The iPhone 5 Looks Even More Amazing With Laser-Engravings On Backplate [PICS]


Folks over at Gizmodo have got their hands on what appear to be the first laser-etched iPhone 5s out there, both in black and white color, which quite frankly, truly look amazing. This does give you a really good reason of going case-free with your iPhone 5.

The etched white iPhone 5 looks superb as you can see in the photo above. The black iPhone 5 shown below  Kanye West’s Cruel Summer album cover engraved on the backplate. Another one shows Louis Vuitton monogram engraving.

The source hasn’t mentioned any specific place where these etchings can be done on an iPhone 5. Those who know of such laser engraving places for gadgets in their cities in Canada, please share their phone numbers, address or web sites here!


  • Sorry, that just looks really bad. The beauty in the device is it’s simplicity.

  • Kirk

    I agree… But to each there own… To me that’s too noisy!

  • Jay

    Its going to get scratched anyways, might as well make the scratches look good

  • K3

    So for selling the phone and obtaining the version next year does this drive up or lower the value?

  • The LV engraving is pretty hot. too bad it’s not a licensed product.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    you can get a replacement back, from apple, for a reasonable price (replacing the back of a 4/4S is like $30, cannot imagine the 5’s being out of this price point)

  • jabohn

    Looks terrible with the squares around the writing at the bottom.

  • WeebSurfer

    I’ve heard replacing the back on a 5 isn’t so easy. Components supposedly attached. 🙁

  • I totally agree. I’m guessing that’s one specific template someone used though and you could use a design that doesn’t do that.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    checked ifixit… your right

  • I’d get something like this done AFTER I get a scratch on the backplate. That way you get the design to cover it up!

  • crosseyed_mofo


  • Cool_beans

    This is actually a cool idea to make something good out of something bad.
    I would hope that if someone went to the expense of getting a detailed etch done, that they would also opt in for a clear coat base that would also protect against scratches.

  • Sophie

    Those aren’t laser etched on the original backplate. They are replacement backplates. I bought that Louis Vuitton backplate for the iPhone 4 earlier this year for $10. Can’t remember the site, but I’ll try to find it again. They had a bunch of different designs. It was a company based in China.

  • lasernett

    the first one looks really cool! checkout this picture laser engraved on a ceramic tile from LaserNett: