The First iPhone 5 Unboxing Hits The Internet [PHOTOS]


Wow! A whole three days ahead of the iPhone 5 official release date and BGR has the very first look inside of the iPhone 5 box. There really isn’t much to glance at, but the iPhone 5 box comes with a lightning to USB cord, power adapter, and EarPods. A plastic traveling case was even provided for the new EarPods.

The iPhone 5 will begin selling at the Apple store at 8:00 AM local time around the world. Those who pre-ordered will receive the device at their doorstep on the specified arrival date, or in-store if they so-choose.

If you don’t have any plans for the upcoming days you could always form a line at your local Apple store like the crazy people at the Fifth Avenue store in New York.


As usual, Apple has its box neatly organized. I wish more pictures or even a video was posted, but we will keep you updated if there is. Let us know in the comments what you think about this unboxing.


  • I was confused for a second looking at the charger – then I realized the image is stretched.

  • RyanStOnge

    Hmm, you’re right. Let me try and fix that.

  • John

    Seems like there are a lot more fingerprints on the iPhone 5, that is something that really bothers me. I will know for sure on Friday!

  • puffy03

    I think the plastic coating that it comes wrapped in is still on it

  • Lucky

    looks fake to me. Back doesn’t match with the pics on apples website

  • Blayde

    thats because it still has the protective plastic cover on it. makes it look shiny instead of the dull aluminum it should be

  • Lucky

    compare with the apple website. The logo and “iphone” are in a different font. Also, all the lettering under the “iphone” is missing.

  • mmm I don’t see 30pins to lightning adapter …

  • There won’t be one – wording that hinted as such was incorrect and updated by Apple on the night of the preorders. Note that the “what’s in the box” listing never mentioned any adapter, just the USB/Lightning cable. 😉

  • yep … 🙂

  • Uh, nope, they’re both set in Myraid (the font Apple uses). The difference is that the plastic wrap it ships with makes it look like there’s a glow around the letters, since they’re slightly embossed, as is the Apple logo. The fineprint under “iPhone” isn’t as visible because it’s probably etched in which doesn’t show up well under the plastic coating, especially with the awful lighting in the photo.

  • draz

    Headphones in a box? Somehow it doesn’t look like it belongs there as it doesn’t sink ‘in’ like the charger and cable

  • Brandon

    Unboxing photos, and mine hasn’t even shipped yet, though my receipt shows 10 minutes after pre-orders started. Go figure.

  • yvrgal

    Mine says 15 minutes after. Still waiting for notification to change.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Exactly why I ordered a white one. Got tired of my 3GS looking like crap all the time and all the scratches left buy various cases. White will go along way to hiding fingerprints, smudges, scratches.

  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    Unboxings are so 2008

  • susanl

    My concern is, are there converters for the iPhone 5’s for our old docking stations that we still love. Do I really have to go out and spend another 500 on another Bose?