Siri in Canada Location Bug: Defaults to Toronto


Did you update to iOS 6 today? One of the most anticipated updates was the addition of full location support for Siri in Canada. You can now ask Siri about restaurants, movies, sports and more.

However there appears to be bug that has been present in Siri, even leading back to iOS 6 beta. When asking Siri to find a location such as a restaurant, she thinks you are in Toronto. Even with Location Services enabled for Siri, she still spits out results for Toronto.

Here are a couple examples below of Siri thinking I’m in Toronto; no matter how I changed up my question I still got Toronto as a location:


Are you also experiencing any issues with Siri and having your location default to Toronto? Gee, I guess this confirms Toronto really is the centre of the universe! 😉

Thanks @danudey


  • Nope, Siri is pulling everything in Montreal for me — which is my location.

  • That’s cause Toronto rules!
    Only kidding …

  • butlerchick

    Not the case here! I’m in Northern Ontario and a list of “nearest sushi places” and “nearest gas stations” are exactly right!

  • I think it is Rogers, once i switch back to Wifi, i have no issue. Siri might use IP database to narrow down the location first to limit GPS usage.

  • swotam

    No problems here, it’s finding me local places in Milton

  • Flaxx

    Gary, were you connected to a VPN or DNS in Toronto?

  • OK in Vancouver with Telus — although Siri spoke some sort of gibberish instead of my street name (which is like East 40th Avenue)

  • Siri seems to work just fine with finding places around me.

  • Hey you’re in Milton eh? I grew up there most of my life. I’m pretty nearby now, in Burlington.

  • Nilay Maheta

    I live in Brampton and
    Siri seems to work just fine with finding places around me.

  • Avernar

    Defaults to Toronto at first until I do a query with “… near me” at least once.

  • Helvetica

    No problems in Oakville.

  • Kellie

    While working in Vaughan (next door to Toronto) it was pulling Vaughan info.

  • mrideas

    Mine’s strange. If I ask ‘find a gas station, or what restaurants are close’ WIFI or 3G it gives me local. If I ask say for the ‘closest McDonald’s’ or “Tim Hortons” really any chain restaurant it gives me Toronto based. I’m in Guelph.

  • mrideas

    Also ios 6 related,not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but locations found on the new maps when displaying phone numbers are dropping the area code so if you try to call they won’t dial. So instead of 1-519-555-1212 it uses 1-555-1212.

  • bradg17

    lol i cant wait to try it once i get up north to the cottage too 😉

  • Kitchener, worked fine for me. Found me 4 sushi restaurants with 1 mile, too.

  • Adam

    I get Ottawa (my city) but for some reason, she keeps calling me Joseph. My name is ADAM!!!

  • Thanks for letting us know, Joseph.

  • Yep same here , works fine on TELUS, or wifi for Montreal

  • Fastrace24

    Where about up north? Curious for how detailed Siri is the further out you are. I’m a northerner myself!

  • Garry

    Haven’t been to Toronto in years. Siri apparently REALLY wants me to eat lunch there.

  • Garry

    btw I’m in calgary

  • Cyrus

    Oh boy.. the haters in Calgary are going to LOVE that hahhaahah

  • Syncmaster70

    I have tested this out for me, when on WIFI i get toronto, when on 3G i get my current location. how about you guys? try it out and let me know.

  • Andre C

    I was sitting in my car in the Walmart parking lot in Georgetown, On and asked Siri for the nearest Walmart. She directed me to one that was 15 Km’s away.

  • ThatGuy

    I actually live in the centre of the universe. So even if there is a problem it’s no problem.

  • Ottawa

    Every time I ask for the weather, it gives me Toronto…..I’m in Ottawa (same results on WI-FI or 3G)

  • No issues here in winnipeg, 3G or wifi. serches for restaurants, stores and theatres all brought up local results.

  • Chris

    When I ask “where am I?” It gives me the correct location.
    My only problem is I can only get temperature in degrees F. I checked in my settings and I have Siri > Language = Canadian English; International > Region Format = Canada. This is on an iPad 3. Maybe no weather app is the problem?

  • FlipFuzion

    SOLUTION….Just set the weather app to read current location, and it should fix your problem.

  • Works fine in New Brunswick, I’ve had no issues.

  • Andrew

    In Siri’s defense, “Wow! Sushi” is pretty good.

  • Gjerz

    In Calgary. Getting Calgary results.

  • Chulamin


  • Go to settings / Siri, then choose “My Info” select a contact profile with your info. Should correct the location problems.

  • Hunter

    On the map I’m in Vancouver and with Siri I’m in Toronto …. But I live in Montreal.

  • I’m in Halifax. It only gives me Toronto. That’s a pain in the ass if there ever was one