Apple Releases iOS 4.0.2 For iPhone


Today Apple released iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 (iPod touch 2G/3G too).

This is a minor update to firmware 4.0 that addresses a recent security vulnerability in the way Safari handles PDF files.

iOS 4.0.2 also patches the browser hack.

Below are the updates in firmware 4.0.2:

Fixes security vulnerability associated with viewing malicious files PDF files.

iOS 4.0.2 is available now in iTunes.

Remember, if your iPhone is jailbroken and/or unlocked or you are thinking about jailbreaking and/or unlocking your iPhone, you should not immediately update to 4.0.2, as you may lose the ability to jailbreak and unlock.


  • roadcarver

    Screw this update. I just downgrade my iOS from 4.01 to 4.0. I hated the signal bars of the 4.01.

    I'm keeping 4.0 until there is a compelling update for my 3G.

  • Nick

    Those idiots. There are SO many problems with many people's iPhone 4 including proximity sensor not working and camera taking yellow/green pictures in indoor lighting and the only thing they fix is the jailbreak.

  • Chrome262

    agreed, sure the security issue should be fixed (the jailbreakme was a good idea and a brilliant move, but it still leaves the door open for other problems), but other then that its a useless update, why didnt they just wait to put it into 4.1. That is suppose to fix the other issues, including the bluetooth stack problems. Thats the update i am waiting for, while i wait for my iphone4. I am not impressed with this hurry up and fix latter attitude so many software companies have. 3.0 was the same as well as 2.0 and the rest. Hell vista and windows 7, and before that Me, 98, before getting to xp. Saw the same thing with adobe. Product test people sheesh.

  • Turtle

    yeah the 4.0.1 signal bars are pretty annoying. mine keep flying all over the place between 3-5 bars, and they simply don't look as good either.

  • tams

    what does 4.0.2 do the the 3G have they fixed the crap it does to the phone?

  • iPhone4crazy

    They didn't wait because if they do someone could create a “virus” to steal from those who happen to come across their website. Say you have a mobile banking app or paypal app, now say someone has the ability to create this “virus” to steal your banking/paypal passwords and decrypt them. Well your SOL cause apple said it could wait till 4.1. If I was Apple's CEO I would be a bit worried that might happen (no matter how long of a stretch that might be). I think if someone can Jailbreak a phone through safari certainly it's possible to steal someones email, paypal, iTunes, and all other third party app passwords. Anyone agree or am I alone thinking this is a very important security hole to patch?

  • Just got my Iphone 4 … really LOVE it .. wont be updating , infinifolders , remove recents ,, clear sms .. 3 unrestrictor .. gotta have them ,,

  • Gerry18

    I take security first before all other minor adjustments could eventually be done later down the road. Like been said, for those people who do a lot of mobile banking and access any important information on a later date, it's good to be safe than sorry. But knowing Apple, they make security as a top priority. I can just imagine what type of a lawsuit that they may face if they didn't make security as their top priority.

  • Gerry18

    *access important information on a daily basis

  • Steve Jobs

    Get a Samsung.

    Sent from my iPhone 5

  • Steve Jobs

    Who the bloody hell do you think you are! I am the real Steve Jobs, you phony imposter. Moderators I command you to ban his samsung ass. How dare he try to lure one of my customers away from my iPhones. You sir are nothing but an iFraud.

    Sent from THE ONE AND ONLY REAL iPhone 5g secret prototype

  • Steve Jobs

    I will run you out of town you imposter, just like I did to Mark Papermaster

    Sent from THE ONE AND ONLY REAL iPhone 5g secret prototype

  • Steve Jobs


  • Nick

    Ok so maybe patching the security vulnerability is a good thing… but here's a question… I'm in the middle of exchanging iPhone right now, and when I finally end up with a replacement that everything works on (proximity sensor not hanging up calls while I'm talking, camera not taking yellow pics), I want to have my phone jailbroken. Right now i haven't updated, but in a few days I'm going to receive another phone from apple and when I plug it in to itunes to set it up it will update the firmware.. Here's my question – will it use 4.0.1 which should be on my hard drive already, or will it insist on downloading and installing 4.0.2? I'm guessing it will probably insist on 4.0.2 and not offer me the choice, so i might as well just install it now and see if it fixes anything else miraculously, but if there's a chance it will let me hold on to 4.0.1 then I will wait. Anyone?

  • Nick

    I'll ask again here, since people may not be reading my comment at the end of the last thread…
    To simplify my question, if I plug a NEW iPhone 4 in to iTunes for the first time, will iTunes allow me to install 4.0.1 on it because that's what is currently saved on my hard drive, or will iTunes insist that I download 4.0.2 and install that?

    I don't suppose it will offer me the choice, but if it does I'd want to install 4.0.1 on the phone. If it won't offer me the choice then I might as well install 4.0.2 now since i want to see if it fixes any bugs other than the jailbreakme patch. there's always the chance they could have put a small fix for one of the many other iPhone problems there currently are in there…. but if there's a chance that when i get my replacement iPhone i could keep it on 4.0.1 and jailbreak it easily I'd rather not try it.

    Thanks in advance for the answer

  • roadcarver

    Use the shift key when you click on 'restore', it will give you the choice on which update to use.

  • gtasscarlo

    Oh wise master is it okay for us to jailbreak our iPhones or do we have to listen to whatever Steve jobs says

  • mackman6151

    as much as i'd liket o bash them on this, it was a smart move on their part. the issues with proximity sensor and camera aren't a security risk. they could get sued beyond belief for clearly knowing about this vulnerability and not doing anything or putting it on the backburner until other issues are fixed. this is a high priotity case for them as a company and i have to agree with them on the update (as much as i love the jailbreak and exploit, im talking about their front as a company).

  • MR

    Yeah, let me just go ahead and install this and nullify my Jailbreak and unlock… NOT! Suck it, Apple!

  • Shorty_dammit

    The dev team already said that the baseband wasn't updated, and that redsn0w still works for the 3G and ipt2g at least, if you point it at the 4.0 ipsw. Check their twitter.

  • DaveMcG

    While it may allow you to point to the 4.0.1 file on the HDD, it may fail the update when it verifies it with apple.

  • You want to talk about security? I could give two shits about Apple's jailbreaking woes when my iPhone 3G runs slow as hell – so slow I can't make a 911 call. THAT is a security problem.

  • Bdobson

    Seriously Nick, what is wrong with you? Are you seriously upset or is this a failed trolling attempt? It has been said, multiple times, that the proximity sensor issue WILL be fixed. Likely in 4.1 which is not to far off. This is a very serious vulnerability and deserved to be fixed.

  • Bdobson

    It does all sorts of things, no wait, the changelog posted above only mentions the PDF vulnerabilities. Hm, I wonder if that means performance fixes for the 3G as well? Would have been silly to mention that sort of thing if it were the case I guess.

  • Bill Gates

    What is this?

    Sent From my windows phone 7

  • Dominator

    Yes you are very funny. I worship you.

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  • Tom

    Off topic post here as I can't find this info anywhere…

    Is there a way of finding out what the queues are currently like at the Eaton Centre Apple Store without me having to go there?



  • MT

    Dude, all he is saying is that they're quick to respond to the jailbreak, albeit a security vulnerability, but the weeks keep rolling by without the 4.1 update that will fix so many people's phone issues. For example, it's been almost 8 weeks since my 3G has properly functioned. Let's have some urgency with that fix.

  • Nick

    Hmm ok, thanks.. Well I guess I'll just wait and see. I guess realistically the odds are they haven't fixed anything other than the jailbreak, since if they had they made the point of mentioning it. So I'll just try to wait for the next one.

  • Nick

    Exactly, and I can't make a phone call without hanging up on someone, dialing random numbers, typing an email of random characters, because the proximity sensor doesn't work. For a phone I paid $779 for, you'd think it could make a phone call. I've been looking around online and people seem to think 4.1 won't come out until mid september, so that means maybe another month of not being able to use the iPhone 4 as phone properly.

  • Steve jobs

    If you wanna avoid your warranty and don't get help from our amazing Genious Bar, go ahead and feel free to rip your iPhone with not approved apps.

    Sent from my iPhone 5

  • roadcarver

    Modify your host file to point to Cydia's server. This worked for me. Look for Saurik's blog on it.

  • Kerry

    People . . . we must garner all the force we can muster and mount an unified defense against malicious pdf's.

  • MT

    If I avoid this update, maybe someone will break into my 3G and downgrade it for me.

  • Mike S

    Why would someone install this when it does nothing to fix the real issues behind this phone. What it does for Apple is patches the hole for Jailbreaking. And as for the itouch with os 4.0 I didnt read where it fixes the battery drain and other issues or what it did to some 3g and 3g’s operating system. Thats why Im waiting…there is just something luming for me that says dont buy.

  • Steve

    Mr Bill Gates Sir
    Does your new Windows 7 comes with any issues?

  • FG

    Gary or Ex…

    Will the new firmware update solve the proximity sensor issue, or at least attempt to remedy it? That’s really the only problem I have been having with my iPhone 4, it drives me crazy.


  • No. 4.1 is around the corner. Coming soon! Developers already have the beta.

  • sorry, but, having a flaw that lets anybody run whatever they want through the browser (technically the PDF viewer), is very bad. Jailbreaking is fine (I’ve done it myself), but this could have been used for far worse and malicious purposes, like totally highjacking peoples phones, and stealing all their data and personal info just by clicking on a bad link, which is very dangerous. Apple had to fix this quickly. In fact, I feel like it took longer than it should of. Of course they do want to stop the jailbreaking, but these flaws present bigger problems also.

    The point of this update is not to fix any of the “real” issues behind the phone (I put that in quotes, because the PDF flaw is equally as real). Some of those are to be fixed in iOS 4.1 (which developers already have a hold of)