV is referring to the lack of support for carriers that run on those bands.

    It’s extra frustrating because I specifically purchased the factory unlocked 4S with the purpose of travelling, yet when I was in the USA and tried to buy a SIM card while travelling, my experience was horrid.

    1) AT&T will sell you a SIM with prepaid data – UNLESS YOU HAVE AN iPHONE. Yes, they discriminate against iPhone users (and not any others) under the premise that iPhone users will use more data. I’m not sure how it’s legal, but when I suggested that I could buy the SIM and not tell them it’s for an iPhone, one of their nerdy tech guys told me that they actually use IMEI numbers to identify iPhones and block data. WOW.

    2) Sprint & Verizon were not options and couldn’t/wouldn’t sell prepaid data SIMS to me at all.

    3) T-Mobile is more than happy to provide prepaid data to anyone, however, their 3G network is not supported by the iPhone’s limited radio. So even though I bought unlimited data for $50, it was on EDGE speeds only. If you think that’s not a big deal, I dare you to try EDGE for a full day. I had to resort to using paper maps from time to time without GPS, because EDGE simply choked on all the data at times. Sometimes rebooting was necessary to restore connectivity after particularly large data requests timed out. EDGE = NEVER AGAIN.

    The light at the end of the tunnel here was this nugget of info from their CSRs: T-Mobile is retrofitting their towers to support the other frequencies (which will include current iPhones), and should be in place sometime in the fall of 2012 – that’s very soon. However, T-Mobile’s changes will only affect 3G connectivity and specifically 3G devices that are currently on other frequencies.

    If the new iPhone is 4G, it better damn well support ALL BANDS or it will be this same mess all over again on certain carriers around the world – creating headaches for travellers expecting an easy SIM-swap.

  • My experience in the USA while roaming with an unlocked phone was enhanced with a cheap LTE hotspot from T-Mobile. 4G speeds no matter where I went.

  • Coluch

    Wish I had thought of / knew about that option. FML.

    Really, I’m still dumbfounded that AT&T can discriminate. They flat out told me that if I had any other device they would have no problem providing me a SIM with unlimited prepaid data.

  • Yeah, it really doesn’t make sense.

    The hotspot I was using was from Roam Mobility (based in Canada; setup in Canada before you go) review unit, which is actually a rebranded ZTE hotspot from T-Mobile. The hotspot route is actually a decent one as you can also share it with your laptop, iPad, etc.

    No more being a ‘Starbucks tourist’, although that is still lots of fun.

  • Calvin

    Will their be a site or app here we can watch this event?

  • It won’t be live streamed (or, they haven’t announced it; two years ago they did stream an iPod event) but your best bet is to follow live coverage from The Verge or GDGT.

  • I think a taller iPhone that’s the same width is the only way the screen could possibly grow larger. A wider screen would throw off every app interface design out there, while a taller screen would accommodate a lot of app designs fairly easily.

  • While you stated them with more confidence than I would have (Apple can always have a well-hidden surprise up their sleeve… remember Siri? Or how everyone was fairly confident the 4S would be a 5?) I tend to agree, a lot of the rumours seem likely. Still, I’m kinda hoping Apple pulls some tricks out and debunks some of the rumours, just to mix things up and give us a few surprises. 🙂

  • Tom

    Hi. I’m a Rogers customer and I am eligible for a hardware upgrade. Am I able to go to the Apple store where it is readily available or do I have to go to the Rogers store (ugh)

  • draz

    Apple store can do hardware upgrades

  • RyanStOnge

    Thanks. I actually have like the two toned back ;p But I agree with the earpiece and speaker, they aren’t the best.

  • RyanStOnge

    We all hope for surprises. If they don’t surprise us, in a way I probably will be disappointed at the end of the event. I like what I’m hearing with all the rumours, but a surprise makes it that much better.

  • Vince Turnone

    Are you expecting a sept 21 Canadian release as well?

  • pegger1

    Actually enlarging the screen in only one direction is what would throw off the apps. If the screen size was increased in height and width at the same proportion it wouldn’t affect apps at all.

  • pegger1

    And which iPhone were you completely wowed by other than the first one?
    Every new iPhone that comes out isn’t a huge upgrade from the previous one. It’s never good enough for peoples expectations. Each iPhone isn’t meant to have a 1 year life span. I don’t think Apple expects everyone to upgrade every year.

  • pegger1

    Reserve one online through the Rogers site. I did that with the 4S and I had it available at the store of my choosing on release day. Even if you end up getting one at Apple store, you can cancel you’re reserved one.

  • The only way a proportionally larger screen would not mess up app designs is if Apple kept the same screen resolution, which would lower the PPI specs of the screen and Apple would no longer be able to call it a “Retina Display.” They wouldn’t do that.

    So if they increase the resolution to suit the new screen size, that leaves them having to scale apps up to fit the new resolution, but then they’d be interpolated (scaled up slightly from their native resolution), which would look awful (messing up the app design). They wouldn’t do that either.

    Alternatively they could have floating apps in the center of a larger screen with black bars all around them, but that would would look silly, and expecting every app developer to re-design their app interface graphics in less than a month is obviously ridiculously out of the question.

    However, with a screen that’s taller but not wider, any apps that use interface elements on the top and/or bottom of the screen with a scrolling content area (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) could just shift those elements to the new top and bottom and automatically adjust the content area to fill the new height. No graphics would need to be redesigned because you’re not scaling any elements, just shifting them. Any apps with a fixed height would just have black bars above and below the app until they’re redesigned, which would look much less silly than black around all the edges. As a bonus, the new screen would also be a 16:9 ratio making it perfect for watching videos.