Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Go Live [Update]


Apple iPhone 5 pre-orders went live just after midnight Pacific time, alongside Telus pre-orders. For those that managed pre-orders from Apple during the first hour, consider yourself lucky. Ship estimates have already hit two weeks, and that took just over an hour to achieve.

Fast forward, we now see Virgin Mobile’s iPhone 5 pre-order page go live with the expected $179/$279/$379 pricing for 16GB/32GB/64GB models:

You pre-ordering from Virgin Mobile? Let us know how it goes. Bell pre-orders haven’t not gone live as of publishing.

Update: Here’s how Virgin Mobile wants existing members to pre-order their iPhone 5 units (thanks Iain):

“Ready to pre-order iPhone 5? Existing Members can now pre-order 32GB
or 64GB at any Virgin Mobile Store and The Source. Find a store at

If you’re looking to hook up with us, you can pre-order 16GB, 32GB and
64GB online at, call us at 1.855.238.6847
or at any Virgin Mobile Store and The Source.”

Here is the Virgin Mobile response to a customer as to why they can’t do online pre-orders:

“The unfortunate reality is that our online systems cannot facilitate upgrades. We are working on provisioning this but it’s a complicated build.”


  • Matt D

    Rogers Reservation now up! I’m 91… 20 minutes before it opens….

  • Kels

    I’m number 24 on the Rogers reservation as of 5:37am

  • ball

    i am 49 on fido but they do not have the 32GB, only 16GB.
    what wrong?

  • Helvetica

    I am number 58 on Fido for 16GB Black. Reserved at 5:51am EDT.

  • Garry

    256th person on Rogers for a black 32GB iPhone 5 and 109th person on Rogers for a white 32GB iPhone 5…manged to get through at 355AM MST…

  • ball

    IS anyone even able to reserve 32GB ? please post result,
    Fido only have 16GB for Canada?

  • I can’t reserve yet on fido! from Vancouver. BC

  • av

    rogers reservations down? i can’t reserve.

  • Jonno

    Is there just one big reservation system or are there 6 separate ones (16 black, 32 black, 64 black, 16 white etc.)? I reserved 2 phones on the Rogers system – #175 for a white 32 and #269 for a black 64 (this was done within 2 minutes of each other but there was a big jump)

  • I went with Virgin and interesting thing is that they never asked if I wanted a black versus a white iPhone? Oh well – I don’t really care either way. Guess it’ll be a surprise when it comes??

  • Oh and I went with 32GB. Now that I have iTunes Match for music, storage not as important for me. Otherwise would have went with 64GB.