Next Wave of iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Have Shipped from Apple


For those that ordered an unlocked iPhone 5 from the Apple Online store last week but didn’t make the first pre-order (they sold out in an hour and quickly moved to a 2 week estimated delivery date), it looks like the next batch of orders have started to ship with shorter than expected wait times. readers have emailed to say their iPhone 5 pre-orders have shipped, with UPS tracking numbers already in place. One order was set to arrive by October 9th after pre-ordering on September 14th, but as of today the iPhone 5 is set to arrive by September 27th.

Apple typically over estimates their package delivery times. We were told by UPS our package was set to arrive on September 24th, but it arrived on launch day by noon. Has your ‘late’ iPhone 5 pre-order shipped yet?

Thanks Irving and Jay!


  • Kevin

    Mine still shows Oct 10th, it would be so awesome to get it early.. I didn’t preorder right away because I was going to lineup, then the bad news trickled out too late.

  • Chris

    Mine went from October 9 arrival 10 to October 1 arrival now UPSs app tells me it will arrive on the 27th. My order was said to be two weeks delayed.
    My bet is that it will show up even sooner.

  • Mao

    I ordered it on september 15 , apple says that i will get it on october 11 ! Hope that i’ll get it before ! Cant wait any more

  • NK

    Mine is at BB, stil waiting for FIDO to sort things out!

  • Tech

    Ordered on th 15th as well. I hope we will be included in the shipping updates. Anyone else order on the 15th seen shipping updates ?

  • Drwoodsy

    Ordered mine at 1am PDT, initial delivery was 10th Oct, just shipped today with new date if 27th Sept. Nice !!!

  • micheller24

    I order at 5am on the 14th with the 2 week shipping and I just got my shipping notification with delivery expected by Thursday Sept 27 by end of day! Yah!!!

  • I order mine on the 14th around 1pm. It was supposed to arrived on 9th Oct and it is now shipped to arrived on the 27th. BooYaa!!!

  • DonnieT

    Ordered mine at 12:45 am on 14th. Delivery date remains Oct 9th

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I’d suggest to all of you to check your phones with a fine toothed comb. For some reason Gary and his staff have chosen not to mention the lack of quality control for the phones currently in the pipeline & TONS of people have received their phones with cosmetic damage. Check Apple’s forum if you doubt what I’m saying.This is an Apple issue & they are aware of the problem.If you’re picking it up from a carrier store get staff to look at the phone BEFORE you leave/take possession of the phone & ask for a replacement phone immediately if you notice any cosmetic issues.

  • EJP

    I ordered mine on Sep 14 at 2 AM MT, and at this point my phone is expected to arrive Oct 2 revised now to Oct 1.

  • Ian

    Originally scheduled for Oct 9, now for Sep 28. 14 days earlier is pretty decent but I hope it comes mid week!

  • Sly

    I also ordered mine on the 15th and so far it still says shipping october 11th. We must be next in line. Hopefully we’ll hear something this week, cmon Apple!

  • Dang it! I ordered mine on the 14th at 6am and I have not received any email to let me know that it is coming any earlier. Still a confirmation on my account that mine comes on the 9th of October!

  • erik thiessen

    same. originally oct 9th, now shipped and stating Sept 27th. i am waiting anxiously.

  • Laura

    I might be the only one who ordered it on September 20th (last minute decision). Set to arrive Oct. 23rd, arrgghhh.

  • vric

    mine went from oct 2nd to oct 9th…. white 16gb ordred at 4am…

  • i’m suppose to have it by tomorrow the 28th, but according to UPS it’s still in Korea, so I am very septic.

  • Mine didn’t arrive on friday as scheduled!!!!