Telus iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start at 12AM PDT on Sept. 14th [Update]


Earlier, we noted Rogers/Fido would start their iPhone 5 pre-orders at 6AM EDT (3AM PDT) on September 14th. Now, we have confirmation Telus will start their iPhone 5 pre-orders at 12AM PDT (3AM EDT)–the same time we saw last year’s iPhone 4S pre-orders kick off.

The time was noted by the @Telus twitter account:

Keep an eye out on this page: once the clock strikes midnight PDT (3AM EDT).

As for pricing, Bell revealed earlier today 16GB iPhone 5 units will start at $179.95 on a three year contract. We can assume 32/64GB models will be priced accordingly at $289.95/$389.95, based on last year’s upgrade pricing.

Thanks Skylar and DaBes!

Update (12:10AM PDT): is now LIVE! Prices are revealed as $179/$279/$379 for 16GB/32GB/64GB. The 32GB and 64GB models are cheaper than we thought it would be by $10.

Let us know if you got through! Free shipping to your home from Telus. Requires $50/month min. spend:

Update (Sept. 15, 1:26PM PDT): Looks like Telus has sold out of pre-orders. The next shipments are scheduled to arrive on September 28th.

Update (Sept. 18, 9:55AM PDT): Users have reported Telus orders are being ‘processed’, as notified via email:

Your order is currently being processed at the warehouse. You will receive an automated email with tracking information once it has been shipped.

Update (Sept. 18, 5:41pm PDT): If you ordered on Sept. 21st before 4pm, TELUS says you should receive your iPhone 5 by launch day; if not it’s coming on the 28th:

Update (Sept.20, 4:45pm PDT): According to our commenter ‘Polish Hacker’:

Just finished speaking with a Telus Shipping Representative at (6:00 EST), she said that a huge amount of orders are being prepared to be shipped Tonight! She said that if you live close to Mississauga/Concord Ontario you are very likely to receive your iPhone 5 by Friday the 21st. If for some reason the shipping companies can’t fulfill the orders by Friday you will receive your iPhone by the following Monday or Tuesday, she said all the orders are High Priority Shipments. Tracking Info should be emailed out later today or very early Friday morning.


  • Matt

    Would you recommend pre-ordering online or using the wait list I’m on in store? Thanks.

  • Pre-order online if you NEED iPhone 5 now and don’t want to wait and deal with upgrade policies.

  • Matt

    Does Telus ship to home or store? I’m looking to upgrade from my iPhone 4 that’s 24 months in. Online still best? Thanks for your help.

  • Jerry

    Matt, The best thing would be to preorder as it comes straight to your house Sept 21. The store will be crazy busy and sometimes they are back ordered and out of luck. Good Luck

  • Yes

  • Matt

    Thank you

  • Peter

    seems like i cant keep my old rate plan with this preorder. I have a sweet sask 55 plan with 300 min 5gb fave 10 evening 5pm, etc etc from retention, and it would suck to lose it. any tips? (and is the current data plan compatible with the new LTE data plan? or is it a whole different data plan service?)

  • Ex

    Contract pricing is $179/$279/$379.

  • Yeah cheaper than we thought for the 32/64GB models.

  • Anthony

    I’m not able to pre-order with Telus as an existing customer, I get an error to try again later. Happening to anyone else?

  • aRhyno

    i got the same thing

  • Paul

    preordered at 3am this morning but still havent got a confirmation email. anyone else?

  • Jackson

    I pre ordered at 3am as well and got a confirmation email instantly. 2 emails, one saying that my “payment was successful”, the other saying its confirmed. You probably should follow up with Telus….maybe a typo in your email address?

  • faston

    Preorder page went live right at midnight. I was done with both confirmation emails by 12:10.

  • Ben

    Try calling retention and asking politely. I simply called in to ask a few questions about the pre ordering process and just brought up whether I can keep my old plan and loyalty perks and they said that I can. I still had to select one of the 2 plans they offered for the phone when pre-ordering, but they made a note on my account and I just have to call in when activating the phone to switch to my old plan.

    I’m assuming the more recent older data plans will be compatible with LTE. If that makes sense.

  • aRhyno

    pro order not working, called telus, that said oh, its been working great. must be a glitch, you can try later or go to your local store, so i called the local store, they said to call telus and get it pre ordered… lol. guess ill be waiting for one in store haha.

  • Call loyalty and they’ll fix it. They did for me, no provlems!

  • How likely are the pre orders to arrive ON the 21st? I’m sad that telus doesn’t have the same system as apple, I know I ordered early enoug (I got my order confirmation at 12:04am :)) but with no way to watch or track it, I’m dying here!

    Anyone have past experience they can relate for the 4s pre order?

  • rps315

    I didn’t get a confirmation email either. I ordered around 1:30am; I guess I’ll give them a call

  • rps315

    I called telus and the person said that the order got through and that some emails just weren’t sent. She mentioned that they had processed over 4000 preorders already

  • Paul

    apparently roughly the first 250 people didnt get any confirmation as their servers were initially unready. called and they forwarded me them again. able to give me line position too. number 37 🙂

  • Foglifter

    Ordered my 32 gb white without a hiccup.i am an existing customer 🙂

  • I preordered from Telus at 3AM Eastern, on the 14th. Who do they use to ship? When should I expect delivery, given I live in a major urban area?

  • I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 at 5:00pm EST, before the site showed the “Order Now and receive it on Sept.28th”. So does that mean I’ll receive my iPhone 5 on the release date? When will Telus start sending out tracking information? Mon or Tues? or Wed?

  • I believe Telus uses UPS as their shipping supplier, and since you live in a major urban city, you should have your iPhone delivered to you on the 21st, but Telus does not guarantee this.

  • Paul

    got that email: Your order is currently being processed at the warehouse. You will receive an automated email with tracking information once it has been shipped.
    At 2:15 yesterday. Anyone get their tracking number yet?

  • My email came with a pre-order number does any one know what the pre-order number is good for?

    I pre-ordered at 11:38 AM Sep14th the email says: “We’re working to get your new phone to you on or around September 21st. Once your order has been shipped, we will send you a confirmation email to with an exact date of arrival and a tracking code.”

  • sound_man

    Looks like the status has now changed to Oct 5th shipping if you preorder now.

  • sound_man

    Not entirely true. Last year my sister got a new phone and they used Purolator.

  • chris jones


  • Mia

    Has anyone received their tracking code from Telus? Or a shipping email? I’ve only got the confirmation of payment email & an order placed email right after I pre-ordered; but nothing else. HELP!!!

  • Skylar

    same here.

  • They took my Twitter Feed, I feel special 🙂 🙂 😛

  • Yup just saw that

  • Agent Bluetooth

    I think we will see something from telus via e-mail by tommorow. Rogers customers have been sent a text notification, I was in futureshop today and they had Bell nano sims in stock, and possibly the bell iPhone 5’s in lockup already for the 8:00am launch on Friday.

  • Should be sent out wednesday, if not call them to see what’s going on

  • BOOM!

  • Nope still waiting, hopefully I’ll get it soon or wednesday, I live 2 hours away from their warehouse lol :p (it’s in Mississauga)

  • As long as they don’t use Canada Post I’m fine with that

  • You should get it on the 21st, you ordered really early so it makes sense

  • James

    Just phoned web orders and they said even though i ordered before 4PM, i will be receiving it on the 28th… hopeful that person is wrong

  • Fingers Crossed, I’m so excited for Friday. If It came on Monday, sucks but better than waiting 2-3 weeks lol

  • Are you kidding me!!! Darn, I pre-ordered my phone from Telus at 5PM on Friday. Who know, maybe I’ll get it extremely luck and mine slipped through. I was on Telus’ chat service this morning and they said 7PM.

  • Mia

    Let’s hope so!

  • Mia

    I hope so… I called today and they said anywhere from the 21st-28th. Which is weird since I pre-ordered on the 14th really early

  • chris jones

    Not sure if people know this, if you renew or sign up for 3-year with TELUS you get 5,000 SCENE points which works out to be 5 free movies. You have to do it yourself though after signing contract, on the webpage. Only until Sept 30th though. Attached webpage.

  • Purolator delivers for UPS in areas that UPS does not have a location so it could have still been UPS.

  • Mike

    7pm Eastern time is apparently the cut off… that is 4pm pacific. I ordered at 11am, and still haven’t gotten a shipping email though…

  • Oh shoot! I missed the PST! Hopefully that means I’m still OK? we’ll see!

  • James

    Web orders rep just informed me it doesnt matter what time you ordered on the 14th, all iPhones will be shipped out on the 21.. arriving sometime next week, not in time for launch.

  • So zero phones will arrive on the 21st?

  • James

    Thats what the rep seemed to tell me. She made it clear that all the iphone orders will ship out at the same time, that time being the 21st.. no sooner. Once again, I am hopeful she is wrong and I get a tracking or shipping email today.

  • Skylar

    Thats odd. If you read the TelusSupport Twitter page, they seem adamant that customers should have them by the 21st. So many people have asked them the same question and their answer does not change.

  • james

    I told the rep i spoke to the same thing, she just repeated that it would be shipped on the 21st. Like i said, im hopeful that she was just misinformed and my iphone will be here friday.

  • k&m

    ordered our phone on the 14th at 6:20 PM EST still havent rcvd confirmation from telus our order has been processed. I am hoping they do that today or tommorow to get it by friday even though Telus has indicated anyone prior to 7pm EST orders will get it on launch date

  • You should receieve it on friday, if you live close to their warehouse it will probably be shipped Thursday

  • Jerome

    Spoke to Telus shipping rep today. Nothing has shipped so far. Nothing at all. Lady said we would get a confirmation email with tracking number onced they shipped. Fair to say no Telus preorder will be received today.

  • k&m

    I am in vancouver. hopefully it will be friday

  • But haven’t they said you’ll receive it September 21st OR September 28th? My understanding of that is if it’s not at your door launch day it’ll be the 28th.

  • Wow that PST really threw me off! I was pretty nervous for a second there…

  • I also did t receive one and have called twice and have been waiting for one since

  • Skylar

    The iPhone charge finally showed up on my credit card today after pre-orderering right at launch.

  • Latest response from Telus today (in chat):

    “Yes if you placed the order before 7PM EST on September 14th then you are guaranteed the delivery. Now this did also happen last year with the iPhone 4S preorders. Clients would receive the tracking email after the phone had already been delivered. We have been told that this is happening to some clients at this time as well.”

  • Chris

    Anyone received a tracking number yet? Had my per-order in 15 min after it started and i still haven’t gotten one. Getting kinda nervous lol.

  • chris jones

    Looks like, it now will arrive October 12th if you order from TELUS.

  • Guest

    I’ve been religiously following @twittersupport and here’s an interesting tweet. Not much but something. Also, TELUS ships with Purolator.

  • Agent Bluetooth

    Still nothing from TELUS in regards to shipping ETA or tracking number. Common TELUS it’s Thursday. Anyone else hear any new info from TELUS mobility in regards to first wave pre-order ETA.

  • chris jones

    I’ve been following @telussupport all day, here’s a couple tweets that might help everyone. I’ll update it periodically during the day.

    [13:28] “Shipping confirmations will go out as soon as they leave the warehouse. Stay tuned! *jumps for joy*”

  • Skylar

    Its funny that Twitter is the only source for information from Telus.

  • Awesome Thanks!

  • tmac

    Now its changed to Oct 12th shipping, im surprised they havent closed pre-orders.

  • I feel like cancelling my pre-order and waiting in line now 🙁

  • Tom

    So is the consensus that they will ship tomorrow and that we will receive them tomorrow and the email will go out when they ship? Ordered at 9:20AM on 09/14

  • chris jones

    Telus said, anyone who ordered before 4pm PST on 14th will get it by tomorrow. Also, they said you’ll get the email by 5:45AM PST, tomorrow morning. It also depends on where you live.

  • **Breaking NEWS** Just finished speaking with a Telus Shipping Representative at (6:00 EST), she said that a huge amount of orders are being prepared to be shipped Tonight! She said that if you live close to Mississauga/Concord Ontario you are very likely to receive your iPhone 5 by Friday the 21st. If for some reason the shipping companies can’t fulfill the orders by Friday you will receive your iPhone by the following Monday or Tuesday, she said all the orders are High Priority Shipments.

  • And Telus reps said that you may have received your iPhone before receiving their tracking number email.

  • Sisko

    Telus iPhone came to my door at 8:30 this morning by Purolator. I do live close to Mississauga (in Milton)

  • Paul

    got my tracking number. out for delivery. (in ottawa) Was picked up by purolator at 9pm yesterday. Seems to have never even been in concord/mississauga i dont know what @twitter-231618902:disqus was talking about.

  • Sally

    I received my tracking email this morning, my phone was in Calgary last night 🙂 I preordered through telus early on Friday

  • Melissa

    Not all Telus phones were being shipped from Ontario – got my confirmation this morning, and mine was shipped at 7:00 last night from Calgary, so there’s a possibility people in Western Canada will get them today as well.

  • James

    Did you receive a tracking email before your shipment? Im still in the dark, no shipment details, no tracking, no phone. Hope you enjoy though!!

  • Mia

    I live in Mississauga and still nothing! Not even a tracking email…

  • Just got my iPhone from Telus! I never even got a shipping email…weird. I called Telus to activate, and they said they are having an outage and can’t activate phones right now! Bummer…

  • k&m

    just got our iphone 5 just now as telus promised!

  • AJ

    Anyone having problem with no tracking number and ATS email from telus. Called ATS they say they can’t help without tracking number. Its 3:45 and im highly doubtful i will receive the iphone today at this point and with all the confusion. Telus really needs to improve their information chain next time around.

  • Horay, I just received my iPhone at 12:00PM EST By Purolater. I still no gotten no confirmation email or tracking number, but who cares now lol. I think Telus’ tracking system was so overloaded it couldn’t handle sending out mass emails. Once again if you ordered before 4 PM PST last Friday, Purolater should be stopping at our house very soon. Patience My Friends

  • Mia

    Lucky you! Still nothing here 🙁 Do you know what time Purolator stops shipping?

  • James

    End of day is generally 6PM from what i understand, Web orders informed me that delivery will occur over the weekend. Hopeful my order comes soo!!

  • Mia

    Web orders said Monday if it didn’t come yesterday. They need to get their stories straight

  • Thanks for this! Just got my 5000 scene points (plus the 250 for signing up!) thanks to telus.

  • tmac

    Anybody who had a delivery date of Sep. 28th get a tracking number or shipping email?

  • Lodai


  • I had the same issue, telus is no help, ATS is no help. You can try the web orders line at 18664882709 but they cant even find my pre-order number. I faxed in a copy of the email with the tracking number and pre-order number to them and they are “working” on it. Of course they billed me for it already.

  • alex

    I emailed web orders and on saturday emailed me back with a purolator tracking number. I guess it was never through ATS. Get mad at Telus when you do get it and talk to loyalty. I got 50 bucks off plus the 75 dollar 6gb data plan for 65.

  • mandk

    tried it out but keeps saying you are not eligble or to wait 24 hrs and try again even though we did the switch on friday

  • chris jones

    Received this interesting email from TELUS today.

  • chris jones

    1-866-586-2805. That’s the SCENE phone number not TELUS’ , so I can’t imagine it being all that busy. Good luck!

  • tmac

    Interesting I received that email as well, can’t tell if its real or some sort of phishing scam, I should call Telus.

  • tmac

    took them up on the offer

  • chris jones

    Remember, you won’t get the 5 free movies. That deal ends Sept 30.

  • tmac

    Called telus and they took my scene card number down since I preordered it before the 30th and the points will be waiting on the website to be added to my account. The points dont disappear from the website until end of October. They put notes on my account about it as well so win win.