Nano SIMs Arrive At German T-Mobile For A “Near Future” Release


Nano SIM discussion has gone on throughout the past year as the new iPhone is expected to launch with the all-new ‘mini’ SIM standard. These unique SIM cards are yet to be seen physically, according to past reports Apple will be the lone company with this type of SIM.

German carrier, T-Mobile, actually had their first set of Nano SIMs arrive over the weekend. A report by was able to issue proof via a photograph:

With the new SIM cards also came a message for employees. Although the specific use wasn’t stated, it gave a great hint at the iPhone 5:

Dear partners,

You will receive today a new generation of SIM cards for the latest generation of smartphones that come in the near future on the market. Sort your SIM card please first not in their cards in hand and give it not out to customers. We will inform you shortly about how to proceed.

Current iPhone models exist with the Micro-SIM standard. The difference between the two is the plastic boarder around the chip. The one reason Apple is believed to be changing the card-size relates to device size. A clunkier SIM card just creates less room to store internal chips.

We’ll find out on September 12th (hopefully).


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