New iPhone 5 Mock Up Inspired by the Magic Mouse


With the iPhone 5 supposedly coming this fall, we can be sure to see lots of rumours, mock ups, and spy pics over the coming months. Personally, I enjoy seeing other designers take on the iPhone. Kind of like hearing a good covering song. Not quite as good as the original, but an interesting take on it.

Ciccarese has released these mock up photos for what an iPhone inspired by the Magic Mouse design might look like. The teardrop design is attractive, but makes the device much thicker in the middle. The lock button and headphone jack are moved to the side. They seem to have forgotten the 30 pin connector, as well as the speaker and mic on the bottom. Maybe they are assuming wireless sync only, and some other method to input/output audio? It still looks pretty.

The lit up Apple icon on the back is a nice touch. I’d like to see that feature on the next iPhone. It definitely goes along with the design of the current MacBook line up. What do you hope to see in the design of the next iPhone? I know we have already seen some possible iPhone 5 designs surface, with there even being cases already made, but that doesn’t gaurantee that’ll be the final design. I’m looking forward to the iPhone 5, and I’m sure I’ll be lining up on launch day to get one.



  • Anonymous

    I think it looks terrible. Imagine trying to hold that in landscape mode … Anyways imagination is fun so all to them … But if that ever came to fruition (which it wouldn’t) I would pass.

  • Peter Pottinger

    This is the worst design ever.

  • Medeirossm

    I love the apple icon in the back.

  • cilias

    I don’t like it because I usually set the phone down on a table. With this design, I would have to lay it face down, which means a) I won’t see notifications, and b) it will get the screen more dirty.

  • azzo

    kinda cool looking but would be very awkward to use . try typing once you set down on a table on in a holder  it will just rock. No No No !!!!

  • nighthawk69

    its not appley enough, the body looks like a droid dildo

  • Kraken

    It’s supposed to get thinner, not thicker.  Looks like a bar of soap.

  • Chris

    Didn’t we go through all this with the iPhone5… I mean iPhone 4S?

  • Woody13

    I would like to see a rounded or curved back piece on the next iphone. I personally prefer the 3G or 3GS to the 4 when it comes to holding and using the unit without a case.

  • Anonymous

    My eyes hurt when I look at this

  • Scovill7

    I don’t think I like this design.  I don’t want my iPhone rolling around.