Next Generation ‘iPhone 4S’ to Finally Include 64GB of Storage?


Could we finally expect an iPhone to come with 64GB of storage? According to 9to5Mac, their venerable ‘Mr.X‘ has provided some clues about what to expect for storage capacities and colour options.

The next iPhone is likely to include storage capacities and colour options akin to the iPad, that is in options of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, either in black or white. If this is the case, the iPhone and iPad capacities would merge to be on the same level field in terms of storage and colour options.

Earlier tonight, Canadian iPhone hacker iH8sn0w tweeted out this skeptical image, in what appears to be an iPhone 5 label en francais, that also shows 64GB written as the capacity, in black:

Back in March, a video surfaced of an iPhone 4 prototype (apparently leaked from Foxconn) that showed 64GB of onboard storage in the About menu.

A month ago, Reuters reported Apple would be launching a ‘low cost’ 8GB iPhone 4, but would that conflict with existing 8GB iPhone 3GS production? The iPhone 3GS is still a capable phone, and it could be on its way to iPhone heaven. We reported in the beginning of September that Apple Stores in Canada have stopped replenishing the device.

Four more days till Tuesday.


  • Anonymous

    I would love a 64GB iPhone and think it would be smart for Apple to release as it would be attractive for people to upgrade from their iPhone 4’s.

    Having said that, I think iCloud is their reason to not upgrade storage on devices anymore because at the end of the day storage is not a deal breaker. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Ksmith

    Storage is still definitely a deal breaker, not everyone is going to want to use icloud (I for one don’t), besides the higher capacity in storage will allow more apps to be installed on devices, plus it’ll help with taking HDR pictures and the HD video (which take up enough space already), besides if apple plays their cards right and upgrade capacity in the future to 100 gb or higher, your phone could probably replace the need for a computer

  • Anonymous

    I also have no interest in iCloud and like I said before would very much welcome a higher capacity storage. I can see your point on taking HD video but as far as apps go 16 and 32 is more then enough room. I hope I’m wrong but I think that if they make larger capacity phones it would give people less reason to use iCloud so it’s in their best interest to maintain the status quo.

    Down the road could phones replace home computers? Anything is possible, I just don’t see that anytime soon since the mobile phone is only slowly replacing the home phone.

  • Wuju

    Love to have a 64G model. Please be real this time around.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think iCloud or any cloud service can really replace physical memory until network data speeds increase significantly. Until working off the cloud is as fast and reliable as it is with physical memory, it can’t replace anything. 64GB would definitely still be welcomed by many I think. When people have large photo libraries, HD videos, music AND apps all on their phone… 32GB unfortunately doesn’t go that far anymore.

  • Lisa Chaney

    Hi Gary or Ex,

    Somewhat related question – do you think Bell/Rogers/Telus/Fido will introduce early upgrade policies for iPhone users before it’s launch? I got the iPhone 4 on launch day and they told me I can’t upgrade unless I switch to a different carrier, but I love the plan I have with Fido – any advice would be appreciated, as I’m already coveting the iPhone 5, particularly for the 64GB storage – thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Rogers and Fido allow for early Smartphone upgrades after two years (dumb phones is one) When it comes to iPhone launch time they tend to relax on the two year rule if your account is in good standing and your plan is worth it to them (ie you make them good $$$)

    I’m not sure why a CSR would tell you “you can only upgrade if you change carriers” that statement is completely false – they don’t want you to change carriers.

  • Lisa Chaney

    He said that to say Fido wouldn’t grant me an early upgrade at the present time. The only way for me to get the iPhone 5 is to start a new contract with a different carrier – I thought it was a stupid comment on his part as well. I’m disappointed, up until now I have loved being with Fido. My account is in good standing, so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, like last year, just before the launch we’ll see the carriers becoming more lenient (it makes them more money anyway by letting people buy new phones and re-sign their contracts – they would be stupid not to).

    What do you think, Gary?

  • It’s a tough one since you upgraded last year. My recommendation is to buy the iPhone 5 unlocked, then sell your iPhone 4 to subsidize your cost (it’s probably still worth $450-500 on Craigslist?), but allow you to keep your low monthly plan.

    Three year contracts are brutal now that Apple keeps releasing new iPhones all the time. 🙂