Windows Phone Ad Says “Don’t Waste Your Money on an iPhone 5” [VIDEO]


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Windows Phone has launched a series of ongoing ads targeting the iPhone 5 (and Android), with spokesperson ‘Ben’ attempting to convince users why their existing iPhone is just not good enough. At the end of all the commercials, participants get a free Windows Phone.

Below are a series of videos touting the Windows Phone 8X, Nokia Lumia 920 and more. Check them out below:

Ben says “I don’t want you to waste your money on an iPhone 5”:

Ben gives away free Lumia 920s as its photography is better than the iPhone:

Ben even gives away a free plane ticket because Windows Phone can text faster than an iPhone. Liz (an iPhone user) says “my phone sucks!”:

What do you think of these new Windows Phone commercials? Well played? Better than Samsung attack ads?


  • Haters going to hate

  • Mark

    A nice guy doing a typical, age-old, hard sell. Should be enough to get people to at least take a look at Windows phone. But nothing beats an informed consumer who digs deeper before making an impulsive decision, as I’m sure there are a lot of “yea, but…” ‘s that could follow each cool-sounding feature.

  • FragilityG4

    The tile idea is good for a desktop or tablet … I think it would be way too busy for a phone. Just my thought … At the end of the day if that’s the only reason why I should look at a windows phone than I’ll stick with my iPhone 5.

  • Kelly M.

    I’ve tried the Lumia 920 and it is very smooth and very nice over all. In my honest opinion, the Lumia’s camera is much better than the iPhone 5. As for storage space, it is about the same as iPhones. Battery life is about the same too, I can go about 1.5days on a full charge on my typical use. It is much cheaper to get the Lumia 920 or 820 (haven’t played with the HTC wp8), but the biggest turn off is they aren’t many apps. And I read that Windows Live Messenger is going to be discontinued sometime in 2013 so no deal breaker there either.

    These are pretty good “look at me” commercials for wp8. Though I just don’t think people will want these; it is seriously iPhone-Samsung-Blackberry.

  • Chris Burke

    It would be interesting to see how many thousands of people they had to interview before they got someone to switch.. That is of course, assuming they aren’t actors.. Of course it’d also be interesting to see how quickly these people went back to their iPhones after they “switched” (again, assuming they switched, and weren’t just paid actors..)

  • Chris Burke

    1.5 days is the same as the iPhone?? You get 1.5 days of use with your iphone 5?? Like actual real world use??? Or it’s sitting in my bag and you never touch it for 1.5 days? Because when I actually use my iphone 5, I have to charge it by lunch time.. I wake up at 8, and use it (really use it.. No videos, but surf, light talking, texting, Facebook, music) and by lunch time I’m down to 20%.. That’s 4 hours later.. How are you getting 1.5 days of actual USE? I can see if you aren’t “USING” the thing, but I didn’t buy an iPhone to leave it in my pocket.. I bought it to use it.. I’ve learned to live with the crappy battery.. I plug it in when I’m at my desk, in my car.. Basically all the time except when I’m walking.. But please explain how you’re getting 1.5 days of actual USE out of it?

  • Anyone interested in the apps past the tiles?

  • Erik

    Nice comparison. Liz racing you with her 3-4 year old iPhone 3G or 3GS vs. your brand new Windows phone. Shocker.

    Also, the iPhone 5 can take amazing low light photos but he clearly tried hard to take a terrible pic here. Proved one thing, he’s got mad skills at making photos look bad.

  • Hudes

    There’s no way those aren’t Actors

  • KJ

    These commercials are actual a compliment…apple and iPhone is on everyone’s minds 24 hours a day…that’s the greatest mind fuck of all…just saying

  • Kelly M.

    I mainly use the Mail app (that is linked to my 2 personal emails and 1 work email), I twitter quite a lot, I check my Facebook about 4-5 times a day, I surf on my usual forums on Safari, my daily girl chats on Whatsapp and on IMO app (gtalk and msn), and I avg about 2hrs talk a day on it (mostly my clients). My data plan isn’t big (only 500mb) so I don’t stream videos much. I use my phone Chris. A key thing that I notice that helps greatly is lower your brightness, I have mine about 1/4 of the way. There was a lot to tips I’ve gathered through my years using my iPhone 3GS that I just used again with my new iPhone 5.

  • “Android or iPhone”? I saw nothing in those ads saying windows phone was better than an android. That was all purely “we’re better than iPhone”, with Android thrown in for good measure. *tsk*

  • Dddddf

    WP8 is some stalker’s phone. So scary.

  • True. Apple is the gold standard.

  • Apps make the phone. Right now, if someone’s been using Android or an iPhone for the past two years, there’s probably near $100 in app purchases, plus all the free stuff, sitting in their Google Play or iTunes account. And that’s a lot to walk away from.

  • So that women does not know how to efficiently use her phone and its the phones fault? I just tried to text two people at the same time. I asked siri and told her the message and I am sure I was faster than both those people. I want this windows phone guy to come find me

  • Please, this is laughable. I can understand preferring one phone to the other (i.e. if you prefer Android or Windows Phone over iPhone then that’s fine, you’re entitled to that opinion.) But to call the iPhone 5 a “waste of money”?? That’s absurd. Just goes to show you why Windows Phone is a joke. They shouldn’t insult people’s intelligence in this way. Instead they should explain why their phone is superior to iPhone, and list reasons. Not just call it a waste of money. Idiots.

  • True point!

  • It’s fine to prefer some of the Lumia 920’s features over the iPhone (such as the camera.) That’s cool and I can respect that opinion. However to call the iPhone 5 a “waste of money” is just absurd!

  • Jonathan

    Really waste your money on an iphone5 how dare they!

  • LOL

    Dear Microsoft, you can go fuck yourself

  • applesux

    But…… it IS waste of money

  • gandalf

    For the pic comparison you dont see if he zoomed out or tapped on the side to make the iphone zoom on something else, therefore giving it a darker image. I don’t doubt the nokia, but pretty sure you could get a brighter shot. watch smoked by a windows phone on youtube. there’s some wins for the iphone and android.

  • applesux

    I disagree… unless you mean the gold standard of marketing which has many people believing that apple is the only game in town…. fact: 72% of the smartphone market runs droid

  • applesux

    Again…… iPhone is just that…. a major waste of money… I am not an wp8 lover (haven’t gotten to try one yet) but my god if you can’t see how apple has ripped you off by overcharging for such inferior hardware for sooooo long then I am sad for you.

  • applesux

    2 hours? 500mb…? That is very light use…I USE my phone …. work my phone and I go through 5gig of data a month. From 8am to 8pm and I am down to 10%. But I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is a much mor efficient phone with a bigger battery.

  • How so?

  • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: who cares about market share? I don’t care if Apple had 1% of the market. I still prefer the iPhone. Could care less whether other people use it or not.

  • So sick of this “bad hardware” argument. My phone does what I want it to do, when I want it to do it. It’s not slow. It’s fast, seamless, and has the best OS around. As long as my overall user experience with my phone is great, (and it is,) then I could care less comparing hardware specs. You hardware nerds always like to talk numbers. I like to talk overall user experience. Must be cause I’m a software guy in my profession!

  • To further my point I’ll say this: hardware means sh*t, if there’s crappy software on top of it. (i.e. Windows)

  • fran

    Well what I understood from these commercials is that WP 8 can is only good to keep in touch with people and take pics at night. Nothing else.

  • Good point. Agree for sure. Tough to make a big switch these days.

  • 5GB a month, that’s what happens when you watch p*rn on it 24/7

  • Yeah what is this, the Pepsi Taste Challenge!? Come up with a new idea, Microsoft!

  • What is this, the Pepsi Taste Challenge!? Come up with a new idea already, Windows!

  • KJ

    No doubt how do you compare iOS devices to android devices…..that argument is half baked when considering the number of different phones running android. Apple, iOS stands alone and is not made by tons of companies

  • bradg17

    Live Tiles are ugly and I hate them. Windows phone not only has the ugliest devices, but it has the ugliest UI as well.

  • KJ

    I agree….an if we’re taking hardware. Why in hell do people use those zack Morris size Samsung s3…now that’s dumb

  • gtasscarlo

    I’ll buy a phone that crashes and has a reboot problem. Microsoft couldn’t even get the mobile os to run smoothly.

  • Olley

    Liz is hot.

  • HoleAss

    iPhone, Android & WP8 … It’s all the same, no need to justify which one is better. In the end we all spend money to get all this gizmos.

  • Jake

    I challenge Ben to go and charge these people an upgrade fee and see if any of them actually bite.

  • Not sure about “the same”, but I agree with your point in theory. At the end of the day it’s all about personal preference. However, my issue with the commercial is that it calls the iP5 a “waste of money”, which simply isn’t true of course.

  • Totally agree! And this, perhaps, is the most important point of all!

  • LOL

  • xxxJDxxx

    In terms of broswer performance, GL and other graphics related functions Apple beast out even the best android phones like the new nexus. See some facts:

  • Henry

    iOS needs to jump into the future. However, this commercial made me also think about how we get tied to the minuscule aspects of mobile user interfaces. At the end of the day, ask yourself no matter your platform, “Does my phone help me in getting done what I need to get done? If I have a ‘live tile’ constantly updating me with commentary from my wife or whoever, is that a good thing, is that life changing…or is it just as easy to check on her content when I need to? The original iphone was revolutionary and changed the cell phone market. Since then, things have been improved in terms of user experience on all platforms. But there have been no grand leaps which really make one device leap years away from another. The differences are so subtle that it epitomizes the grandest of ‘first world problems’. Often what you started with is what you’ll be most comfortable with. I use a Mac and PC. I regularly get PC friends asking if they should make the switch. If they’re not familiar with a Mac environment I suggest against it. The experience will be one of frustration given the conventions they’ve known for the last 20 years. The same thing is happening with cell phones. If you’ve had every iPhone and you head over to windows phone. You’ll miss what you were used to. I tried out Android for a year, and for all its pluses, I missed the iphone and went back. We often laugh and scoff at greeny ideas, but its unhealthy for the planet and society to be updating our devices so often. The hardware we have now is more than capable of many things and without some kind of destructive change to the industry we ought to be happy with what we have (in terms of hardware), until something worth of our attention is offered.

    (I’m a little tipsy, btw πŸ˜‰ )

  • Thanks for your insightful comment (while partially sloshed) πŸ˜‰

  • Spencer Zelman

    This is all opinions. I have a Samsung galaxy S III . I prefer android, more free app’s, and its what I have always used, but if you have always had an I phone then that’s what you will prefer. Both are great, super fast phones that will do whatever you want them to do. Not sure about a windows phone. My friend has one. She will never buy anything else, she loves it. But again PERSONAL PREFERENCE!

  • Spencer Zelman

    And I also like the screen size of the SIII. Just a little bigger than the I phone.

  • Cormang

    I’m assuming you never used a Windows Phone before. I’ve owned every iPhone except the iPhone 5. I used to love my iPhones but I recently switched to the Lumia 920, and I am testing an HTC 8X for work. I can tell you that the Windows Phone is smoother than any of my iPhones. I’ve never had an application freeze or even glitch. I’ve never had a reboot problem. Every iPhone I had suffered from the ever-so-popular WiFi issue where I couldn’t connect to any hot spots. I suffered rebooting on EVERY iPhone I ever owned (including 2 replacements). But what disappointed me year and year was the failure to update extremely dated static UI. Where’s the live app icons? Where’s the integration? Why did it take them until iOS 6 to integrate with Facebook but it’s lacking pretty much everything? But the worst thing of all about Apple is the fact that they still think they can sell their hardware at a greater cost when a dozen other manufacturers can make better devices and sell them for less. Take a look at the S3, it’s killing it… And for good reason.

  • Chris Burke

    I use 6gb a month.. And not 1kb of that is porn, thank you very much.. I just figure if I’m going to pay for 6gb I’m going to use it.. Why give Rogers the satisfaction of profiting EVEN MORE than they already are.. I use my plan to its fullest.. Rogers’s messed up my parents plan and they actually both have 24gb/data every month which is awesome.. They’ve had it for 4 months now and Rogers still hasn’t noticed.. But my dad doesn’t use it much.. I use my phone.. That’s why I bought it.. And not with brightness reduced.. Though I’m gonna see if that gives me longer battery life.. I just figure I have a retina display, why should I ruin the display by diming it?? People you pay a premium for your phones, many of you 6gb/month, and you only use 1gb at most.. You are just helping your carrier profit even more, and in turn walk all over you, when you don’t fully use your plan.. Use it and show your carrier whose the boss

  • Chris Burke

    If you take the time to watch “CBC MarketPlace” the episode called “Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill” you will feel the same way I do.. There is a section where they talk about what it costs for companies to provide you with 1gb of data vs what they rob you, I mean charge you.. And when I heard that, it just pissed me off, and I made it my goal to use all of my data every month to “stick it to them”

  • crosseyed_mofo

    mcdonalds has market share dominance in fast food, this doesnt make a big mac better than a baconator πŸ™‚

  • Love this point – PERSONAL PREFERENCE! I wrote an article about this previous:

  • haha, love this point!

  • Nice rant! I like it

  • haha, hammered points are the best ones!

  • Again, personal preference. I find the S3 big, bulky, ugly. Much prefer my iP5

  • And I have no problem with them not changing the UI. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I loved it five years ago and love it today. Love the user experience on my phone. No problem with the improvements they’ve made to it. It’s the best, and they continue to make it better with future updates.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    maybe if your frugal, and tight on the wallet


    obviously people are gonna lie so they can get the free phone and then sell it later, do you think they’re actually idiots? and a free plane ticket?!?!?! SURE THE NEW WINDOWS PHONE IS AMAZING OMGGGG I HATE MY IPHONEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Ted

    Fuck Microsoft. I’ll never buy anything from those assholes ever again. And I will dance in the street when they finally fail as a company. Which hopefully is soon.

  • makeintosh

    I love my iPhone 5 but these ads are good.

  • Mark

    I can’t comment specifically on the accuracy of that episode, however, MarketPlace is no longer the credible show it once was many, many years ago. Every episode I have watched where I know enough to form an intelligent opinion, it has been clear that they have an agenda to favour bashing a specific company in order to create hysteria and ratings (many people love drama and anti-corporate protests). They are almost always so blatantly wrong about their stance that I want to scream in their faces. Consequently, I would take anything you hear on that show with a grain of salt… at the very least.

    With regard to forcing yourself to use up your data, why in heavens name would you disrupt your routine lifestyle just to do that? It’s as if you’re saying, “damnit’, I’m going to force myself to watch another episode of Farscape on Netflix JUST so I use up ALL of my data”. Besides, the 6GB plans were always offered at a bargain price, sooooo…. relax and live life.

  • T.snow

    They are trying to offend iphone users intelligence by saying “its a waste of money” on the other side, what a cheap kind of a commercial they are doing to TRY to convince people…. They cannot talk by themsefls, they have to , again, TRY to step on peoples to try to go higher… This is a fact: whoever does that is going to fail… Be smart on trying to convince people, show more about the device….

    Ps.: cheating on the cameras point of focus to make iphone look bad, doesnt give u any credit from me Microsoft…

  • T.snow

    Hope ur NOT thinking this is real….. Yeah right!!!!!

  • T.snow

    Have u noticed people against iphone are always rude on their comments… That tells a lot about them…

  • Dandreas

    That’s weird. On Sarah’s video at 37 seconds, the picture taken by iphone looks ok but then after this hairless guy put the iphone on the table, the picture is dark. Play fair please.

  • Chris Burke

    This episode was a few years ago, and the info they got in regards to their numbers was not numbers CBC was creating, it came from communications doctorates at a university… I can’t remember which.. I actually think I may watch it again.. As it was really good.. And I agree with your statement about it not being good now, and taking it with a grain of salt.. If the episode was the year, I wouldn’t have posted it.. It was about 2-3 years ago.

    I’m not disrupting my day to make sure I’m using up my data, please don’t think that.. But I’m not terrified about using my data like I once was. I use to check my data usage every 2 days, because I didn’t know how much data things used.. Of course that’s when I first got an iPhone back when the first iPhone came to Canada.. Since then I’ve learned that data goes a LOT further than I expected it did, and I have apps like “dataman” on my hone, which is a realtime, down to the second data tracker, and it alerts me at 50%, 70%, 90% and 100% of my usage.. But it’s not like the Rogers app.. When I get my 75% warning text from Rogers, the reality is, I’ve probably already hit 100% by that point.. But with dataman, because its realtime, their warnings are at the very moment.. When I hit 3gb of usage with Rogers, I get an accurate reading from dataman.. Saying 3gb.. So it’s accurate.. I think EVERY iPhone user should have dataman on their phone, and it’s free!

    I do things like my Netflix is set to HD instead of standard definition, so when I use Netflix over data, it uses a lot more data than the average user.

    As I said, it’s merely all about simply using what I’m paying for. I think if envy user used ALL of their data, carriers would be forced to reduce their fees, because right now their fees are super high, but according to the communications expert on MarketPlace, the average user only uses 100mb of data per month, but they are paying for 1gb.. Do you know how much it carriers profit when we do that? The amounts are INSANE. they profit a lot already based on the markup that they charge, but when we only use a fraction of the data that we pay for, they profit even more, and when they profit, they keep their data prices high, and they win.. If we want any chance at winning this battle of getting lower cell plans, in particular data prices, or maybe getting unlimited data, we have to use the data we pay for.

  • Chris Burke

    no kidding!

  • Chris Burke

    yea.. I know in low light the iPhone isn’t great, but with a bit of a brain he should be able to get a better pic than THAT.. my 1 year old can take a better pic than THAT.. he clearly tapped to focus on something to the side of them or something to it made them darker

  • Jessica R

    Fact: I see thousands of Dodge Caravans on the road but very rarely see a Rolls Royce Bentley.

    Conclusion: RR Bentleys must suck.

    Point is as dumb as yours.

    Your screen name says it all and we can see anything you say won’t be objective. All these phones are tools, different stokes for different folks.

    I’m curious if you go out of your way to rag on other products that are more expensive because of brand name?

    Does Heinz Ketchup suck compared to no name?
    Do Levi jeans suck because you can buy cheap none famous brands that work just as we’ll?
    Do you post in Nike forums as nikesux for the same reasons?

    Good grief, grow up. It’s not like we’re calling your sister a whore by liking something different from you.

  • SteveJobsGhost

    MicroShaft thinks this is Internet Explorer vs Netscape…. hahaha wrong move.

  • SteveJobsGhost

    Nice one….. hahaha

  • SteveJobsGhost

    Is see you work at McD…. al cheapo

  • Tom

    Liz from San Antonio was my favourite actor πŸ™‚

  • Sid – Vancouver

    Microsoft is trying too hard… every tv show that I watch there’s someone using their windows phone or computer/tablet with windows 8. Is it going to make me buy one? Nope.

  • schmuck2

    That and Facebook.

  • EZ Mac Mike

    Thanx for the Dodge Caravan love, Jessica. I build them here in Windsor, ON. Well, me and 5000 other Chrysler employees.

  • EZ Mac Mike

    BTW, I love my iPhone 5….even though, I have to admit the Android platform is getting pretty mature as well and with killer new devices coming out every couple of months, things are only getting better.