Low-Light Camera Shootout: Lumia 920 vs. iPhone 5 vs. HTC One X vs. Nokia 808 vs. Galaxy S III [PHOTOS]


For some, it’s all about the camera. They don’t care about the OS or the build quality and certainly not LTE. If you’re one of those ‘photo nerds‘ looking to upgrade your camera phone, then this would be of great interest to you. Folks over at Engadget have compared low-light shooting capabilities of today’s most popular smartphones i.e Lumia 920, iPhone 5, HTC One X, Nokia 808 and Galaxy S III. Find out which one comes out on top!

Looks like Apple’s flagship smartphone (and of course our favourite) couldn’t beat Lumia 920’s low-light shooting capabilities, coming up as the first runner-up. According to the tests, it didn’t perform as well in dimmer light when capturing images from a dark rooftop late at night as compared to Lumia 920, which offered the most even exposure of all of the devices tested. On the other hand, Samsung’s flagship smartphone was the biggest loser.

“Next up is the Nokia 808 PureView, which did a fantastic job compared to the other handsets, but required a longer exposure and lost significant color detail. For its part, the One X snapped some detail, but the image is hardly usable — it’s quite dark and noisy. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S III just barely squeezed by, snapping only the brightest elements. All in all, it really won’t do”.

Check out the following shots for a much better idea:



  • Wow, that Lumia 920 looks pretty awesome! I’m impressed!

  • JH

    I’m impressed with the results of the Nokia but I’m a bit concerned with the photo output. if you are taking a low light shot don’t you want the photo to at least show some sort of indication that it was during low light? The photo above makes it look like it was broad daylight when in fact it wasn’t. Isn’t the iphone and the other phones more realistic in capturing the lighting conditions? It seems like the white balance was shifted on the lumia to give colours you wouldn’t see with your naked eye in low light conditions. I wonder what the iPhone photo would look like with its white balance also shifted.

  • Mark

    I don’t understand what the situation is with the second set of images.

  • It’s nice for the Nokia 920…. But i was reading somewhere this am… the Nokia 920 is a much thicker phone compare to the iPhone 5…

    But i’m very happy with the result of the iPhone 5… especially compared to the Galaxy III

  • My tech wish for 2013 is that Microsoft and RIM don’t blow it, I want to see Android have to fight. Apple will keep doing what they do, but the other 3 could be fun.

  • present

    Im happy 🙂
    I like to hear any galaxy bad news!

  • Vincent W

    That second set of images looks bizarre. It looks like day time, but if it is, then the other three phones are stupidly useless, which obviously is not the case. None of those four pictures look like night time pics. They just look like some kind of dark filter was applied to simulate results.

    Something’s not right there. I’ll wait till I get my own 920 and can do my own comparisons.