Samsung Launches the 4-Inch Galaxy S III Mini [PIC]


Engadget goes hands on with Samsung’s latest Galaxy S III Mini, a smaller 4-inch version of their flagship Galaxy S III:

Now Samsung’s spilled all the beans, and revealed the new Galaxy S III mini, a slightly paler version of its bigger brother in specs as well as screen size. Our own short time with the phone certainly revealed that its pushing all the same “inspired by nature” buttons of the original Galaxy S III (and the Galaxy Note II), with the same exact rounded pebble shape and layout. The marketing rep we spoke to from Germany said that the company’s research found that users wanted the same phone design as the 4.8-inch Galaxy S III, but in a smaller form factor — to more easily fit smaller hands and pockets. Samsung said those folks don’t necessarily need or want the most powerful phone they can get their hands on and are content to have those mid-level specs — 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, a 4-inch, WVGA AMOLED screen and 32GB max of memory.

So in other words, nothing is new except for a 4-inch screen. Wait a minute, I thought the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen was ‘too small’? What are Samsung customers supposed to do now? Buy this phone or the regular Galaxy S III if they want an ‘iPhone 5’ killer?

What do you think? Just another ‘Oh, Samsung’ moment here? Or is this a smart move to target iPhone users that want a smaller screen?


  • GrannieTheGeek

    This just totally makes me laugh and laugh. Talk about confusing the customer. Or, maybe, I have this all wrong? Good to have choices? That is so anti-Jobsian who believed that the customer was never right.

  • Mike

    Samsung is SERIOUS competition for Apple. You know what.. That’s a GOOD thing. Someone needs to keep Apple on its toes and taking care of its customers. This Nickle and Dimig over a damn $20 cable that costs 50 cents to make needs to stop by Apple. Pretty soon they’ll charge my apple account every time I charge my iPhone and call it an iCharge fee.

  • Maxim

    Competition is always healthy. I’ve got a black 5 myself and a friend with a S III and they’re both incredible phones.

  • Agree. I use iPhone 5 white and my brother s3. Amazing phones that is for sure but s3 is just too big for me. Overall I think that this is a good move since iOS is getting boring when you compare it to interactive android OS. Hope that Apple improve iOS soon or I might switch.

  • Georgie

    I had a huge issue with Apple lately. My wifes phone and mine had issues. Both under extended warrenty and they failed to warrenty the phones. No cracking or mistreatment. Software issues inside the phone.
    We are huge apple fans but after this experience I am definetly thinking samsung. This smaller phone is definetly making me sway this way.
    Apples needs to get shat together.

  • BrodieTheDog

    Yeah sure. Lol

  • KosmoBo

    So it appears that SIII and mini SIII cannot synchronize with the network?!? The time on the first one is 10:25 and on the other is 10:28?!?! 🙂 Or this is a “feature”?

  • KosmoBo

    18:25 and 18:28, sorry… 🙂

  • xxxJDxxx

    If you are looking for better customer service dont go Samsung!

  • Kirk

    Gotta give them one thing..they sure are relentless….won’t make me switch tho… And it’s not because I’m a “fan-boy”. I actually like reliable products that don’t grow old In software compatablity after 2 weeks..

  • You’ll be waiting quite a while for Apple to improve iOS to your liking. If it doesn’t suit you now, I say ditch it. They typically make notable upgrades to iOS once a year, and they just updated to iOS 6 a month ago, so you’re looking at likely another 11 months until the next major update, and even then there’s a good chance you won’t get all the features you’re hoping for.

  • What was the issue? Did you deal directly with Apple or with the cell phone company? I find there’s BIG customer service differences between the two.

  • You are probably right. I will se what happens next year and then I maybe switch. However, I also have MacBook Pro , Mac Pro and Apple TV. It is a neat ecosystem. I hope that apple starts improving iOS or atleast let’s us jailbreak it so we can tweak it ourselfs.

  • Christopher Jones

    Hilarious! I never even noticed! It makes me wonder who took this photo. Maybe they’re kicking themselves now

  • Must be a cryptic message?!

  • Yep. I don’t think anyone can launch so many simultaneous products like Samsung at the same damn time. “Hey everybody, here are 100 new phones! ENJOY!”

  • Yep, definitely keeping Apple on their toes.

  • Each ‘Slide to Unlock’ costs 5 cents, added to your 3 year carrier contract.

  • Brian

    To each their own… I’ve had a couple iPhones (4 and 4S) and a couple Android phones (HTC and Samsung). I prefer the customization of Android even if it takes longer to set it up. I also like having the choice that Samsung gives between a 4″, 4.8″, or 5.3″ screen on essentially the same phone. For me, the bigger the better… my pants pockets easily fit my Galaxy Note, and it’s a dream for web surfing, Maps/Nav and video. It’s nice to have more freedom with an easily-updateable stock operating system than I can get with a jailbroken version of iOS which can’t be updated until a new jailbreak is released half-way through the life cycle of the phone.