The Apple Version Of Samsung’s ‘It Doesn’t Take A Genius’ Ad [Comedy]


One huge hit over the weekend that we presented to you was the new Samsung Galaxy S3 advertisement labeled ‘It Doesn’t Take A Genius.’ The ad took shots at the iPhone by stating all the better features the Galaxy S3 contains.

Many of the initial reactions in the comments section quickly defended Apple and blew the advertisement off as a joke. Since then, many Apple versions of the ad have hit the internet, and this one is quite comical:

This was photoshopped by Reddit user ollien. The advertisement first pokes fun of the cheap plastic found on the device and continues on listing countless iPhone 5 features while only a few Galaxy S3 features are present.

Just so we are on the right path, Samsung you need to list all the comparable features, not just the ones that prove the Galaxy S3 is a better phone. I could have named many more features onto that list Samsung had made.

[via Cult Of Mac]


  • crosseyed_mofo


  • Fab

    yeah cheap plastic that out powers the iphone any day

  • farsyte

    Is the A6 Quad-Core?

  • it is dual core; however, they are saying that it is out preforming android quad core ones(nvidia tegra 3)

  • we will se benchmarks on sep 21. 😉

  • RyanStOnge

    Dual-Core, yet Geekbench results have shown the iPhone 5 topping all Android competitors.

  • Coluch

    This is a huge fail.

    The samsung specs are all better than the iPhone ones. Standby & talk times are no competition in favour of Samsung. An real HD screen dimension on the Sammy. A larger, better (AMOLED) screen. Double the RAM. The sammy has a front camera that is just not listed for some reason, and all of the other iPhone “features” are all just software. Android could just as easily list what it has that iPhone doesn’t.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    double the ram, yet early reports are showing the iphone 5 scoring higher the benchmarks than the samsung

    which if true, is huger fail

  • Hardware specs are great, but it’s not all about that nowadays. Check out the latest benchmarks, the iPhone 5 beats all quad core Android phones with its dual cores:

  • djepsilon

    Out powers in what way? I hope you aren’t talking speed, because the latest geekbench scores prove otherwise.

  • djepsilon

    No, it’s a dual core.

  • gerry

    700,000 apps, that’s a good one.

  • Aro2220

    There are a few things to note…first of all, the ram will matter if you happen to have a ton of applications running — something more likely on Android than iPhone since the iPhone is very restrictive with their apps and things are very optimized whereas android is a lot more open and that freedom costs you.

    Many samsung features are not listed. For every item listed on the apple side, there is an equivalent feature not listed on the Samsung. As far as which is better, I’m not making a call, but I’m pretty sure the Samsung has a processor, and the google play app store has some number of apps, and android gets a ‘free os upgrade’ at least once a year, and so on.

    But the speed of the processor is kind of a moot point since they are fairly comparable and what it comes down is the software. In recent years, apple software is better…but android software is more maliable and comprehensive. Have you ever used an apple product and wanted to use some obscure feature that isn’t mainstream? Apple locks all that down whereas Android (akin to Windows) allows its development. This means +versatility and -stability and speed.

    While I am warning people about the iPhone5 maps being lousy at the moment (which is a very significant feature on a smartphone), I still say that Apple is better for people who are not
    a) on a budget
    b) not interested in fiddling with / having more control of their device.

    Android has cheap alternatives along with being a little more open sourced than Apple. Plus there are a lot of different android models…this means fragmentation in the OS, yes, but it also means you can find a device that fits your lifestyle and save a few bucks.

    And on a personal note, I think the iPhone 5 looks and feels weird with its extra length but no extra girth.

    Also someone should have pointed out that even though the Samsung has a greater screen resolution…it also has a much bigger screen and therefore Apple actually has better DPI making it the higher resolution per size screen.

    All in all it comes down to which operating system you prefer using. All tech specifications are moot as the actual use and feel of the device has a lot more to do with the OS and that is, by far, the REAL difference between these two products.