Apple Releases iOS 4.2 Beta 2 & iTunes 10.1 Beta To Developers


Apple today has released another version of iOS 4.2 to developers. Along with the firmware release, Apple has also released iTunes 10.1 beta and a new version of the iOS SDK.

The new SDK is build 10M2409 and the firmware is build 8C5101c. There are seven distinct downloads, one each for the iPhone 4/3GS/3G, iPod Touch 2G/3G/4G, and the iPad.

This latest build, which comes just under two weeks since the last build (normally released every two weeks), continues to focus on the proximity sensor issue with the iPhone 4, which was not turning off/on properly when people were handling calls.

Additional beta enhancements and fixes will be reported as they develop.


  • Downloading now. I will come back and update of my findings, Good or Bad. (the little changes that everyone seems to miss.) ^_~.V probably tomorrow

  • Anonymous

    let us know if it actually fixes the proximitiy sensor issues (assuming you have any lol)….it’s driving me NUTS!

  • Never was really an issue for me lol. But I will see if it shuts off
    the screen from a greater distance then before.

  • Nick

    Holy crap, they still haven’t fixed it? I thought 4.1 was supposed to fix it? I haven’t updated yet because I’m waiting for the jailbreak, but it really is a pain in the ass.. I was hoping that 4.1 would fix it completely.. If there’s still a problem with it, then it really must be that the hardware is flawed and they’re trying hard to fix it with software so they don’t have to do a recall… but if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and it’s entirely possible that no amount of software tweaks will be able to fix it.

  • SteveRudds

    Sweet mother of Jesus fix my proximity sensor pleeeeeaaaasssseee!!!!

  • Anonymous

    iOS 4.1 was supposed to fix this.

  • Anonymous

    @rorypiper…key word was “supposed”.
    i didnt update to 4.1 yet either, but i know others who have and still have the issue. when i went to an apple store they said they’d give me a “new” one which means refrub, and most likely 4.0.2 or 4.1 with latest bootloader…..i’d rather wait it out a few months and then see if its fixed…if it is great, if not i’ll swap phones.

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