New 6GB Voice and Data Plans from Rogers, Telus and Bell in Time for iPhone 5


MobileSyrup reports they have gotten their hands on new 6GB voice and data plans from Canada’s ‘Big 3’ carriers, just in time for the iPhone 5. Here are three plans from Rogers, Bell and Telus

Rogers: $73 6GB Plan (Promo is in-market from September 14th – September 30th)
– 200 minutes, My10 Canada-wide, unlimited SMS/MMS, 6PM evening and weekends, 6 GB of LTE shareable data

Bell: Fab 10 Promo 73 with 6GB of data for $73/month
– 200 anytime minutes, Fab10 Nation-wide, unlimited SMS/MMS, 6PM evening and weekends, 6GB of data, 10 hours of Mobile TV

TELUS: Promo Voice and Data 75 for $75/month
– 200 local time minutes, nationwide talk and text to 10 Fav numbers, nationwide family calling, 6PM evening and weekends, unlimited Canada/USA/Int’l SMS/MMS, caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, conference calling, unlimited local calling for first month, 6GB of data

Virgin and Koodo also released 6GB plans, with reports Fido’s plans are coming soon. Click here to check out the rest of the plan details.

The iPhone 5 now supports LTE networking, so it’s in your best interest to get hooked up with a 6GB plan as anything smaller will get blown away pretty quickly. Do note that current 3G data plans from Rogers will be automatically switched to LTE by the end of September.


  • Jimbob

    What’s the difference between these plans and the 6gb super plans they offered a few weeks ago? Anybody know?

  • Any sign of the $30/6GB plan?

  • Keith Longpre

    Telus has the best it looks like

  • Telus does have the best offer and they had all their ducks lined up in a row for the iPhone 5 before Bell and Rogers

  • fidoguy

    what happen with fido?

  • iFone

    Anybody knows if Koodo will support LTE in time for the iPhone 5?

  • hey_dude1643

    Looks like no difference beside the price hike….
    Rip off really…..

  • steve

    200 minutes? What a joke. Wind is offering unlimited calling and data for $29.

  • J0sh

    The super plan was the same thing for $60 but didn’t include data sharing so it works out to the same price if u add data sharing to the super plan

  • Saynt

    Not cool that it’s a price hike for the iPhone.

  • Alex


    I was wondering if someone could help me. I got the iPhone 5 32 fb pre-ordered but I still don’t know how much t cost me. I got the 4s last year so my interact will be over in oct 2014… How does it work? I know there is some calculations but I just don’t know the math… Please and thank you. 😉

  • Mortys11

    Just amazing!

    How do they get away with this.

    Competition is dead, collusion is obvious.

  • Alex

    Sorry about the mistakes (stupid auto-correct 😉

    Interact = contract

  • I’ve got the same plan for 55$ with retention today + CID and VVM 😉 On Fido…

  • Only with retention..

  • MrBambinoDent

    This is ridiculous, there is actually no competitio, they are just mimicking each other to let you know you’re screwed either way, even kood released a crappy plan that doesn’t include unlimited messaging or even unlimited incoming like before and only 150 minutes. I was always waiting for some kind of simultaneous price drops but now it’s the opposite. Ugh.

  • xxxJDxxx

    It is strange how these three always seem to come out with nearly identical plans at the same time.

  • Telus is the clear winner and includes call display, etc. Rogers has mediocre coverage in eastern Canada.

  • Calvin

    Will my 6gb data plan work with the 4G or do u need a 4g data plan

  • ih8reno

    still seems like a ripoff, considering 6 for 60$ plans came out a month ago

  • JayT

    Not true. I have the Super Plan and share data with iPad for $2/mnth.

  • J0sh

    Its $2 /month for the first 10 months them $12 a month for the rest but maybe some people got it for the 3 years

  • Rambling dambling

    They have to compete?

  • Rambling dambling

    Probably really slow network

  • warpdrive

    The TELUS site actually has a plan called “national voice and data 75”. Identical to the TELUS plan listed here but the 200 minutes included can be used for long distance nationwide. Looks like the evening and weekends are unlimited long distance as well. This is the plan I’m moving to when my in TELUS store pre order arives next Friday.

  • warpdrive

    Actually the only other difference I see is the nationwide 75 does not include texts to the U.S. or International.

  • JOhn

    Does Telus include free tethering?

  • Yes it does. 🙂

  • steve

    Wind is 3g. It’s fast enough for pretty much everything you need to do on the go. Is that LTE really worth the extra $50/month?

  • JD182

    Does Rogers include free tethering?

  • steve

    The fact that you have to call in an beg for a better plan every year is crazy.

  • Yes

  • pure_4

    Meanwhile in the states T-Mobil is offering UNLIMITED DATA VOICE, AND TEXT MESSAGING FOR 69.99 US. Which is like 67 dollars Canadian. F%$@ i hate the big three and wish the government would let competition into Canada like everywhere else in the world……

  • Mike

    Its worth it for me, can’tlive without LTE on my phone.

  • bradg17

    they may be competing, but somehow this kinda feels like price fixing lol

  • warpdrive

    And… You can get 5000 scene points if you renew with TELUS right now if you have a Scotiabank scene card. That will be 5 free movies at the theater. This deal is getting sweeter by the minute for me! Lol

  • Sandy

    I pre-ordered the 64GB from Apple. I am just month to month with Rogers since my contract ended in July. I haven’t had an unlocked phone before, do I just pop the SIM out of my 3GS? Will Rogers give me a better deal or was it stupid to get an unlocked iPhone? New waters for me.

  • You’ll need to get a nano SIM, activate it and pop it into your new iPhone. Get one for free from Apple

  • How long have you lived WITH LTE on your phone?

  • The LTE isn’t worth it, but being able to use an iPhone is. Just checked into Wind. It sounds pretty awesome, but unfortunately an iPhone won’t work on Wind’s network. Too bad, because for that price it would almost be worth it pay the unsubsidized extra for a factory unlocked phone just to be able to use it on Wind.

  • If you’re out of your contract with Rogers, they would have given you the 64GB iPhone 5 for $379, if you sign up for a 3-year contract… and if they had any in stock. So you’d save money jumping back into a contract, but with an unlocked phone you get flexibility to move between cell carriers (and more leverage when bargaining your plan pricing), buy local pre-paid SIM cards when travelling for costs much lower than what Rogers charges for roaming, and a higher resale value when selling the phone.

  • Chris Burke

    For those Who don’t want this because they need voice mail.. Get the plan, then download YouMail a free visual voicemail app.. It works in Canada, you just need to email their support to set it up.. This is what I did, works great too.. I saved $22.. Now looking for a free called ID app!

  • But you can’t use an iPhone on T-Mobil’s network, at least not to its full potential. As someone else pointed out, Wind Mobile here in Canada offers a $40/month unlimited voice/data/messaging plan, but unfortunately their network isn’t compatible with the iPhone. 🙁

  • bradg17

    just called bell and a customer service rep told me that their plan also includes call display and voicemail, unfortunately no visual voicemail though 🙁

    Edit: actually i just called a different one and they said it has visual voicemail too

  • Ryan

    not sure it’s price fixing when Roger & Bell excludes the calling feature essentials in their plans, but TELUS includes it (caller ID, voicemail, etc.) add $10-$15 /m to get those added on.

  • bradg17

    thats exactly what i thought but i just called bell and a rep told me that it had visual voicemail and call display. i hope they tell me the same thing when i call back to order it lol. also its $75 they told me

  • tata

    just signed up for $50/month for all of the above with Fido. $20 voice plug 30$ 6gig. Not bad, 250 anytime u/e u/w free incoming plus all the bells and wistles..

    deals are there u just gotta find them!

  • Preservation

    YouMail provides free voicemail but the call forwarding feature needs to be activated. That works out to 25 cents per forward which adds up.
    Is there away to avoid the call forwarding charges?

  • anon

    6gb of data(cool), 200 minutes?!(uncool) who doesn’t get past 200 minutes? I do an average of 1500 minutes/month!

  • Not Happy

    What a joke. Seven weeks ago the carriers were offering $60 plans for the same thing.

  • Jay

    Will canadian carriers have unlimited facetime like american carriers?

  • jbob

    how long are these plans going to be available for? I’m moving back to Canada in Jan and wanted one of these plans. will they still be around?

  • smallville944

    I pay $60/month for all these features plus more with my 4S with bell

  • smallville944

    Exactly that’s what I was paying but I guess LTE has something to do with it

  • cUn1t

    Virgin also has a $75 6GB plan that just launched on the 15th. Same as the $73 plan except the new plan includes Call Display and Visual Voicemail.

  • xywix

    So even though the new iPhone has this changing antenna, they still don’t work on wind!!! I assumed if it works on Verizon and at&t then it should work on the main three and others like wind and public Mobil???!!!

  • xywix

    Have you heard of unlimited incoming and free after 5??? That’s how I get away with it.

  • Every 3 years 😉 Still lame, I concede..

  • Itsjames

    I pre ordered at Best Buy with the intent of signing up with Rogers. Does anyone know if I can change my mind and go with Telus instead once I go pick it up? I guess what I’m really asking is, for iPhones in Canada do the big 3 all use them same version of the iPhone?

  • You should be able to. The iPhones come in ‘unlocked’, and are only locked to Rogers/Bell/Fido upon activation.

  • ojamali

    Hi all,

    I was number 855 on the Rogers reservation system when I first reserved my Black 64GB on the My Rogers reservation website. Placed my order around 9am-10am on launch day. but since last night I got moved to number 155. Does that mean the first 700 orders have been processed and ready to ship? My status still says “OPEN”. Wondering if my order will be processed in the first batch or later.

    BTW I called later on the same day to find out the price I will be paying and found out that Rogers was going to charge me $ 180 early upgrade fee since my 3 yr contract was scheduled to end in Aug 2013 — but they waived the entire charge. The Rogers rep who processed my order was from Retentions for some reason (my call was directed straight to retentions instead of a regular CSR — maybe b/c all CSR’s were busy) and originally offered me a 50% credit towards the Early upgrade fee but when I asked nicely she gave me a 100% credit and told me that this offer is only for today (launch day Sept 14th). Did anyone else have similar experience?

  • Ryan

    The $60 Superplan they offered at the beginning of August was the exact same plan and the 6GB of data is LTE

  • Guy Brown

    Just updated to 6GB plan with Rogers but this gets confusing–
    son in law gets free caller ID I don’t. Mentioned this and told ( very politely ) this is not possible. What the h___!!!

  • Magrat22

    He probably has a package that includes voicemail, caller id and forwarding. It’s about $12. That or when he signed up for his plan they gave him a credit for a certain period of time for caller id. It’s how on his bill or in myRogers.

  • Guy Brown

    Sorry. Forgot to mentio same plan 1 day earlier.

  • Why is Rogers the only one that says “LTE”?

  • Celluless

    This is why these companies allow people to activate plans on a month to month contract which will allow you to upgrade at any point. So now think about it. If you all had activated price plans with any of these companies using the $60 Super Plan on a month to month contract using your own phone, then you’d be able to upgrade now to the IPhone and keep the same plan.

  • Celluless

    Point being… don’t complain. When these plans are offered these companies say.. “Limited time offer. Get yours today” You choose not to hoping they’ll bring out something better, which they might but question is….when?

  • Ben

    Nope – I’m in this exact boat, but all 3 carriers give you specified plans that you must use with new iphone to ‘cover cost’ of device. So to get iphone 5, I’d need to give up my sweet plan. This Super 6 has mysteriously vanished from their systems.

  • mk

    wind only works in select cities too. unless you live in a major metro area, you pay wayyyyyyyy more

  • Jim

    They are all god damn thieves bottom line

  • Jim

    Fucking joke