iPhone 5 Shipping Times Improve to 2-4 Days in Canada and the USA


Earlier today Apple updated iPhone 5 shipping times for international online stores to 2-4 days, and just now both Canada and the U.S. stores reflect this new change:

iphone 5 shipping times

Just six days ago iPhone 5 shipping times improved to one week from 2-3 weeks (and previous to that 3-4 weeks). Earlier today Apple announced it would launch the new iPhone 5 in South Korea this week and more than 50 additional countries in December. Apple is going to sell an insane amount of iPhones this holiday quarter now that its supply chain can handle the demand.


  • K3

    Dont know if I heard correctly but the iphone for next year is in production early because it will carry a “designed in California, made in the USA”.

  • The iPhone 5 seems pretty complex and expensive labour wise to manufacture on a large scale in the USA. If it happens though, I’ll be impressed.

  • redssarge

    I’m annoyed they charge us $50 more than the USA…heck, even the Macbooks are on par now