Will The Next iPhone Be Called iPhone 5? Because Apple Wants To Control


I know many wireless dealer owners (Rogers, Telus) who were very disappointed when Apple launched the iPhone 4S. They were disappointed because these business owners wanted the device to be called “iPhone 5” as it is a more powerful name from a marketing perspective and would sell more devices.

Now technically the iPhone 4S is the “iPhone 5” (or “iPhone 6” if you want to get specific) however many consumers are waiting for an actual “iPhone 5” later this year. With the March 2012 release of the new iPad, Apple dropped the numbering scheme from that product. So instead of “iPad 3” it was just “new iPad”. After seeing that change, it is expected that Apple will do the same for the next iPhone.

Interestingly, Apple has filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to take control of the domain name “”. No decision has been made yet, but could this mean that the next iPhone will in fact have the number “5”?

Normally Apple wouldn’t do something like this because it reveals the name of the product before launch. However the name “iPhone 5” has become fairly commonplace over the last 18 months, especially as consumers expected the iPhone 4S to be called the “iPhone 5” (and some people still call the 4S the “5”!).

If you check out the domain, it actually has a small community forum related to the discussion of the “iPhone 5”. So, what do you think? Is the next iPhone going to be the “iPhone 5” or is Apple just trying to secure domain names for URL’s its customers may visit?

[Fusible via WIPO]


  • Bbbb

    i think apple changed from apple computer inc to apple inc, back in 07 when the iphone came out?

  • Rob

    I disagree with the author.  It is not universally “expected” that Apple will discontinue giving the iphone models unique identifiers.  Doing this with the ipad is understandable.  The tablet has become more like a laptop, hence when Apple updates the Macbook Pros they’re just the “new macbook pros”.  The lack of a branded model name for the new ipad also has to do with Apple’s roadmap for the product.  They’re likely to impliment minor spec bumps for the next two years or so.  If you’re giving it a new name each time that implies revolution vs evolution, and while Apple likes to communicate the idea that their products are “revolutionary”,  they simply can’t justify it with minor spec bumps.  

     The mobile phone market is different in my opinion and giving the next iphone its own model name will be an important part of the branding strategy.  The next iphone will not be called “the new iphone”.  I guarantee it.

  • Djjessejames

    They did.
    I was employed by them when it happened.

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