Purported iPhone Prototype Surfaces In Bangkok [PICS]


During these past few months we’ve seen quite a few supposed iPhone prototypes. Just during this past week we even saw some repair parts surface. But what had stunned me about all these prototypes is the consistency. A majority of the leaked iPhone prototypes have contained 4-inch screens and 19-pin dock connectors.

As the leaks continue to mount, Neowin has posted pictures of the purported next-generation iPhone’s “finalized design casing.” Although the device isn’t a functioning prototype, it presents the device’s design and actual shape.

The shell casing, in the hands of an ex-employee at the MBK Center in Bangkok, Thailand, includes many of the same physical features as past leaks. Set aside from the obvious 4-inch display and 19 pin dock connector, the device includes a re-positioned headphone jack, centered Facetime camera, two-toned aluminium back panel, and re-modeled speaker grill.

What do you think about this leak? I know pictures don’t serve justice, but they are fascinating to view.

[via 9To5Mac]


  • FragilityG4

    No proximity/light sensor??

  • joecmwu


  • gerry

    Look closely at the picture, the phone is in charge mode.

  • This is only the outer shell/casing.

  • joecmwu

    And by the way, even this “news” is a fake. It is simplified Chinese characters on the “screen”. I don’t think or believe Thai people use Chinese on their phone.

  • FragilityG4

    But you would still see something in that area that would show where it will end up … It’s all solid … Plus the camera is already in …..

  • iFone

    I still don’t buy the 2 toned back…that’s what keeps telling me these models are FAKES

  • The camera isn’t in, just the glass covering the camera slot. No type of hardware is inside. Its probably fake, but this is according to sources.

  • The screen really isn’t on. Probably a plastic cover in my opinion.

  • It’s still iPhone news. We keep tabs on all rumors and reports. Chances are it’s fake, but who knows. All rumors have pointed to this single iPhone design.

  • FragilityG4

    I disagree … Both cameras appear in and also the flash.

  • I guess you didn’t read the part about it not being a functioning prototype.

  • zzzz

    It’s ugly as hell. If iphone 5 comes out with that design, Apple is over

  • Sylvain Robichaud

    From what I’m told these are mockups for accessory manufacturers to design their products on.

  • Rykmann

    Model T Ford on a longer chassis.