NYT: Google Maps Web App to Offer Street View in 2 Weeks


The Apple Maps and Google Maps saga has exploded out of control, with further news surfacing Apple ditched Google’s maps over lack of voice-guided turn-by-turn directions. Apple also was also reported to have broken contractual obligations with Google prematurely by a year, in a surprise move to launch Apple Maps with iOS 6.

Google is reportedly working on their iOS version of Maps and its delayed release is due to the ongoing plans to implement 3D mapping from Google Earth.

Today, David Pogue’s critical piece on Apple Maps in the New York Times revealed Google is set to release Street View for their web app in the next two weeks:

You can still use Google’s maps — on the Web. Visit and accept the offer to create a Home-screen icon for you. You won’t get spoken directions, but you’ll get written directions, public transportation details, live traffic reports and, of course, Google’s far superior maps and data. (In two weeks, you’ll be able to get Street View this way, too, says Google.) And you can install the Google Plus Local app for full access to Google’s more complete database of shops and businesses.

The web app version of Google Maps is an alternative for those looking for transit directions, absent in Apple Maps.

As for Google’s ‘surprise’ when Apple told them they were ditching Google Maps, John Gruber notes Apple had started acquiring mapping companies dating back to summer of 2009, and plenty more afterwards. What was Google thinking Apple had planned on doing with all of these mapping acquisitions?

Apple Maps and turn-by-turn directions work flawlessly in iOS 6. Issues users are complaining about are the random inaccuracies and lack of relevant search queries. But, not everybody is unhappy with Apple Maps–users in China are reporting an improvement in Apple’s new maps over Google’s former offering in iOS 5.


  • FragilityG4

    This whole map “controversy” has been blown way out of proportion. I’m already very tired of hearing about it … Can we all just get over it and move on with our lives?

  • Christopher Jones

    In my experience, it’s not NEARLY as reliable as Google, Tomtom or Garmin. I’ll use Navigon until Apple Maps has proven to be more reliable.

    I live just north of Toronto (30 minutes), and travel into the city all the time. I cannot rely on Apple’s maps to get me anywhere, it seems, but Navigon has never failed me.

    I am a real fan of Apple, and I’m okay with technology that they’re developing (take Siri for example, Apple released it while still in Beta), but Apple never claimed the Maps to be in Beta, and it caught everybody (including Google) off guard. I accept that Apple Maps is in Beta, but Apple never announced anything of the sort.

    Also, considering that they leapt out of their contract one year in advance, there will be consequences. I’m not just talking Google making a Maps app and being upset with Apple, no. There are consequences written in the contract. I haven’t heard ANY blog site even as much as mention this aspect. Sure, we may not know due to not being able to see the contract, but there will still be consequences.

  • FragilityG4

    I live in Stouffville and I’ve had no problems with them … Plus you mention that they are not as good as Tom Tom but they are powered by Tom Tom … I’m just tired of all this because its not a deal breaker for me and it shouldn’t be for anyone else … There are plenty of other map options that are both paid and free … So lets stop complaining about this minor aspect and redirect our attention to how positive and wonderful the iPhone 5 truly is … If I wanted to be depressed I would read about the NHL lockout!

  • Farids

    I use maps 3-4 times every day to navigate to clients place. It’s never made any mistakes. I also have wonderful battery life. I still have to experience all the hype for myself. It was the same with iPhone 4 and antenna gate. Never had any issues with reception.

  • to me, it’s seemed like we have all gotten used to Google’s errors (which I still run into often) and these ones from Apple are new so people are complaining louder.

  • Ugggh

    Well that settles it. China is happier with their map quality on IOS6.
    I guess we are find in North America now, lol

  • Ugggh

    oops, typo, …. totally ruined the flow.

    “I guess we are fine in N. America now”