Here is the iPhone 5 on the Videotron AWS Network [PICS]


Back in March T-Mobile announced it would be selling an AWS-compatible iPhone 5 (to support AWS 1700/2100 MHz bands) and shortly afterwards Quebecor’s Videotron stated this new iPhone would be compatible on its HSPA+ AWS network and could allow the company to offer the device.

When the T-Mobile iPhone 5 went on sale some eager Canadians got their hands on the device and showed off being connected to AWS networks from WIND Mobile and Mobilicity.

Below are a couple images of an AWS iPhone 5 connected to Videotron, via reader @DeanLubaki, who purchased his device from an Apple Store in the U.S.:



Note the HSPA+ speedtest above is pretty decent and would go great with the network’s Unlimited Voice and Data $55 plan.

Apple retails stores in Canada have already started offering AWS units for warranty replacements–you can find out if your iPhone 5 is an AWS model here. Anyone else using their AWS iPhone 5 on Videotron?


  • Cyrus Wu

    I am waiting for full offical support on these AWS networks before switching (offering a nano-sim).

  • FragilityG4

    You’re missing the “i” in iPhone on the header …

  • reformcanada

    You might end up waiting a long time then. I think the influence the big 3 will have on Apple will delay an official AWS launch in Canada indefinitely.

  • FragilityG4

    They can’t influence Apple. Why would Apple care what Rogers, Bell or Telus thinks? its not like they’ll stop selling their phone.

    If Apple wants to release it in Canada they’ll do it … It just depends when they’ll do it.

  • Whoa, not sure how I missed that. Fixed! Thx

  • crosseyed_mofo

    next phone will be when its official im sure

  • Andy

    Someone’s got Grindr…

  • 😀

  • I think that’s the total opposite. I’m sure that Apple have an influence on the big 3.

  • Alex

    Just switched from Bell to Videotron today. Honestly couldn’t be happier to be paying much less for a great service. Signal strength has been spot on and data speeds are fast. If you’re in Quebec with an unlocked AWS iPhone, I highly suggest going with Videotron. Even iMessage works!

  • IAN

    I just switched recently also, and I agree with you. How did you setup the iMessage/MMS configuration in your APN cellular setting?

    Thanks in advance for your reply, IAN…

  • TheOne

    You know the icon well….