Rumour: Unlocked iPhone 5 Sales to Hit Apple Stores in Late November


The launch of the iPhone 5 this year brought changes as factory unlocked units were only available for order online and not in-store. This change was unannounced by Apple but we exclusively told you about it prior to the launch, which Apple later confirmed with us.

Now, our source that initially told us about the retail change has once again notified us the policy is changing. An internal memo specifically states the decision to not sell unlocked units in stores was to derail iPhone resellers, which previously had put huge constraints on inventory. As to when factory unlocked units are set to hit Apple Stores in Canada again, our source noted “mid to late November”.

Last year, the iPhone 4S launched on October 14th, with a reserve and pick up option that followed three days later. The latter was also introduced as an option back in 2009 during the holidays, and this upcoming change for the iPhone 5 could once again be happening in similar fashion.

Although Canada has finally reached pricing parity with the U.S. on its Macs, iPads and iPods, the factory unlocked iPhone 5 increased in price by $50 this year. Do you have your iPhone 5 yet?


  • crosseyed_mofo

    already used my unlocked 5 in atlantic city two weeks ago… tmobile has the nano sims but hadnt sold one or even seen it work on a 5 at that point, clerk asked if he could take a picture of it

    atlantic city was edge only unfortunately BUT while in newark, I finally got to enjoy some 3G on their new 1900mhz hspa+ band

    it aint LTE but its nice to know while in NYC now ill be fully taken care of

  • sattar

    tres lame. I had to go to the store to find that out for myself. Now I’ve ordered it online on Oct 20th and STILL it says expected delivery is around Nov 22nd. Now that is REALLY far away. One entire month to get my iPhone. That is not good customer service imo. While Apple is usually really fantastic at Customer Service, having to wait an entire month for their flagship product is a joke.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    it was well known they were only offering carrier locked phones in the store before the launch, I agree it sucks but had you visited this site before then, youd have known (just saying)

  • somerandomdude

    On launch day I bought my iPhone 5 in store at full price locked to Fido. I called Fido the next day and they unlocked it for me for $50. Sure it cost more but you can buy it in store and get it unlocked without waiting.

  • Got mine on line a week ago, was so worth the wait to get the my unlocked 5. our course it was near 800 with tax but I saved 50 bucks lol. BTW when you restored it did it say welcome to your unlocked phone?

  • I used my unlocked 4s with tmobile in Arizona, it was crappy edge (and i used it alot), but it was nice to have the option and it only cost me 30 bucks to have unlimited everything while i travelled. cheaper then paying Fido for only a bit of data. But this is great news, i would take 3G after experiencing edge lol. Will they have LTE in the future that the iPhone supports?

  • crosseyed_mofo


    they are merging with metro pcs so everythings kind of all over the place at the moment

  • Got mine two days ago and I’m heading to the Apple Store due to a scratch and a few problems with wifi and springboard crash…. I have restored it yesterday with no change. That suck….

  • somerandomdude

    After restoring it iTunes said that it was now unlocked. $50 to some people is no big deal. I bought the 64gb. The point is that you can buy it direct from the Apple store and have it unlocked.