Rogers, Bell and Telus: iPhone 5 Pre-Orders on September 14th [Update]


With the announcement of the iPhone 5, Apple noted pre-orders would start on September 14th on They also confirmed Rogers, Telus, Bell, Fido, Koodo and Virgin would also be the LTE carriers in Canada for the new thinner and lighter iPhone.

After contacting Rogers and Bell (Telus has yet to confirm), they confirmed iPhone 5 pre-orders would be available this Friday, September 14th, the same date as Apple’s pre-orders for factory unlocked units (click here for unlocked iPhone 5 pricing).

Rogers said pre-orders would once again be available via their Rogers Reservation System, while Bell said pre-orders would take place both in-store and online.

Rogers confirmed yesterday existing 3G data plans would be automatically switched over to LTE by the end of September. They also noted they would not be charging to switch over to the new nano SIM, which the iPhone 5 uses.

It’s a given Telus will also offer pre-orders online, as a previously published page on their website indicated it would be possible.

As for carrier upgrade pricing, we’re assuming once again it will stay the same as last year’s iPhone 4S. Today’s iPhone 5 upgrade pricing for the USA was the same as last year, so we can’t see this changing for Canada either. Stay tuned!

Update: Looks like iPhone 5 landing pages have started to go live


  • Ducker

    What time can we preorder from Rogers on Friday? 12:01am?

  • yaaaabud

    What about fido? Can I preorder? I called and she didn’t know.

  • Roby145

    Hey i have a question… If i reserve the phone on the Rogers system will I have to come pick it up in stores or will it arrive on my doorstep? If it does arrive on my doorstep will it include the Nano SIM card??

  • Fastrace24

    So the inevitable question… When you pre-order in-store with a carrier, do you pay Immediately or on pickup? Or is it delivered to your home and charged to your monthly bill?

  • aamworld

    What about fido? I’m assuming yes since they also implemented the reservation system.

  • Roby145

    I am wondering this as well but I believe it will be at 6am because that is what it was last year

  • pegger1

    It goes to the store of your choosing.

  • ex apple fanboy

    sooo boring. I guess their day of innovation are over. Now its spit polish last years iphone…. great news for android

  • pegger1

    Every iPhone after the original has been like that.
    How much innovation do you see from Galaxy S to SII to SIII?

  • i think it would be thursday at midnight

  • pegger1

    With Rogers, they charge a $40 deposit when you reserve. That gets refunded when the phone is delivered or the reservation cancelled. The phone gets delivered to the store of your choosing. When you pick it up it gets charged to your Rogers account.

  • I have Rogers…if I get the iPhone 5 are they going to charge me cancellation fees to get a new 3 year contract when i have a year left on my current iPhone contract?

  • QN52

    If I want a new retention plan should I do that before or after my upgrade to iphone5?

  • pulp

    Do NOT use the Reserve method. FIFTEEN days no doubt! Rogers actually states:”Could be yours within 15 days.” B.S.!

  • draz

    Before. It won’t affect your hardware upgrade eligibility

  • draz

    I can’t wait to hear if the carriers will waive the early device upgrade fee for early iPhone 4 adopters… The $100+ upgrade fee is killing me right now

  • How was server load and stock availability?

  • draz

    It’s called an early device upgrade fee. I can’t remember the exact price but I think it’s $20/mo until the end of your 3yrs. Whatever that works out to plus the cost of the iPhone 5 ($159?) + $35 admin fee is what you pay

  • Cheeze

    If we preorder with apple, can we do this with a carrier? Or is the apple reservation system only for unlocked phones?

  • harry

    does this mean koodo is getting lte coverage

  • Courteney

    Does anyone know if they will be releasing the white at the same time as the black?

  • draz

    All sizes and colors will be released at the same time. As per usual the 16gb models in both colors will be the most stocked. If you want a bigger size line-up or wait weeks on a carrier registration

  • draz

    Apple preorder is unlocked phones for full price only.

  • just call for my wife 20$ per month min 100$ to cancel contract ! She will call retention to see what they can make on sept 15 or just wait until december to complete her bad 3 year contract .

  • draz

    Retentions was willing to give me half off the EDUF. But I would have to wait until after the iPhone 5 comes out. My hope is still for Rogers to cover 100% of the cost for early adopters.

  • Courteney

    That’s great! Usually is the white not released a little later?

  • cUn1t

    My iPhone 4S tab with Telus is at like $300 bucks. I don’t think the iPhone 5 is going to be worth spending $450.

  • draz

    This time Apple wants to have all colors and sizes released at the same time. I’m not sure if it will be an even split between black and white, I guess we will see! If you can wait then carrier registration is the way to go. If not then press your luck in a line-up next Friday

  • draz

    If you can find someone who is willing to buy your locked 4S then that can help ease the pain.

  • Josh

    If you reserve with Rogers on Friday will it be ready on the 21st?

  • Vin

    If u upgrade early the fee is a little over 300, tgere is no cancelation, because it’s an upgrade. However it’s still cheaper than cancellIng and buy the phone outright

  • xxxJDxxx

    Any word on whether or not the carriers will be offering any kind of promotional price plans with the launch of the iPhone 5?

  • Would I be able to buy it unclocked from the Apple store this Friday?

  • marksubishi

    would it be more logical to reserve the device, or to line up the morning of september 21st?

  • draz

    Not this Friday, next Friday September 21st.

  • Sorry, I meant to say; from the Appple Online Store. Not on contract-out right.

  • Xerox

    Can i buy the iphone 5 at a apple store and sign a 3 year contract in the store also or do i have to do this at a rogers store?

  • draz

    You can pre-order it this Friday. It will not arrive at your doorstep until at least next Friday September 21st.

  • magimat

    If I upgrade my current IP4 with Rogers and pay the required fee, is my old IP4 considered out of contract and elligible to be unlocked for 50$. My GF is on koodo and would like to get my IP4, so I’d like to have it unlocked after I upgrade to the IP5.

    I guess I’ll give em a call but I was wondering if anyone here knew?

  • draz

    Apple Stores can process new activations and hardware upgrades which require a 3yr contract. Your iPhone will be locked to that carrier if you go this route.

  • Farmmer

    Can you pre order on telus website?… i am looking to do a hardware upgrade but i think i would have to go in?

  • Jon

    I have a 3GS on contract due to expire in November with Fido. I want the iPhone 5 at a new customer rate with my fido dollars applied on top. I’ve heard this is possible. How do I make this happen?

  • draz

    The Telus Pre-order website was taken down. Hopefully it comes up tomorrow in time for Friday’s pre-order rush.

  • aamworld

    As long as your account is in good standing, this should hold true. Just ask them to do this prior to your iphone 5 purchase!

  • Joy

    Is it a better idea to pre-order at Rogers or just line up at the carrier store on the 21st? If I pre-order will I be able to pick it up on the 21st in store? Thanks

  • But wasn’t it 12:01 am on-line at the Apple Store last year?

  • andrea

    Does anyone know if Bell Mobility will allow pre-orders for already existing contract customers? They did with the 4S, but they haven’t said anything yet..

  • pegger1

    Reserving doesn’t get you to the front of the line, it just ensures there’s a phone for you when you do get there.
    There’s no harm in reserving. You can always cancel the reservation if you pick another one up. You have to be top of the reservation list to get it on opening day, not everyone does.

  • Ryan Bast

    How do I know if I am eligible for retentions? And should i do it before or when i get the iphone 5?

  • draz

    If you have been with the carrier for several years then chances are they will give you a deal if you resign for 3yrs. But it depends on lots of factors such as the reps power and your account history with the carrier. I would change your plan before you get the hardware upgrade, you have more power this way as you have not re-committed to a 3yr extension with them.

  • crzybadger

    Question for HUP through Rogers: I am eligible for HUP (have not gotten HUP over 30 months ago). Signed new 3 yr contract in June 2012. To receive HUP, eg. iphone5, do I need to sign a new 3 year contract, or extend my current contract?

  • MrXax

    I’m ready to leave the big players (Bell and Rogers’ duopoly). But are their networks the only LTE options available in Canada? Do any of the “indies” (Wind, Public, Mobilicity) have LTE now or on the horizon?

  • Ryan Bast

    I have had my phone with them for over 2 years now (26 months) and also have TV Internet and home phone. What do you think my chances will be? And do you think I will be eligible for a HUP?

  • I’d line up at a dealer, a far away obscure location if you can.

  • nosnoop

    No, the other “indies” don’t have enough spectrum for LTE.

    So don’t hold your breath.

  • QN52

    Agree. I had no idea this changed until yesterday. I’m 25 months after my last upgrade, and still need to pay $143 on top of the $199 phone fee? Ridiculous. Looking at selling my IP4 and buying straight from apple – would cost more, but at least no need to re-up my contract. Or I can just wait it out until next year I guess. Hopefully they come up with something; although they only have a week to do so.

  • Ducker

    I’ve since read it should be 3:01EST (12:01PST) for all carriers. Not 100% sure though.

  • butlerchick

    Can I preorder from Rogers (with $40 refundable preorder fee), then pay full price when I pick up the phone so I don’t have to get back into a contract? I realize it would be locked to Rogers (and would eventually have to pay $50 to unlock it) but this way I’d have time to sell my unlocked 4S to put towards it and wouldn’t have to pay the whole cost upfront (like if I preordered through Apple)… OR does Rogers charge extra fees if you buy the phone outright from them?

  • draz

    Why not just get it from Apple online pre-order?? It’s unlocked and chances are you will get it before the carrier pre-orders

  • butlerchick

    I may do that. I just figured the other way I’d have time to sell my unlocked 4s to have extra cash to put towards new iphone 5….

  • I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 at 5:00pm EST, before the site showed the “Order Now and receive it on Sept.28th”. So does that mean I’ll receive my iPhone 5 on the release date? When will Telus start sending out tracking information? Mon or Tues?