No You’re Not Going Crazy, Your iPhone 5 May Be Flickering


iPhone 5 Screen Flicker Example

Have you been experiencing an odd screen flicker when using your brand new beloved iPhone 5? Did you think you were seeing things? Rest assured you’re not, as a number of users have reported the same thing.

This appears to be affecting a number of iPhone 5’s, (including yours truly,) given the growing discussion thread on the Apple Support Communities website.

The issue was first noticed as early as launch day, September 21st.  I had noticed it on my first day of use as well. At first I chalked it up to a random occurrence, but it’s happened to me 2-3 more times since then.

But have no fear. The fact that a large number of people have reported the same issue, likely means it is a software issue (as opposed to being a hardware problem). Phew! Here’s hoping that is indeed the case.

Most users report that the flickering occurs when using the virtual keyboard while in the App Store. There are some other reports of it happening randomly at other points within iOS well. For me personally it is the former – I’ve only noticed it while typing within the App Store, for example while typing in my Apple ID password.

The flickering seems to start when the virtual keyboard is first displayed, and stops when it is hidden again.

There are multiple videos on YouTube that demonstrate the bug, for example this one here.

Sound weird? Apple agrees. When representatives from the “Big A” were asked about the issue, they acknowledged it is “strange” and promised to investigate further.

Have any of my fellow Canadian iPhone 5 users also experienced this? Please leave your comments.

To me this isn’t a big issue, as it hasn’t majorly impacted the fun I’ve been having with my new iPhone 5. But it is curious, and I’m interested in hearing the results of the investigation. Perhaps something that will be corrected in a future software update?

[via The Mac Observer]


  • jjjjjjjja

    I’ve experienced it….cant recall when and where abouts though. i just thought something was wrong with my iPhone itself.

  • It has occurred to me numerous times I brought into apple and they noted the issue they said
    If it happens again they would straight up swap,but with inventory constraints do you think actually think ill be able to get a new one?

  • Happens to me in the App Store.

  • Most of the time it occurs when trying to enter ur apple I’d password

  • crosseyed_mofo

    app store

  • Derek Purdy

    yep, when typing my password in the app store

  • Jamie

    Yep, has happened a few times. I think mostly in the App Store while typing the password. I haven’t had time to investigate online, so thank you!

  • Alexander Tasciotti

    It happened to me quite a bit and not to mention my screen would auto dim to the lowest setting a couple of times. Very bizarre, and annoying that it was time to part ways and say hello Galaxy S3!

  • Rocky el dogo

    Same here at the App Store. Only happened once.

  • Good for you.

  • Happened a couple times. Not a big deal though.

  • Pete

    Happens to me often. I went into Apple Store today to look at other issues as well; loose power button, draining battery and screen freezing, not allowing me to type or tap anything. Going to wait for iOS update before I swap for new phone.

  • KJ

    Holy sheep shit the sky falling lol

  • Settons

    It has happened to me a couple of times. I can’t remember the exact occurrence.

  • Wayne

    My phone would respring sometimes when I unlock the phone …. Anybody had that happening before? And this morning my phone wouldn’t respond coming from sleep…. Had to hard restart my phone:(

  • Have the same problem too 🙁

  • Kirk

    Jesus, I guess I should consider myself lucky because I haven’t experienced any of these issues with my iPhone 5.

  • Biggy604

    This is what happens when you buy anything at launch even the Mighty S3. Hence why I am waiting this out this year before buying the Iphone5 unlike what I did for the iphone4 (where the home button has difficulties and still kind of does).

  • Omg! This is the best news I ever heard! Now I know I am not the only one seeing stuff. Ever since I got my first iP5 I noticed it when I entered password in the App Store. I was so upset thinking my iP5 is defective, went to Apple store then they exchanged a new one for me. But my second one turned out has a black spot on the screen so I returned it the next day. Now, I have my 3rd iP5, (the bevel of the phone has a scratch but I’m too tired to exchange again) Yesterday when I was downloading an App called Flashcard Machine, it flickered!

  • What? No Galaxy S3 Mini??

  • Fraser

    Big deal. Who cares?

  • greg_hannah

    No wonder I still haven’t got my pre-ordered iPhone 5 yet (ordered the day pre-orders went on sale at a Bell store), everyone keeps exchanging whatever supply that there is because of flickers, scratches/dents and light leaks! Maybe I’ll just pay to get the battery changed in my 3GS and stick with that until my contract expires in March then officially end my relationship with Apple products altogether.

  • yes in canada too

  • wuju

    happened to me twice on virtual keyboard being up. Can’t pin point when though

  • David

    I had the flicker, dropped sound during calls, missing icons and mysterious lines accross the screen. the battery would drain by 10% every hour without using the phone, my battery indicator had “NanN” where the battery percentage should have been.
    Had it replaced at a telus store and no problems since.

  • Mike

    Awesome, I sorta didn’t want to admit I had seen it a few times. Here’s to software issues!!

  • TheHutch

    This has happened to me several times while inputting my password for my iTunes Account. I thought I was loosing it as well. Apple support forums have a number of people complaining.

  • I saw it once and never again. Was worried that it was a problem with the hardware but hopeful that it was a software issue.

  • Matric

    Has been Happening to me since day 1, and yes only on the keypad in the app store.

  • Ronny Zuniga

    Apples response:
    Dropped calls – Don’t hold the phone that way
    Purple halo pictures – Don’t take pictures of bright light sources
    Flickering screen – Don’t type on the keyboard while at the app store

  • djepsilon

    Yup, happened to me too. Has only happened while in the App Store App so far.

  • kev

    Lol lucky for you, iOS 7 will probably fix it!

  • Never claimed it was a big deal. It’s our job to provide information. Turns out we were right to, since many others have same problem, and were happy to hear they weren’t the only ones!

  • Hmmm can’t say I’ve heard of those issues.

  • Lucky you!

  • Have heard this point a few times before and perhaps it’s a fair one. I’ll be the first to admit I’m somewhat of a sucker for wanting to own the most recent phone, on launch day. It’s a weakness! But I’ve accepted it. 🙂

  • Glad we were able to make you aware you’re not alone! 🙂

  • Never claimed it was a big deal. It’s our job to provide information. Turns out we were right to, since many others have same problem, and were happy to hear they weren’t the only ones!

  • Also clearly you didn’t read my whole article, cause in there I stated I didn’t find it to be a big deal. Nonetheless, this article served to provide the info.

  • Cheers!

  • Maybe iOS 6.0.1 🙂

  • Anish

    Happened to me too. Only 2 or 3 times though when I first got it. Doesn’t happen anymore.

  • Emma

    Haven’t seen the flicker so far.

  • Abdalla Saeid

    I have a vertical shadow appearing in the right side of I phone 5 screen extending from battery sign down to join . can’t type P or 0.

  • luke

    It happens to me when I am talking on the phone trying to use the virtual keyboard! I cant get at my voice mail or use any automated services!!! How do you fix it?