Watch How People Reacted On Seeing An iPhone 5 Glued To The Pavement At A Busy Square [VIDEO]


Today marks the official launch of the iPhone 5 in 9 different countries around the world and while some are busy carrying out drop tests and scratch tests with Apple’s latest gadget, some have decided to troll the fine people of Amsterdam by gluing it to the pavement at a busy square in the city. Find out what happened after the break! had the first iPhone 5 in the Netherlands. As a prank, they glued it on one of the busiest squares in Amsterdam to see how people reacted (via TNW). This is what happened:


  • djepsilon

    lol, that guy at 1:27 is hammered! Good for him!

  • RyanStOnge

    Lol at the people stomping on it. What’s that going to do.

  • BigEar

    It make no difference if they glued a dollar bill to the ground. They don’t react because it’s an iPhone but just human nature.

  • Josh Lee

    what a waste why didnt they just use a fake one.

  • SlyRobber

    I would so unstick it like any lame dollar trick. Always carry tolls with me. I’d then give the one finger salute while mouthing Thankyou. Then get it fixed if possible. If not then smash the motherfuckers.

  • Planet Burn

    Iphone5 just enhanced looks and usability.